Sunday, June 26, 2011

Microwave radiation dangers in your home

Man. This is worrying. And I had really wanted an iPad.

:S. Please be careful, and stick to the wired medium of communication. Er, cell phones we can't live with so we have to bear the radiation levels. But what we can do is try not have BTSs installed on our apartments' roofs. HIGHLY dangerous.


Tauqeer said...

It is a nice presentation indeed. The buzzer sound can definitely scare anyone easily.

But this does not tell you, what is 'deemed' dangerous, what was the reading they got, and what was the distance of transmitter and receiver.

I am aware that there are differences between 'deemed' safe limits in Europe as compared to USA, where Europeans are being more cautious, but all of these equipments are made under the recommendation from FCC.

They are usually safe to use, since no scientific evidence suggests otherwise.

P.S: Personally I would like to keep them away from my body :)

Uni said...

When the lady was standing near the wireless internet device - she was pretty close to it, yes. So I don't understand what you mean by distance between the transmitter and receiver.

They are safe to use because scientific studies that can demonstrate that they're NOT, are never funded by the corporations that own these equipment/services ...

So it makes sense. There was recently this news that cell phones CAN cause brain cancer - and this was just revealed now..

Yes, I feel the same way. Thanks for dropping by!