Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yay for Today!


The day started with Fajr and Quran. Then set the alarm for 8am since I had to cook before leaving for a gathering of my Quran class friends at N baji's house.

Alhamdulillah, the alarm and Chotpo woke me up :) and slowly I trudged into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes. Sigh. Veggie cutting was another painful affair [don't you think there should be a machine, in which you just dump the washed veggies, and it cuts them for you, in small cubic pieces.. (after cleaning the blackie portions off too).. :P]

*yawn*. My fantasies will remain in the category of 'hazaaron khwaaishain aisi..'

At 9.30, I came out of the kitchen after Dad's breakfast 'making' and settled down with a cup of tea and ... Sudoku~!

I am soooo addicted to it. I don't know what's come over me. ANYwhere I see Sudoku, I literally run after it, and just HAVE to solve it. It's insane! Where is my self-control I have no idea.

Speaking of self-control, a TV show was recommended by a friend of mine - the show named 'Dexter'. I was told that it's amazing beyond amazing, out of this world etc. Lol. In all I-want-to-be-considered-an-adult spirit, I sat down yesterday night, and watched the first season's first episode. In about 20 minutes down the line, meray 21 tabaq raushan ho chukay thay. My conscience bothered me so badly that I shut it off and vowed never to look at this stuff again. Gruesome, graphic, violent, gore-y, and able to bring out the 'violence-lust' in a person.

NOT recommended by Uni_still_loves_kids' stuff-oony

Khair, where was I? :S. The Sudoku, yeah. After successfully solving the 'easy' one and frowning on the 'tricky' one, I realized that a lot of time had passed. I was supposed to be ready and out by 10.15, get cake from a bakery and go to pick up my friends from the bus stop we had all agreed on.

Mum: Uni, make sure you reach home before Jummah prayers.
Me: Mum, I'm going before Jummah prayers, I'll reach the actual place by 11.30 probably, and I should just leave in an hour?
Mum: Look, you have a curfew. 2.00pm. Max.
Me: *scowl*

Finally, I was out. Driving alone after a loong time! Reached bakery. Choosing a cake was no problemoz. Anything with 'Oreos' in the cake's name has the word 'Uni' written on it! [Conscience yell : What about your diet!!!].... but there are times when the conscience can be supremely ignored.

As I was coming out of the bakery.. I saw this couple...  Made me grin to myself. Really thin guy, and something like his triple ...girl. Both looking sooo out of this world happy keh if their happiness had some physical effect, 10 other people in the vicinity (including me) would have had a wide grin on our faces. How utterly sweet... (Masha Allah).

Made me think that there just might be other ingredients to happiness than perfect 'dimensions' and made me think that all the older ladies who are after the un-skinny portion of society - madly trying to 'skin' them down - assuring them, that they're just doing this in order to ensure their (the girls') happiness.. may very well be...utterly wrong!

I digressed yet again. This post is full of diversions. Khair, reached the bus stop after 30 minutes. No friend in sight. Turned out that their buses had been late. So me, instead of aimlessly driving around and sweltering more than I already was sweltering in the shadeed heat, I decided to fill the CNG. That done, I drove slowly, trying to kill time :(. Finally, (like, at 11.30!), managed to catch hold of one friend - Amber. Second friend's (Nat's) text came that she has JUST gotten the bus, and it's going to take her half an hour more ...!!

Khudaya. We reached N baji's place around quarter to 12. N baji hadn't reached home from her yoga class (she is a yoga instructor). We met N Baji's Mum in law. I was amazed by this woman :) MA. Such an old lady (she is 78 MA) and sooo active and intelligent. She told us that she had been an athletic in the Olympics, representing Pakistan! And her husband was a hockey player (some popular player too, pity I hadn't heard of him :$). Then she told us her routine and how she keeps walking and doing exercise etc. Amber asked her, "Aap kee kia masroofiat hay?" (what do you keep busy in?) and the old lady answered,

"My home. I was always a home-maker from the time I got married. I look after the house, do the chores, help out my husband with his tasks and do my religious duties. I believe this is enough for a woman to handle. Then I walk regularly, so as not to have my joints 'fuse' together and prevent  me from moving.. after all, I am 78!"

A truly inspiring lady!

Then, a phone call from my second friend, Nat came. She had finally reached the agreed bus stop and her bus wouldn't come here, so I had to go pick her up. So far, I had driven more than I had er, not driven.. :D.

