Thursday, June 2, 2011

Did I Say "It's Over" too soon :'(


I should be highly jubilant about today, but the fact is, my dread knows no bounds. Basically, today when I was busy taking sighs of relief from the tension of the past month, I received a phone call which destroyed all notions of peace. At least till Friday night.


Got short-listed for the interview for the scholarship I had applied. When's the interview? Day after tomorrow!!!! (Friday!!!!)...No wait. If Thursday has started now.. it's actually....


Now, interviews are NOT my strong points. And I can easily verify this statement through the number of horrific vivas, and other interviews I have had. It ALWAYS happens that my tongue runs away with me, and my nervous-ness doesn't show in anything else BUT my speech! And instead of being tongue-tied (which would be normal, I suppose), I become tongue-hyper! And the speech just flows out and doesn't stop... even  if my mind is screaming for my tongue to just stop wagging and me to just stop babbling so mindlessly!!

Today, I had been so relaxed in the morning :)... Man! I can just smile at what today morning was like. Shukkar Allah ka I had done cooking. Then went to pick Sis the Priss and came back. And then came the phone call ! Ufff. Hurriedly went about to book a ticket (for Isb - why don't we have interviews here? OR why don't I live in Isb? :@)... and then, all sorts of things had to be done. Add a cranky-tareen bhanju wanju in the mayhem and you have a buzzing brain which is still buzzing at 2.16 am with a flight to catch tomorrow afternoon!

Not to mention some of  my documents are left at the stationery for lamination :$... He said he'll close the shop at 10. I went at 9.55pm and the shop was closed!! Now I would have to go there early morning, retrieve my documents and somehow.. try to work everything out the way it's supposed to !! :'(.

Please say Ameen to: Oh Allah SWT, Please Give Uni a very nice interview and some semblance of confidence in herself. Ameen! And please keep her sane through this trial. Ameen.

So long folks! *a lil gloomily*.. I had expected the interview call (if any! But I thank Allah for it :):) ) to come around July. Sighhh. For now, I'm remain a.....

PS: Waisay. Talked to a real nice lady (family friend) today who, when heard about this thing had a load of encouraging words to say MA. Felt very encouraged by her advices. And then also talked to a former scholarship holder to ask which type of questions come in, and that was very useful too! People sure are helpful Alhamdulillah :-)


majworld said...

lol..tongue hyper..heard first time abt such nervousness..gudluck for the interview:)..

Uni said...

Yeah... thanks (belated).