Thursday, August 11, 2011



I'm somebody classified under a category of over-worried idiots. One of those categories is termed AFT - Anxious Flight Tracker.

This essentially means, that if somebody (a close one to me) is going farrr (aeroplany far) away, I tend to keep an eye on the flight status. And eagle eye. A worried eye. A hugely anxious eye.

Statuses. Airports. International trajectories are watched anxiously by my eager eyes. I sometimes think it's abnormal. But ... :(. I just can't help it!

I remember when my Chotpo was flying to the US, she had a bunch of airports to go through, and I remember being extremely anxious for those torturous 24 hours.

The past 24 hours have been even more of a torture. Think about this one. A PIA flight was supposed to land at a local destination in the country at 4.30 in the morning today. The weather in my city had been all rainy, cloudy.. etc. First ever time when i wished it were HOT and NOT cloudy! :S.

But it was. And the PIA update showed 'In-flight' ...30 minutes after it was supposed to show 'Landed' .. ! My panic knew no bound. Shukkar Alhamdulillah, I got the confirmation from the traveler only, that the plane had safely landed. Phew!

Right now, 1/4th of my brain is busy typing this blogpost. The other 75% is anxiously re-loading this page on my cell phone which shows a trajectory of a lil plane which is, *checks again*.. 63 miles to the airport !!.. Uff, jaldi say guzrain yeh erm.. 10 mins? [In a plane that goes 500 miles an hour, 63 miles should be a matter of minutes, right?]..

In these situations, when a plane lands, my heart kind of lands in its right place. Otherwise, it's somewhere in the pit of the stomach I think!

Stupid habit, but un-help-able sometimes.

Hope your Ramadan is going a leetle less doleful than here. *very glum*. Even the weather is drizzly and all er, sad. [on normal days, I would be jumping up and down in this weather].

So long!
PS: *fervently hopes her Sis the Priss wouldn't read this*.. she already thinks I'm a nutcase to worry this much.


MAK said...


its got to know if someone worries for you that much

Uni said...

Er, yes, I suppose so.

Thanks for dropping by!

Salman Latif said...

Lol. It must be a frequent instance, I am sure :P I am wondering what happens when you get on the plane yourself? :P

Uni said...

@Salman Latif
I guess then I'm not that worried if I'm on the plane too.

Thanks for dropping by.

Glow said...

dont worry technology has improved and things are not very unreliable... but i understand the anxiety... does the traveler know abt this blog?:P must be so happy to read it :)

Uni said...

Yeah bff surely knows about this blog and yeah, is pretty happy to read this stuff...

*grinning from ear to ear* :D... who wouldn't? ;)

But khair, I'd rather be a traveler than a worried-about-traveler any day!

Sis the Priss said...


T and I could both tell you were so out of it!

Did you track my flight to Manila? Hee hee hee.

Sis the Priss said...

T must have asked me a dozen times: "What's wrong with her" and every time I had to say: "YOU know! BFF has left...". Interesting it is cuz you usually don't show things that much; i suppose there is always a first time!!!

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss

There was a reason why I added the P.S in the post. *wryly*

And yeah right! I was so not out of it. I had flu too remember?

And no, I did not track your flight to Manila - and before you do the a triumphant chicken dance in front of me - let me tell you that I had no idea that flights can be tracked iss tarhan.. THEN.


Glow said...

indeed who wudnt be... shud i say head over heels? :P

Travelling is fun as long as u are not alone :) coz then u have to worry abt being safe as well :P

Sis the Priss said...

The flu was a convenient cover-up. Tee hee.

I WILL do the chicken dance cuz I tracked your London flight which was WAY before the Manila one!

*prances off with Bhanju wanju in tow*

Uni said...

My best friend would be head over heels ? :D:D

eh eh eh eh..
I like your brain :D

Gives my heart a warm 'glow' :D:D

And good logic :p. I wouldn't like to travel alone either.. it's boring..

Thanks for dropping by!

@Sis the Priss
Flu was very much THERE. YOU see what you want to see!

And er, u tracked my flight? :D.. Wow! how come I didn't know?

Well, maybe I discovered this a lil uh, later in life.


Sis the Priss said...

There were no advanced trackers back in 2002 - I would just refresh the page with your flight status repeatedly!

And in case it did not occur to you, I AM a lil better than hiding my inner-most feelings:D

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
How sweet of you :D.. I never knew!

And yeah yeah yeah...

**rolls her eyes**

Glow said...

lolzzzzzzz thank u !!! naaa ur head over heels :P

it shud give both a warm glow :)

Uni said...

My my.. we're progressing


Glow said...

lolz ahan...its gud to know someone cares :)

Uni said...

Alhamdulillah for caring folks in my life :)

And in yours too :)

[**secret wink**]


Sarah (the one whose laughter sound cannot be traced back to her :p) said...

awwww Uni!!! your BFF is indeed a very lucky person. LOL @ your panic attack. I'd def be the same as you..

Uni said...


**bursts out laughing at the name you have used**


You'd be the same? Great to know.. :)

*sigh of relief*

Thanks for dropping by (wah yar) :)