Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Worse Everyday..


We may try our best to ignore how far we have fallen, and 'celebrate' today as 'Independence' Day. We can turn the other way and see some positivity in the nation. But the simple fact is, we HAVE fallen, and we HAVE little positivity left.

What with the politicians falling lower than low, releasing a confirmed murderer who slaughtered two Pakistanis and was an indirect cause of killing 2 more, sitting quietly when a judge handed out an 86 year sentence to this nation's (one of the) brightest stars, easily giving 'bayaans' that would spark riots, destruction and loss of lives, taking back the 'bayaans' and giving new ones to do the same, passing an ordinance designed to cause further riots, taking back the ordinance sparking another riot and a strike call just one day before 14th August - which by the way, resulted in 10 people dying... doing all these things JUST so they can stay in power...

And ruin the country more.

Ruin our self-esteem more. Destroy our self-confidence more. Increase our shame even more. Shame us in the world more. As we strive harder and harder to 'do more'. And in return, get drone attacks which so far, have killed around 2,292 people so far in this country (reported here). This figure includes 160 children, by the way. This year alone, according to the Conflict Monitoring Center's latest report, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has killed at least 443 people in Pakistan in 51 drone attacks.We're getting to see more and more of our civilians/children die in this senseless, senseless way. Our leaders sit, silently, enjoying their positions of power, and the perks it can bring...

I find little reason to celebrate today.


Tazeen said...

I solemnly agree with each word you have said.

Uni said...

:) Chalo.. that's a relief. I had been a lil hesitant because this sounds overly pessimistic view of this event.

But that's exactly what I felt today. Hence, the negative post.

Yes, a change is possible.. laikin koi laana to chaahay??? Everybody seems okay with the status quo (and yeah, drawing room bashing is their hujjat poori karna).

Thanks for the comment!