Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little high little low!


The title merely reflects a rather cute memory of Stewart Little (the movie) :)

Today was a cool day! Basically, I signed up for this online class (Stanford - Artificial Intelligence = awesome), and was wondering how things would get done with the thesis and all .. It was tough to take the whole lectures and answer in-class quizzes (and er, not score well in them :S).. but the final homework's grades just came out today. And I didn't do badly at all.

In fact, I was so elated with my precious 89%, that I let out an exclamation, and Chotpo who had gone to sleep nearby woke up in alarm (and er, a scowl)..

And when I went to the forums to check out how others have done.. so..*trying not to laugh now*... my whole bubble just went..

Lol. People had a 100% easily. But the thing is what do you expect from a class of over 140k students :D. And as Chotpo (how loyal of her MA) said, "You can't expect to see scores below 80% anyway, because people will be too ashamed to post 'em." Hee hee.

Anyway, the class is awesome. We've just started Bayes Networks, and the instructor (no other than Sebastian Thrun!) has said that this is the building block of nearly every AI-based system and Computer Vision application. The applications which he counted off included ... Kalman Filters, Hidden Markov Models, and the stuff which I normally stare at .. at research papers and wonder what this greek is all about.

:S. But probability is tough! And I'm taking further lectures from Khan Academy. It's so awesome. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Uni-Academy too? *lost in fantasies*. I could teach people, the basics of er... something. Man, I should have done these basic things before.. well, now!

But anyway, at least I'm learning now. **determined not to get into the not-having-done-these-earlier-in-life syndrome** ...

Hope you people are having an academically fulfilling time too! (and er, can't wait for December! When I don't have to sur-marofye on this ... *refuses to call this an MS project*.. stuff that I am doing!). But anyway... :P

So long!

PS: Finally learned Surah Baqarah :D:D:D. **trying to sit still and get back to work**... But erm, obviously, have to revise lots.

PS: Oh yeah, just remembered. Have to post something worthwhile in every post Insha Allah. So today, read this hadith,

The Prophet sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam also said:►"The best of you is he who learns the Qur'aan and teaches it." [al-Bukhaaree in his Saheeh (9/66).]

And I thought to myself. We have so many standards for success in this life. And so many criteria for being the 'best' at something - be it looks, wealth, property, skills, jobs, careers etc etc. And this one hadith clearly highlights who is the BEST in Allah's books.. and that's the person who has learned the Quran (as in, studied it extensively) and teaches it to others.

May Allah Enable us to learn and study the Quran (be it a little every day), and Enable us to pass on the lessons learned (be it a little every day), and try to achieve the 'best' status in that regard too. Ameen


Glow said...

lolz @ UNI academy!! that wud be so coool!!! the lectures are quite nice i havent followed the AI ones but ML is gud!!! its gud u have found something so useful and its always gud to attend a proper course than learn from here and there.. i am always more confident about digging into topics from areas that i have done courses on! even if i dont remember a thing there is this confidence :P otherwise i am mostly lost. :P

Uni said...

hehehe :D. I did sign up for ML, but didn't enroll after seeing the course contents, and figuring that AI is more important (and interesting) :D.

Hahahah. Join the 'mostly lost' club :D

Sadaf Hafeez said...

Uni it was a great hadees you shared. I've been guilty of not fulfilling the instruction ' Not only ponder , act too' I always thought I'll start reciting Quran with translation someday and as expected , the To-Do-Task remained unticked for so long.Until one day I received a text message that said : Even if you recite two pages each day. You can finish a Quran in one year.

Now two pages makes approx. 1/4th of a para of Quran. That's so easy. So I've stuck to the routine for more than a month now and feel so good about it :)

Just felt an urge to share after reading that Hadees you shared in your post.

Uni said...

Yeah, it's an excellent Hadith (I came back and read it again due to your comment, so Jazakillah :))..

Yeah, procrastination is so appealing - usually more so when Quran reading/understanding is the task at hand. But this is a great tip. Will try to follow it too Insha Allah.

Jazakillah again for sharing this :)