Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nice Snippet of a Lecture

Desi Weddings

Are they making our lives easy and amazing, or just more complicated and debt-ful? Something to ponder upon.


Mohammad Zafar said...

"Something to ponder upon" ?
No. Its Something to Act Upon.
Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, I got married in a very similar manner, My Nikah was an incredibly daring act for me, I didn't had any new clothes in the morning, went to the tailor..he agreed and got my new clothes ready in afternoon and bought some simple shoe in half an hour, time for zuhar,mean while sent sms and called friends to the Nikah..back home...bath have food..donned the new dress..its Asar time..went to the masjid as we go to any other prayer with no baraat, I had dreamed of wearing the Amaama...Allah sent a guy who new how to, he helped me tie the Amaama properly in the masjid...so here I was ready, Nikah Sermon Started.... after 25 min!!! I was hugging people congratulating me. Since my home town was in different place, It was decided that I give Walima at my home town. I was very very happy about one thing, that I was able to do that, which I had only dreamed of...Nikah in the masjid, the way how our prophet(saws) liked it to be. I don't know how I managed all this...but with Allah's help everything went smoothly.

Jazakillah, You reminded me of a great adventure of My life...that was somewhere hiding in middle of some pages of my life :)

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar
It's definitely something to act upon, true. But keeping in mind the deep-rooted ideas in most Pakistanis' mindsets, the pondering is much needed before getting convinced for actual implementation :).

It was very interesting to read your story and very admirable too Masha Allah. The wedding event that is coming up in our close family also has nikah in Masjid, while there is a dars for ladies. After that, tea is going to be served. Alhamdulillah, that's why it's 'so much fun' .. :)

Your story proves that when a person wishes and wills to follow the deen in any aspect of his/her life, Allah SWT Surely Helps him/her out in every teensy way. May Allah Help us all, Ameen!

Mohammad Zafar said...