Monday, August 22, 2011

Beyond amazing reminder


I came across this video lecture some time back, and unfortunately for me, when I see 50 minutes (of video duration), that's the moment when I slump in my seat, and wonder HOW in the world am I going to sit through fifty whole minutes!

Sad, I know. Need to improve, I know.

But this video kept coming back to me [possibly because I really want to improve my salaah and the title of this video suggested that I could make use of this reminder]... so finally, yesterday 21st night [first odd night of Ramadan], I loaded it up and started watching.

I had expected this one to be all about the literary aspect of salaah, of what we say and dua'as etc. It was not.

As I watched further, transfixed, there were several times I felt tears start in my eyes. Have you ever experienced tears in your eyes due to something you read/hear about in Seerah? (The life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ? I had never experienced it before. Simply, because I had never thought so much on the seerah! And now, the lecturer was giving an exact description of the PAIN the Prophet went through at the time when his first wife, Hazrat Khadijah RA, passed away and then 3-6 months later, his Uncle Abu Taalib passed away... how he felt at those moments.

And most importantly, what helped him tackle these tragedies, and continue working on his mission from the next morning..

It was salaah. The outlet Allah SWT Provided to his prophet, as a gift at the time of Mairaaj and these 5 times prayers were designed to provide solace to the heart.

Does our salaah provide any solace to our hearts? That's the big huge question we need to ask ourselves, and THEN we might begin to understand, the importance Salaah holds in our lives.

Maybe then we will begin to GIVE it that importance, which it truly deserves.. and not treat it as a ritualistic chore that needs to be done at a specific time ... just cuz we have to.

Do invest 50 minutes of your time and listen for yourself. May Allah Reward Abdul Nasir Jangda for giving us this reminder, in so beautiful a manner. And may Allah Grant us the insight to work on our salaah and Enable the salaah to be a source of serenity, patience, tolerance and peace for us all. Ameen.

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