Friday, April 22, 2011

Still Can't Think Of a Title!

Imagine you started out on a long road...

At first, the length of the road, scared you. Made you nervous...

Not only was the road long, it was also lonely. You knew you were considered one of the idiots for taking this road. But no other decision seemed so right to you. So you took off!

Once you started off, the road didn't look that bad. In fact, it became a little fun. You tread slowly at first. Pretty soon, you started skipping. And then running. You loved the road and the direction where it was taking you!!

You zoom along. Nearly a year passes by. A year isn't that short yeah. So you get used to road. You start appreciating the texture, the speed, the scene, the sights, the sounds, even the solitude. Until one fine day...

You come to this. You stop, confused. What to do, you wonder. Then you seek out people. Ask around, how to go forward. They tell you... there is no way. So after all those months of zooming on that road, you have come to a dead end. No way forward.

You are advised to take another road. The other roads all have different textures, different sights, different sounds. Everything different. You know you gotta learn to get used to the new-ness. You know it's not easy. You want to sit down and bawl.

*grinning from ear to ear at the above picture*

The minute you grin at your situation, the outlook changes. You're perfectly back to square one. Your efforts of the past so many months surely have been sunk down the drain. But you can try to learn the ABCs again. You can try to learn to crawl again.

So even though you face a major setback in your life, a pretty huge road-block that has served you to swing around and march right back to where you came from, even though your mood may be blackened by the way Pakistan just lost to the Windies right now ... (:@:@:@), you do believe in the ray of hope that shines behind every cloud of gloom and setbacks.

The way forward may seem
Impossible to pass
The roads are many, the mind multi-layered
Just take up a new task

Life may seem goal-less for a while
Worthless it will never be
As long as you breath, in and out
You can go on a new spree

Try out the other roads - the other ways
Don't be disheartened so much
Life will set out a new direction
With new sights, sounds, with a new touch!

Copyright Uni_Set_Backoony_2011


majworld said...

nice hopeful poem..its imp to keep moving in life..setbacks r a part of it.

Uni said...

So very true !! JazakAllah for the input and for dropping by!

Asma said...

I had my final chem paper today and it didn't went well....JazakAllah for such an inspiring post esp the poem:)

Uni said...

:D.. well, if you learn from mistakes, then no bad exam is really bad ..

So cheer up :) and thanks for calling the post inspiring!

PS: You're motivating me to write posts again :) So double thanks