Sunday, September 25, 2011

Title? Can't Think Of One

Assalamualaikum !

Convo  of the day:

Me: *sigh*, I feel like I've done nothing. Sitting around in the room - food being sent to me and all... what a life. *sigh again*
She:  *quietly*.. you feel that you've done nothing?
Me: Course.
She: You're wrong. You have done a LOT. Done this this, that that..etc
Me: So??
She: SO??
Me: Yeah! So? Remember when I was an infant?
She: *stared in amazement*...
Me: And when electricity went out at night? (with  no UPS), didn't you fan me.. for loooong times??
She: *no answer*
Me: So I've done nothing..

:D:D --end of convo

So these days I have no idea of dates, times and days of the week. Everything is one big cycle - with mini-cycles within it. I try not to glance at the clock to much as well. Although have to keep track of Flagyl and Falgan's timings!

With 3 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours (again!), life seems hazy.. and I feel like one big tablet of..

You know, I seriously think I should have gone in nursing.. :S.. *wistfully*. I would have LOVED to 'do rounds', interact with so many different patients, cheer them up in their dormicum-induced-and-flagyl-induced gloom, and well, it would just have been plain fun (and work!).

Too late .. :(


Glow said...

i prefer not look at the clock as well and i have completely lost track of days!!!

life is a drag...

Uni said...

Oh? *glumly*

Join the club!

*suddenly remembers that one is supposed to be cheerful and grateful*

:P.. er, Maybe life's 'drag' and not looking at the clock will slow us down, to stop, perceive, concentrate and enjoy the lil things in life - usually those that really matter

:) .. thanks for dropping by!

Glow said...

the lil things matter but, things that make life a drag are those that are remembered!

Uni said...

Yeah, true that. Hope your lil things and big things resolve and become worth remembering :)

Glow said...

ameen :)