Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weirder Time To Be Writing a Post


I have had my fair share of weird times to be writing a blog post :D. I can recall the airport post, where the flight was due in about 45 minutes, and I was going for the interview. *smile fades*. The interview about which, nothing happened. Khair, I'm not in the least bit sad about THAT right now. There are too many things to be happy and excited about.

Namely.. the upcoming Nikah ceremony of the family !! Yayhoo. I mean, we get to run around, be the hosts, see to the food, tease the bride, hop on and about the stage, and the event is supposed to be totally segregated, so we can DRESS UP. The loveliest thing about this event (as per the bride's family) is the arrangement of a little talk or dars for the ladies. I'm so looking forward to that. I've heard that the lady they have called is amazing in her eloquence and knowledge. I haven't heard her dars often, but I did attend one Surah Fatiha class with her as the speaker and she was out of this world. A speaker can only be an effective one if he/she makes you think at the end, not get farigh and say 'Oh what a nice talk. It really stimulated me intellectually.' Know what I'm sayin!

Anyway, we need to leave the house in an hour or so, to get 'readyyyy' - all cousins excited about the 'getting readyyy' part. Er, okay, me too excited. *rolls her eyes*.

Uh, light just went out. :(. I guess this will be posted at night then. Take care all! Will update this post with the event details IA. So that anybody who wants a Sunnah wedding may be inspired and anybody having more knowledge and experience can point out any further thing that could have been improved in this.

So long!

Fee Aman Allah :S


Glow said...

if i were you, my mom wud have thrown a shoe at me to be writing a post at such a time with so much to do :P

Uni said...

:D. Basically, we were all waiting for some guests to arrive. Lol. So I got the chance to slip away to a place where the laptop was kept :D

Thanks for dropping by! And LOL @ throwing a shoe :D:D:D

Glow said...

ahan gud :P

well she wud not do that in public but her eyes can kill :P

Uni said...

Hahah :D
Okay! Sounds cool :D..this eye-killing business!