Monday, October 24, 2011

I miss

I miss 2008. And 2009.

I still had dreams, and lofty aspirations.

Muslims weren't this degraded throughout the world

Muslim leaders weren't this degraded throughout the world.

Our country hadn't been this looted from within the leadership.

There were still parks around the city. Illegal plots hadn't spread to this extent, covering up the ground that longed for fresh grass and children's running feet.

My friends hadn't gotten this busy.

We had just graduated, so the craze for interviews and career fairs was still hot. I wasn't this disillusioned.

I wasn't this afraid of death and answering Allah for my deeds.

Currency hadn't fallen to this extent.

I still believed I could avoid a postgrad in this country. If I work hard enough.

I still believed I could be.. something. In life.

I so wish there were some formula that could transform a human to be functionally independent of all other humans/beings. Except Allah.

So long!


Mohammad Zafar said...

Assalamu alaikum,

You would say...

Abhi na jaavo chhodh kar
ke dil abhi bhara nahi -for 2011 also

coz you are going to miss this one too.

I think everyone is functionally independent. i don't know in what sense you are telling.

Kyonke ye aakhri zamaana hai, har lamha, har saal pehle se mushkil hoga, pehle se bura hoga...jab tak ke Isa(a.s) na aajaayen. Allah hamari aur hamare emaan ki hifazat kare.

Hazrat Abu Huraira R.A farmatay hein k Nabi S.A.W ne irshad farmaya: Jaldi jaldi amaal e saleh baja lao (kyon k) andhere raat ki tarah fitnay (nazil hone walay) hein. Subah ko admi momin hoga tu shaam ko kafir ho jaye ga ya shaam ko momin hoga magar subah tak kafir ho chuka hoga. Wo Aarzi dunia k liye apna deen baich dalay ga.

Sahih Muslim Kitab ul Iman 118

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar


Yes, you're very right. Each year is definitely going to be worse than the last, and 2011 will be sorely missed as well. But in the future :). Not present!

And by functionally independent, I don't mean our movement/function/etc, I just meant brain function.

Yes, I have read this hadith. Very true, Jazakallah for the reminders, and for dropping by.

Glow said...

so true when we look back we realise how ambitous and full of life we had been... but 10 years or may be 2 years down the road when u look back 2011 you might have similar feelings!! i heard someone say (or may be it was my dad) that the past is always better has things that we long for! but all these experiences lead to a better life or more so understanding of life and valuing it :) we learn from it and might as well become better individuals!

true about the situation of the country! as for muslim leaders we shudnt be stereotyping! teh revolutions in the arab world are mostly a good sign!! although the Syrian one has turned very bloody... but they have been welcomed by the people! we need one tooo but with different people and different king makers as well, in short with different puppets and puppeteers!

You should never stop believing in yourself! you have alot of potential and u can do alot of things... the thing that matters the most is that you can make a difference!!! that should be your silver lining making a difference to the lives of people! :)

Uni said...

Yeah you're right .. :). I love your Dad's perspective on this :)

Yeah, I don't include all leaders... but most of them are corrupt, servile, and degraded (been driven away by uprisings). It's been degrading :(

I can only think of two Muslim leaders who have done Muslims proud.. one is Erdogan and the other is Ahmedinejaad. Nobody's perfect, though.

I know I shouldn't stop believing in myself, but sometimes, it's just hard to do so.

Thanks so much for the encouraging comment :). XOXOXO

Glow said...

the uprisings show that we can think and we r not slaves or can not be enslaved! look at the bright side :)

well their rule can also be nit picked :)but lets not argue over this and settle on wat u said nobody is perfect.

you are welcome... i just told the truth nothing that was even 0.001% far from the truth :)


Uni said...

Well, I actually have to do some research on the causes and means of uprisings, to agree with you on that one :)

And yes, of course, nobody is without their faults.

Thank you for the very kind truth :D:D

Glow said...

:D truth is harsh my dear :P that is wat i have heard :P

Uni said...

:D:D hahaha. It surely is. But kind truths aren't harsh.. they're kind..


Glow said...

truth is truth kind or unkind :P the bigger set is called truth :P

Uni said...

*grinning at the blog-chat*

Did you mean super set ? :D.. But so what? Your truth was the kind one .. :P So the whole bigger set is left as it is, only its intersection with 'kind' is being considered here.. :P