Thursday, August 4, 2011

EXTREMELY useful :)

It's so hopeful a feeling that whatever calamities we are facing today (and yes, we're facing a LOT :(..), are not something that's going to go unrewarded in the Hereafter, if we persevere and bear the hardships to the best of our capabilities.

And this one thing I was thinking about - is that when something bad happens (and bad can range from minor bad to real tragic stuff), what IS our first reaction?

For me, the first reaction can range from OUCH, GOD!!, Oh NO!, DARNNNN, KIAA HAYYY, MAZAAK HAY YEH... stuff on these lines :(. And I think my first reaction should be "Inna Lillahee wa inna ilaihee rajeoon" .. I hope to improve here. Insha Allah.

Really really useful video. Well worth the 8 minutes. DO take out the time!

So long folks.

Oh and by the way, Taraweeh Truffles Day 1 is also available. Here it is:

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