Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've Never Done This Before !!~


*can't help being really very excited :D*...

Yes, I'm writing from the airport .. free internet zindabaad. Blogging from the airport is something I had never imagined before.

*clears her throat*

Er, what I wanted to say is, that keeping last year's July 28th incident in mind, the fact is that I'd like to send out a big apology to anybody I might have hurt unknowingly or knowingly... (sorry for being dramatic, but that's how it is!)

Er, if I have ever hurt you, or anything, do forgive me! Allah will Forgive you~

Khair. Allah Nigehbaan to all. I might be attracting weird stares.. ::$:$

How times have changed. Last time I was at an airport, I was checking my Orkut account :P... Nowadays it's like, huh? What's orkut.. :P

Take care all and so long!!

PS: Don't forget to make a dua tomorrow morning (whoever cares, and er, remembers).

Allah Hafiz!

PPS: I never thought on a domestic flight, Mum and Dad BOTH would come to the airport, looking anxious and all. **sniffles*. What amazing out of this world caring beyond awesome parents I have Masha Allah!!

PPPS: Winning this scholarship means going AWAY from them.. :S:S:S. No wonder Dad said in the car, "We'll be all alone tonight (since Chotpo is going with me)... and this is our fate"

*even more sniffles*


farahshah said...

sorry your article story is ver confusing!!

Tazeen said...

All the best!!! :D

May Allah help you!

P.S.: Hope I'm not too late. =/

Uni said...


Thanks so very much yaar. The interview was yesterday... but every wish count(ed).. !

Tauqeer said...


Uni said...

Done finally ! :) Thanks for dropping by!