Monday, June 27, 2011

The Nikah !!


The event was... in my humble opinion.. beyond awesome :D. Alhamdulillah!

The segregation rocked. The groom only came inside at the end. And there was no 'weird public displays of affection' ... no idiotic rasams, and the dars was pretty cool. The dua at the end of the dars was cooler, in the sense that it asked Allah SWT for 'saving the next generation' and the best dua was that O Allah, Please Accept this Nikah as a Koshish (effort) to Please you and as an attempt to follow the Sunnah of Your Messenger SAW.

I am too exhausted to elaborate more. But I am surely glad of the fact that people came, they liked what they saw, they got SOME message from the taqreeb, there was NO music, no 'tafreeh' and the event ended around maghrib time.

Alhamdulillah ! :)


Tauqeer said...

More details are needed.

Ahmar said...

May Allah make the couple supremely happy and content :)

Glow said...

mashAllah!!! May the couple be blessed in everyway possible!! :)

Uni said...

Yes IA. Later posts.

@Ahmar & Glow
I will pass on your wishes and dua IA. JazakAllah!


Tazeen said...

That sounds lovely, Masha'Allah! :)

Mohammad Zafar said...
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Mohammad Zafar said...

Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakumaa fee Khair (For the couple), Jazakallahu wa ahsanal Jazaa for driving this revolution of Sunnah marriages. Dars part, we had arranged direct relay (mobiles connecting speakers) from Masjid, where the both Urdu and Arabi Qutba's heard by women.

Anyways great efforts to build a better society.

Uni said...

Yes, it surely was. I can testify to that! :)

@Mohammad Zafar
Ameen! and I hope more and more people try to follow the sunnah way in getting married. Yes, direct relay is a very nice thing indeed. I attended a nikah ceremony which had this thing.

JazakAllah all for dropping by!