Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Finally Over :):)


The day was absolutely tension-filled in the first half (more than that actually), but was totally tension-free in the last part! Alhamdulillah! It's all over. I don't have to start studying till July!! And I hope June passes reeeaaalll slow!

The paper was supposed to be one part unseen and one part 'open-book' - and people in my class were highly miffed about the fact that Sir had chosen to keep the 'open-book' portion of 40 marks and the 'theory-unseen' portion of just 20 marks. I was of the opposite opinion :P. But anyway, the first 1 hour, 15 mins of the paper were pure pure agony. LOT of theory to just write and nothing else. And there was no time to think. If you had learned it, you could write it. Otherwise, forget about it. Shukkar, I could complete that section. The 'open-book' portion was fun ;). Nothing was overly difficult. And if I may not sound too over-confident, then I should say that the exam went well (and not very well or anything).

Khair, that's over and done with :D. And I'm freeeeeee! A poem to mark the special occasion!

If my happiness today were to be recorded
In the lines of an old, worn out face
That face would have a thousand wrinkles
As it creases into a smile

A smile so simple, yet so beautiful
Reflecting a 'bliss' not yet touched
An innocence, not yet 'tainted'
A flower, not yet bloomed

If my contentment were to be translated
In the annals of history
There would be fewer bloodsheds
And a lot more laughter

A laughter that is not affected
One that rings out spontaneously
Touching every heart, every ear
But only the ears, open to 'listening'

If my relief today could be entered
Upon the weary, disillusioned heart
There would be a lot less suspicion
And more trust in others

A trust that cannot be broken
Once the 'pact' is made
A trust that negates all doubt
Doubts that uncertainty does place

I take my leave now
With a prayer for all
May we be more content
With all our duties, and duty-calls.

Copyright Uni Overly_Dramatic_About_Exams_Endoony 2011.

Sorry for the over-dramatization! It's just a relief not to be constantly worried about exams and all... I think it's been a month (or more) since we have been constantly studying!

So long!


majworld said...

congrats..there is no substitute of the feeling experienced after exams get over..:)

Uni said...

So very true! Now there is so much to be done keh samaj nahi araha what should be done first!

Thanks for dropping by.