Anyway, me and Amber went out, crossed Tariq Road and went to the bus stop to pick up Nat. Then, came back and then the fun began. Nat had brought her sister, who has an adorable 5-month old Masha Allah. I was comparing the lil sweetie to my Bhanju and wondering how come we were always in a hassle with Bhanju even when he was 5 months old, and this lil baby!! The cutie was sukun se, lying in his mom's arms. Playing with her dupatta. Not making any kind of fuss (except when he got hungry). Man!!!

When we were all sitting together, there was a small discussion on the last rukuh of Surah Kahaf (today was Friday, yea) and everybody contributed their thoughts on the Surah and how it is said to be a protection against the Fitnah (trial) of Dajjal and the tribulations that are coming and yet to come regarding the End of Times.

Only too soon, the dua was said and brunch/lunch was served. That bit was cool too as N baji had made (or maybe her cook made it) iced tea !! Not the yucky one in the can. Amazingly delicious one :). Alhamdulillah. My cake was a hit. Er, I hadn't made it so no credit goes to me :D. At 1.30, I was the first one to jump up. We all had spent just 45 minutes together :(. Khair, curfews are curfews... and mum had mentioned 2pm. So off I went, much to the general chorus of 'Don't gooo sooo soooooon' from the group. But had to leave, no other way. Driving back was an amazing experience. Jummah time. No traffic.

Masha Allah :D

Reached home in like, 15 minutes (a journey that easily takes 45 minutes in traffic).

In the evening, drove out to get fruit and vegetables along with Chotpo. Our awaara-gardi led us to Liberty :D... from where I got some books! These few weeks are meant for relaxing Insha Allah! Later, the we came home and took out the juice extractor (thingie we got yesterday :S meant to make fresh carrot/beet/apple juice for Chotpo since her hemoglobin is at an all time low :(:(:(...).

The extractor parts were carefully washed, dried and the machine was placed on the kitchen counter, with two eager faces hovering over it (me and Chotpo). She cut apples into small pieces, I read the manual and got the machine ready to run. Imagine the scene. Chotpo put apple pieces (around 7-8 small cubes) in the feeding tube. I pressed down the tube holder and locked the juicer. Then I was supposed to turn the knob at low-speed.

I twisted the knob, and the juicer whirred to life. We both peered anxiously at the juice jug (where the juice was supposed to spurt out). Haaaaah!!

No juice spurted out.. :D. We stared in amazement. What happened to the cubes we put in? Then, in front of our astonished eyes, one drop of apple juice fell in the jug. Then some seconds pause. Then another drop. Then a few seconds pause. Then another drop.

That's it.

Staring incredulously at the machine, we realized that the extract is very small for lots of fruit pieces. So in went four apples - turn by turn - cube-wise. Puffing with exertion, finally drop by drop, the juice jug filled up till...

In fact, half of above. That's it. It came out to be equal to one small glass. Four nice-sized apples' worth!!

Uffff. HUMARA juice nikal gaya. :@:@:@.

But it was an overall nice day :D. Veryyy different from the day represented in the previous post. Like-minded friends - there ain't nothing like 'em!! :-)

So long!


majworld said...

Sudoku :S..wats that? the old lady ws impressive..this current technology nd no exercise nd walk effecting healths v badly..ur current posts r making me miss pak :)..miss all the food nd all roaming around familiar roads..

Tauqeer said...

You know why I read your blog? Because you write so naturally. I can relate to most of it which makes me curious how you handled it.

Wish you well.

Uni said...

Sudoku is this game where we are given a grid of numbers (it's a 9 x 9 ki grid) with some numbers filled in. Our task is to fill in the entire grid with numbers 1-9... such that in no row, column and small 3x3 squares, the numbers are repeated. :D.. it's an amazing brain activity.

And yeahh, roaming around and the food.. it's one of Pakistan's specialties.

Thanks for dropping by!

Well JazakAllah so very much :)

And I dunno what you mean by handled it.. handled what?

Thanks for dropping by!

M. M. said...

Hahaha.... you'd an interesting day. Loved the part where you mentioned "Dexter". I could relate to it. Just last night a friend recommended Happy Tree Friends series.


The cartoons were apparently cute, but freakishly bloody, violent and disturbing. :/

Guys are weird.

Uni said...

Hahahah :). Gooooood to know that your taste in TV shows/cartoons remain non-violent and non-gory :D

Waisay, the friend who had recommended Dexter to me is a female :)

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tauqeer said...

Handled* the circumstances or behaved in a particular situations you mention in your blogs. :P

Uni said...

Oh, alright. Thanks!