Monday, June 20, 2011


Since the upcoming wedding in the family is just around the corner, the following nasheed is very relevant and cute!

So here it is, dedicated to the couple ! May you guys have a prosperous future, Ameeen :)

Since preparations are all anybody can think about now, there seems to be little talk of anything else in the family - close and extended! Whoever visits, or calls, is talking about the same thing. The hurried preparations, the shopping trips, the last-minute frenzy and the nearly constant arguments, though getting to me, are surely going to be missed when this time is over. Weddings in the close family are fun! I just hope the sunnah way is followed, and hence this would increase the barakah factor in it. Right now, I can't wait to attend the event! :)

So long!


Mohammad Zafar said...

"Weddings in the close family are fun!" and
"the sunnah way is followed"...
I feel these two statements contradict each other.......Yes, Marrying the sunnah way is a REAL achievement in today's arena of modernism where movie marriages and old traditions both rule. BTW would like to know if there's any to do list for this "Sunnah Way" in your place that is followed.

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar
The two statements are not contradictory depending on the definition of 'fun' .. and I am very hopeful that the upcoming wedding in the family is going to follow the sunnah in as many ways as possible, IA. Thus, it's fun as well as following the sunnah.

Yeah, conventionally, it's not very common for the two statements to go together.

Sure, I'll do a post on this IA. I'll list down as many things as I can think of.

Thanks for dropping by!