Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Parlour Dilemma


Whenever there is a wedding in the family (okay, I promise this week is all there is with the 'weddingy-posts'), there is a flurry of visits to the parlour for various reasons - starting from the most idiotic, to something sane like mehendi.

Now, the girl-cousins had all convinced me to 'pay a visit' as well, so one fine day, feeling as if I'm stepping into an abyss, I walked into a parlour where my R phuppo has been working for 30+ years. Good for R Phuppo! When I entered the place with Mum, the scene looked so harmless that I immediately relaxed.

RPhuppo: You will take facial, yes?
Me: Is it all about applying cream to face?
She: Yeah!
Me: Okay :D
She: Great! Let's go.

She took me to this inner place with cubicles and I stopped in amazement. Women in some wrap-around kinda thingie, were inside, and the curtains weren't properly drawn either. I couldn't help gaping. What was happening?

Me: W-w-what's that R Phuppo? *pointing at a lady*
She: She's getting waxing done.
Me *very tempted to ask 'of what exactly?' but held my tongue*
She: Just stay here, somebody will be with you shortly.
Me: *relieved that mum was sitting just inches away, looking just as alarmed* :D

This young girl (YG) walks inside the cubicle. Hands me a sheet. Says, "Undress now" - me couldn't help but gape at her. R Phuppo hurriedly appeared and said firmly, "She is not going to change. You just do the facial in her own dress' ... (as I said, good for R Phuppo!)

YG began. I was pretty much okay with the procedure. But when steam was blowing in my face (for reasons I haven't quite figured out), there was a sharp pain on my nose. What the..

Turns out she was removing blackheads. Ew! The pain was like, a cat scratching the nose with very sharp paws. The pain was BAD. I couldn't believe I was putting myself through this torture. Finally, it ended.

And they say a facial is relaxing? Ha! I still have scratch marks on my nose !!


Tauqeer said...

Okay, I'll let female readers to comment on this :D

Glow said...

lolzzzzzzz... interesting!!! i got it done on my friend's demands but minus the black head part a truly relaxing but semi-facial for this engagement do that my friends had organised...

Uni said...


Without the blackhead thingie, it was pretty interesting. But I still weird about the massage .. :$

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

I never go to beauty parlours. I cannot. I'm not even going to one on my wedding/nikah. Never.

I don't know, Uni baji... I don't like the place at all. :(

P.S.: And this shall be my last comment here today. I realize I've been reading the blog for the past twenty minutes.

Uni said...

If nobody can mistake you for a guy, then you never ever need to step into that place..!! EVER. No wedding shedding should lead you there..

Er, maybe except for haircuts.

That's what I've concluded. The place sucks. And people check each other out for minor flaws. Plus, the beauticians are often pretty rude. Busss, don't gooo!

And :D ..thanks so much for dropping by :)