Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boht Aa'ala


The situation in Karachi is only slightly better. The politicians have talked their mouths off, somewhere a supreme court has taken 'notice' of the situation, and people have been analyzing to the bone... issues which do not need so much analyzing.

You only circumvent something a lot, when you don't want to cut a direct path and deal with it squarely.

Like this post. :P

It's not really about politics. Why depress myself (and the readers) further. This post is designed to cheer me (and any sad soul out there) UP. It's a follow-up to the Khala-hood Chronicles which I have talked about earlier.

By the way, **amazed**... the 'earlier' is actually one year back! August 2010! .. Does time fly or what?!

Khair. So the milestones in my lil bhanju wanju's life over the past one year.

In terms of vocab, he has not shown a GREAT progress. It's still in the making. At nearly two years of age, he's not able to say full sentences yet. Uh, grammatically 'Aaalaa, uthoooo!!' ..(Khala, get uppp!) is a full sentence. But you know what I mean.

But otherwise, the words he's been uttering (no not oxford dictionary words, bhanju dictionary words) are just sooo adorable. I can actually list some down!

Anna = milk
Mamma, Didda (calls his Dad this :D), Daaa (calls his Dadi this)
Nana (in love with this one word!)
Nano (calls his nani this - previously, this was 'naa')
Aalaa (That's lil old me. Destined to not receive the 'khe'any time soon :P)
Maa-mou (calls our male cousins this :D)
Po-po (calls chotpo this :D)
Chotuu (calls himself this) :D
Bay-bay (reserved for any child less than 4 years of age whom he spots on the streets, malls, etc)
Unc (short for Uncle of course :D)
Apa (calls our bari phuppo - Apa - this :))

Anda (egg), Danda (stick), An-an (pineapple) :D
Cor-Cor (popcorn)
Aalu (potato) :D .. this is the cutest one!
Mum (water) :)

Dodo (any dumb person) :D:D:D
Dono (both)
Aaaat (hath = hand)
Payy (pair = foot)

Uthooo (get up!)
Hattooo (move!)
Eeez (Allah Hafeeez) :D

Moving on to his ..

In terms of action.. the dude has probably made progress in leaps and bounds...

WITH a lot of leaps and bounds!

And a truckload of falls, scrapes, wounds, stitches, swellings and ... a chipped tooth!!

We watch him in semi-fear, wondering what calamity will befall next. Only today, he stood on the bed's stand and balanced himself precariously. When mum yelled at him to come back down, he shrieked with delighted laughter, and swung himself away (looking and feeling more 'on the edge' and loving our fear). Oh well, his feet ended up in mid-air and down he went. Before we could even draw the next breath, there was a loud crash... both his feet were up and his head had squashed down on the ground. Since it was a slow fall, he wasn't BADLY injured. But the next 15 minutes did involve an ice-cube, and a LOT of wailing and screaming.


If he wants to grab our chairs (on which we're sitting mind you - why else would he want to sit on them himself), he would go and calmly pick a glass bottle (medicine bottle). When we would yell and rush to him, he would hand it calmly back to us. While we would be busy taking a relieved breath and putting it back on the medicine cabinet, the lil dude has already rushed to our chair and sat himself upon it. When we return to the 'taken' kursi, he would grin cheekily and say,

'Hatooo?' (moove?)


The lil muscle man can do perfect treadmilling with me ... (him in front, me at the back... *grinning*..what a pair we look).. and can hang from the handles of treadmills like a gymnast. His laughter knows no bounds when he does a somersault on the bed.. and his running is now faster than our brisk walk :P

Today, I pretended to be 'naraaz'.. I said 'aala naraaz' and executed a perfect sniffle ... :P. What happened next? He gave a loud sniff, scrunching up his face... :D:D:D

We couldn't stop laughing for a full minute... :D:D:D:D

What a lil no-brainer-imitater :D

I guess I can go on for a long time here...Time to put a full stop!

*cheered up to a large extent* :).. kids rock MA.

Take care all. Make good use of the last few nights of Ramadan (and chaand raat too - as it holds great reward if we pray on that night as well).

Allah Hafiz!


Anonymous said...

Whatttt!!!!!! chipped tooth and stitches!!!!!!!
That's scary..
he's two already. Yay! MA. I like diddaaa lol sounds funny.. take care lil man

Tazeen said...

Masha'Allah! :D

Uni said...

Yeah.. chipped tooth and stitches.. :P.. Has a cool-looking scar and all.. Alhamdulillah, he's well.. even with all the scrapes!

But yeah, scary BEYOND scary.

Thanks for dropping by :)

:) Yeah! Thanks for dropping by!

Glow said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww... THAT is so CUTE!! Super Cute! MAshALlah MashALlah... i like him calling himself chuttoo!! and lolz @ Dodo how does he identify!! :O

MashAllah he is quite intelligent @ teh chair stunt! :P

Uni said...

:):) hehe.. he's adorable MA. And yea.. he says chotu in the CUTEST wayy :)..

Dodo is what :$, er, I taught him.. like, I kinda say 'Ammi tang karain to woh kia hain?' .. the dude says 'Dodo!'...:D.. 'Aala tang karain to woh kia hain?'... he promptly says 'Dodo'


MA. Thanks for dropping by :)