Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain in Karachi


At last. It happened. The rivers of sweat and more sweat finally paved way for er, rivers of rain-water. :$. For all those who live in rainy or 1st world regions, please stop smirking. This is kind of embarrassing. We Karachites love rain, yet, not 5 minutes pass, that we start cursing it :S

The same happened today. For the past few days, we had been scorching in the intense beyond intense heat. It became normal to be sweaty all the time. It became normal to breath in 'hot air'.. It was terrible. And this is coming from a non-working person who was mostly in the home. *huge sigh*.

So anyway :). The rain was awesome today. We went out to pick up a few gifts and it was drizzling. I hurriedly picked up an umbrella (aeween mai) when I went out. The cool bit is that the rain kept on increasing, much to my glee and much to mum's worry :P. The spattering sound on the car's roof is one of the best sounds in the world. When we were moving towards the shopping center (which is like 30 mins drive from our place), the clouds were BLACK - literally. And very ominous.

The excitement growing, I sat back to enjoy the ride :). When we finally reached the shopping place, we missed the shop and began a looong wayyy to the 'cut' to double back and come to the right place. As mum complained later, we could have simply stopped the car, gotten out and crossed the road.. at least we wouldn't have been caught in this....


Or this...

We haven't had much experience in dealing with this kind of rain pouring on our heads. As I stepped out of the car with mum, the downpour felt like somebody has emptied (and is keeping on emptying) a bucket of cold water straight on our heads. Trying to shield Mum more with the umbrella (have you noticed that the first instinct is to protect one's own self with an umbrella in a downpour? :$), I splashed over to the footpath. Mum hurried along, scolding all the way :D:D..

Sorry, but it was hilarious. Everybody watched us with amusement, because everyyybody (nearly) had gotten in a shade and were 'watching the downpour, with eyes glazed over' [please don't smirk you rainy region dwellers].

Finally, we reached the shop, and left wet patches on their clean floor :D.. Lol. We looked like soaked hens. Then, me hurried to the english books section, and mum hurried along, trying to find good urdu ones.

I got some for myself too :$. But hey, its a good bargain... and **suddenly makes a resolve**.. will Insha Allah post interesting bits from those books as I read along.. IA!

Anyway, our purchases made, we stepped out, relieved that now the downpour had converted into a steady trickle (like when the shower is slowly running) .. and walked to the car. Uffff.. I couldn't believe the scene which greeted my eyes. The road, which had been decently wet...had turned into a river!!

Mum said 'What's so surprising about that? This is Karachi!' ... :(:(

Khair, we left that place slowly... but shukkar Allah ka we didn't get stuck in jam.. any jam in fact. Probably because it was still early (around 4.30ish, 5ish time).. There have been people today who have gotten stuck BIG TIME in the traffic jams - and returned home in 4-5 hours :(.

Then went to pick up Chotpo.. :). **suddenly exhausted of writing**.. I dunno why I've turned into a 'writing-chore' now... why has writing become such a chore.. :$.

So long!

Take care all!

Finally, just to make you smile.. :) .. the following picture was forwarded by Dad.. as a reminder that bhanju wanju was once upon a time, THIS SMALL!!!!

Everybody say Masha Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah :D ... *nehaal 'aalaa'*

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Glow said...

the pictures look so refershing... i am glad the heat has subsided and rain is always welcomed as long as it doesnt turn into a disaster...Hope you enjoyed it and had a great time(which i can see that u did :P)

and mashAllah mashAllah