Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Girly Post :$


I really shouldn't feel this embarrassed about posting about girly stuff (after all, I happen to be one).. but really, I have been laughing (not maliciously, btw) about the craziness-for-clothes all my life!

This phase (crazy, I admit) is something not really to be proud of! But today has to be recorded in my memory (and hence, the blog) so that I can look back on this particular Sunday and think, "Heyyyy, some people are just sooooo niceeeeee" (:D :D :D).

So get this!

What happened wasss ... that my phuppa (one of the coolest phuppas you might ever have, Masha Allah).. he wanted to give around gifts because of the close wedding event in the family and he likes doing these things LOADS (yes, he loves shopping for clothes and all - ladies clothes I mean :D).. So our conversation went like this:

Him: Uni, I wanna give you a nice 'kapra' (cloth). So tell me, which color do you want. And I'm giving banaarsi cloth to you ok?
Me: *grinning from ear to ear* [I have only one answer, when somebody asks me this particular question]: Er, phuppa mujhay to black hee pasand hay. So I want black! Per ammi ko nahi bataiiyay gaa keh mainay kaha hay, theek? (But don't tell mum that I told you to give black).
Him: *grinning back*.. Bhui, there is no black color in banaarsi - but you know what? I'll get one for you!
Me: Errr, don't take any trouble okay?
Him: Lol. Okay!

So this was the conversation a few weeks back. Todayy, Phuppa came over with Apa (phuppi) and beckoned me to 'come and look'. He had a box and wore the look of somebody very proud of himself :P. When he opened the box and showed me the dress, I could only gasp at the marvellous 'look' :D:D.. Black with red! (uh, red's a lil over, but with black, anything goes :D).

So this was one cool moment of the day! MA my phuppa had gone to the trouble of getting a banarsi dress specially colored black and designed the whole thing along with the color combo.

When Mum saw this, hahahaah, she had this to say "Another black? How many will you collect?"

Ho Ho Ho. Today was also the launch of this boutique by my Aunt (Dad's cousin) who had invited all of us to the 'opening'. I didn't go cuz of the exams. Chotpo, Dad and Apa and Phuppa went. They all returned, and were carrying a bag. Apa stayed back - in her words - 'to see Uni's expression' ...

Er, what expression? I wanted to know. The answer lay in the bag they were carrying.. :D:D:D..When I opened it, I found THIS... along with a set of bangles (thrown in for free, since this was the launching day of the boutique)..

Uff, the expression on my face :D. Black again!!

I waved it triumphantly in Mum's exasperated face, "Loookk, seeeeeee...blaaaackkk" ..And she's like, holding her head and saying, "Oh not more black!"

It doesn't stop here *almost beside herself with joy*

Later in the evening, Sis the Priss along with TB came over after venturing into that same boutique again. They came in, there was a volley of greetings with my lil  bhanju wanju... and Sis the Priss thrust a bag in my hands.

TB: It's for you!
Me: Oh thanks! *opens the bag*...

Eh eh eh eh. Alhamdulillah! It's a black dress again!! (white and black)

Man, was it fun doing the waving-in-mum's-face-thingie thrice in one day :D:D.. Aisay moments kam kam aatay hain zindagi main!

Mum: Why blackkk!?!?!? (To Sis the priss)
TB: I chose it :D

Lol. No more arguments :D. Turns out that N phuppo (who has started the boutique) remarked to my sister, "Hey, Uni hasn't come here! And everybody wants to take stuff back for her!" :D

Soooo. Talk about a fun-cloth-filled Sunday!

Masha Allah!

The parhai is not at it's best... :$. I just keep getting sooo distracted. Right now, the prep-for-wedding-in-family is kind of at it's peak. And there are soo many things to be done if one is a close family of the bride (and friends of family of the groom). Sometimes, I do wonder "Is this the reason why people hire wedding planners?"

And then I firmly reject the thought. Because a wedding planner means a LOT of money being spent on the wedding. And we all know, the barakah in a wedding is inversely proportional to the amount of money spent on it!

So long folks :$:$. Next post will hopefully talk about something geeky.

But I can't promise that!


I can't wait for the stupid exam to be over!

Sunday, May 8, 2011