Friday, September 23, 2011

Hotel Rooms vs Hospital Rooms

The kind of day today was, the only thing my beyond exhausted brain can come up with at the moment is a comparison b/w hotel rooms and hospital rooms.

Yeah, the exhausted brain can sleep no? Sigh. I wish. Yeah so hospital rooms vs hotel ones.

Similarities :

1. Nice views. The room I was in yesternight had the most amazing view of .. er, clouds. I could lie in bed and stare up for ages. And er, if I looked down, it was kutchi abaadis.. :(. Made me feel worse about being in a hotel-room-like-hospital-room.

2. Attached baths with soaps and towels provided by ... hotels/hospitals.

3. Flat screen TVs in the rooms.

4. ACs, cool furniture..

5. Room service!

6. There is an arrow showing qiblah direction.. :)

Differences now

1. Hotel: People knock before entering, and wait after a knock!
Hospital: People enter without knocking, and if the door is locked, they knock louder.

2. Hotel: people enter and they usually serve you something
Hospital: People enter usually to prick you with yet another needle, change the drip, or take BP

3. Hotel: If some guest comes to visit to your room, they sit and talk and laugh
Hospital: Visitors come, and talk in hushed tones, all the time glancing at the knocked-out-with-heavy-drugs person on the bed with anxiety...You automatically whisper.

4. Hotel: The bed never has steps to climb up on it...the bed also never has a lever thing which can be turned to shift the bed up/down...

5. Hotel room: You normally wouldn't feel like crying in one.

6. Hotel Room: You normally wouldn't be missing the person lying not 5 feet away from you...[er, maybe in the movies]

I think I'm done. I slept for only 2 hours last night. And took a 30-min snooze in the afternoon today. No sleep... Got to sleep..

**speaking nonsense now**...

**gets away fast**...

Dua'as needed!


Glow said...

hope everything is ok! well the kind of hospital ur describing certainly seems like a 5 star hospital our govt hospitals lack all the amenities you have mentioned :P

Uni said...

Yeah, you're really right. I'm talking about a private hospital, which we are able to be in with the Grace and Mercy of Allah SWT.

Even though if I start on the STATE of such a hospital, it wouldn't take long to realize that it's only material stuff here which is different from govt. hospitals.

Haal aik hee hay. :S

Glow said...

:( at least its clean!

Uni said...

Yeah.. All thanks to Allah for that! *fervently*

The cleaning lady came in so many times we got a bit alarmed.. :P

Glow said...

lolz@alarmed... i once went to the emergency ward of a hospital and they had cockroaches!!!!:/

Uni said...


Omg, this is bad! :(. And I guess this is the case here generally in hospitals :(.

Glow said...

yeah :(