Saturday, October 1, 2011

I wish I knew

Random emotions of the day [in pictures]

Random snippets of conversations today:

AJ: Why are you scolding me?
Me: I'm not scolding you!
AJ: Yes you are!
Me: *loud sigh*

AJ: Please do this this that that
Me: *louder sigh*
AJ: How come you're behaving like this?
Me: What was it that you wanted? **dangerously polite voice**

TIINTB: There's something in your tone... not normal.
Me: Is it?
TIINTB: Yeah, I have vibes
Me: Oh..

AJ: Wake up! What's wrong with you
Me: *hardly able to open eyes*
AJ: It's 12!!!!!
Me: Oh my God..

TIINTB: How come you were talking so differently?
AJ: What's wrong with you!!!



Tazeen said...


Gosh. My dad does that sometimes. 'Why are you talking differently?' I mean. :D

But it's not as funny as it seems to me right now. It's just... hard to explain. Because I know something's different (talking about myself, of course) but it's not anger.

Uni said...

:D .. good to know it happens with others too.

And er, in my case too, the 'difference' is hard to explain :S

Thanks for dropping by :)