Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Picnic :)


*beyond exhausted*. I wonder what I'm doing up...right. And sitting and typing. What's wrong with  me! Today I got up early (after offering Fajr dozily) - so I got up at 8am. Had to get ready by 9am. To leave the house by 9.30 to go to Hawksbay! For a doctors' picnic gathering arranged by some pharmaceutical company :D:D. It's such a blessing to be part of a doctor's family sometimes Masha Allah :):).

So we had a lovely looonggg driiiveeee to Hawksbay. The weather wasn't that great, but there was a hint of a wind and the sun wasn't shining too brightly. Reached the place in around 1 - 1.5 hours :D. And I thought the car ride lasted a few minutes. I'm sure the driver of that car wasn't feeling that way. But when we have an intellectual discussion that does use up my gray matter, then time seems to ... just fly by. Khair.

We went inside the hut area and saw a huge tent set up with stalls inside, and breakfast laid out.. :D. Alhamdulillah for the blessings. We ate yummy puri, halwa, cholay and aalu ka saag. There was also this one other thing I don't know.. and three types of juices. After eating our fill, we went down to the beach. It was crowded. So we walked to a rather secluded place and sat on the rocks, with the waves gushing over er, ourselves... :D .. *lost in the amazing memory*...

And talked and talked and talked....

Then we also sat on a camel :D. Heheh. It was awesome! MA. Even Dad went into the water. And he had on brand new pants. Nobody knows why. :D:D.

Acha, lil Bhanju was in his element. His parents had bought him a sand tools toy set, which he used happily to scoop up sand and put it in one pail after another. He also went in the water and played with 'boo' .. which actually means 'balloons' :D. And when I popped them for him, he went crazy with laughter.

After a scrumptious lunch, we went down again to the water, and had a lovely beyond amazing time watching the waves loom ahead with ferocity, and then gentle out as they reached our feet. I had no idea of the time. It was like.. still. And my mobile phone had given up :(. Water and sand had gotten into it. So it was kinda bad that when Dad tried to reach me, I couldn't pick up. Sigh.

Anyway, the tragedy of the day is...

I lose my bracelet. The  bracelet that was my birthday gift.

I was wearing it, and then took it off for performing wudu, then took it back from Sis the Priss. And then I don't remember what happened.. Maybe it was some wave :(.. or something else. A lot of times we got up in a huge hurry from the rocks, when we saw crabs crawling all over the place. One even slightly nipped me :S:S. But the point is, the bracelet is gone.

It's so hard to say goodbye to people/things we love. The worst bit? August isn't all that far off. *sniffles*.

And my thesis progress sucks too.

Anyway, to make this a non-whiny post, I should say that today I had the best fun of my life. And it wasn't just the camel ride. It was the realization that I can be my own self, my own 'kiddish' self.. and it is perceived as 'mature' .. Perceptions rock :D:D


Glow said...

u lost it :( koi nahi u will get something else at least u have the hand made poster :) ouch at the crab nip!! :( and its gud to be childish its so relaxing and unpretentious... and is ur best friend leaving in august?

Uni said...

Yes, I lost it.. :(:(:(

And I'm being berated by my family for being idiotic enough to wear it on a BEACH. I know it was idiotic, but I seriously love bracelets and loved wearing it. :(

I should be more careful from now on. Insha Allah.

Yes, at least I have the poster :):):) * infinity!

Childishness is fun :D. I so agree.

Yes, my best friend leaves in August .. :(:(:( * infinity.

Tazeen said...

This picnic reminded me of a similar one I went to, years ago. Haven't been near seawater during the recent years.

I read your blog sometimes but jaise he comment drop kar rahi hoti hun, bijli chale jati hai. :D

I hope you're doing good. Have a lovely day! :)

Glow said...

well its ok u didnt knwo taht u will lose it! well it was supposed to happen so it happened....

As for your friend leaving its ok! 21st century comes with its perks e.g internet :D so dont be sad :)

Uni said...

Oh then you must :).. It's sooo much funnnn.. ! Lol.. your commenting is jinxed here? :D.. but thanks soo much for reading behn!

I'm doing Alhamdulillah well. Only not academically :S. Thanks and same to you :):)

Im comsoling myself with the same thought.. hona thaa,so hogaya :S..

Khair. I know internet rocks. Skype rocks even more. Etc Etc.. but you know what? There is just no substitute for a face to face convo, without any screens in between I mean.

I'll try not to be.. :).. IA. Thanks so much for the comment!

Glow said...

yes u r ight it can not be a substitute... but dil ki tassali kai liyay khayal acha hai ghalib (watever is teh right version i hope u get wat i mean :P)

Uni said...

:) hehe.. Yeah. Dil ko behlana tha woh waisay