Monday, June 13, 2011

I wish them well!


Yesterday, one of my friends showed me an album online that had pictures of a party arranged by her friends. I was very intrigued, because the party involved an invitation to this girl's fiancĂ© and (living in a different city), he had come from all that way. Every detail of the party had been arranged by my friend (let's call her GL)'s friends circle.

The thing that really struck me the most was: friendship and how easily it makes you sacrifice eons of your time for your friends, without a single thought. This little event (planned in a country where no relatives of the girl live, since she is studying there) - had been planned, executed and enjoyed too - ALL by her friends. From the cool decor, (they had put up colored dupattas on the walls of that room), to the food (I actually saw a picture which showed one friend hovering over a 'degchi' of biryaani!), to the little mehendi items like diyaas, candles,etc (I don't agree with this part of the scene, but that's not the point of this post), and to the cutest arrangement of little 'flower girls' and 'ring-bearer-maybe boy'..


The other very impressive factor about this party was the decency. My friend GL was wearing an amazing dress (which originally was not at alllllllll a decent dress), but she had made it amazingly decent, with all sorts of coverings - topping it off with a hijaab, which covered her even more. So in effect, the 'bride' portion of the party was clad in a dress with hijaab.

The way the GL and her fiancĂ© were seated was also something to talk about. There was no 'common stage' - there were two chairs, nearly on two opposite corners of the stage area. :). It looked a little funny, but it made a lot of sense.

There were also some other things which implemented Islamic teachings in a lot of ways. It's impressive to see that there IS such a concept of halaal 'fun', and that too, implemented in a place far away from home where traditional conservatism that usually keeps kids in check. 


farahshah said...

That's really nice but sorry to say that you are notifing these thing now they are present and followed in Islam....

Uni said...

?? I seriously didn't get your comment. Could you elaborate, please?

Thanks :)

Tazeen said...

Oh God. The chairs-being-apart thing reminded me of how we "tortured" my cousin after her nikah. :P We did not let her sit with her husband until he complied to our childish wishes. :P

Also, I read one more post of yours under which I must comment so I'm going now before the power goes out. :D


Uni said...

:D.. lol. That sounds like fun :D
And lol again, thanks for the comment.

Wa'alaikumassalaam! :)

Tauqeer said...

I think what Farah meant and even I noticed is that you somehow elaborated this event as being very Islamic and 'decent'.

And we have our doubts about it, LOL.

Uni said...

@Tauqeer (and Farah)
Oh, now I get it. If you thought I intended to portray the event as islamic, then obviously, I was doing no such thing - sorry for the misunderstanding.

The point was, that if I think event A is not Islamic, that won't stop me from appreciating the things implemented in it that WERE Islamic. I know this rule cannot be generalized to include every event, but for this particular event, the rule can be followed.

As for decency, I think I have no doubts.. :). But yes, you are right, the over-all event is something even I wouldn't agree with (from Islam's point of view).

I just believe we should be flexible, and make gunjaaish for people who have the right idea, but may not be going the whole 100% in something we believe is right. Just my personal opinion, that it's more 'hikmah-oriented' to be this way.

Thanks for dropping by!