Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quite Graphically!

From yesterday to today.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "losing a knut, and finding a galleon?" {Every Harry Potter fan knows what this phrase means}..

So like, yesterday I got an amazing job offer. I was almost beside myself with joy and surprise. Came home. Talked to folks. Asked opinions.

Today, had the following convo with none other than Mom:

She: If your job starts from the 1st of July, then you're going to have a pretty tough time handling it. Believeeee meeeee
Me: Yeah, but but.. Andy says it's manageable. People do it all the time!
Mum: People always do things a certain way. It's how they function!
Me: It's how they're brought up! Why do girls find it hard to give up careers and look after kids? Because the ambition is DRILLED into them at a very early age!
Mum: *veryyy smugly*... Now don't you see? I never ever drilled any ambition in you. Made such an effort not to orient you in one single direction at all.
Me: Yeah. But you did the opposite.
*unable to stop myself*..
Me: You opposed it to the extent that at every exam you said stuff like 'What's the use, when you're not going to do anything in the real practical world ever?'
Mum: So? You're not, right?
Me: But you see? Your theory isn't right! Because you've tampered with it. You forbade me to work! How can that prove that you foresaw that a girl-engineer will never work?
Mum: Yeah, but working isn't practical for you. Didn't you see up till now? All a girl-engineer is good for is teaching! What else?
Me: *hardly able to speak now*... You know what? Teaching is a GREAT job.

*end of conversation*...

My emotional upheaval knew no bound for the next several hours :-)

The convo I had with a lady in the evening.

Me: So you see, I was offered this job, but Mum wasn't very supportive. Sigh.
She: Oh beta. You know. I'm fully in favor of you going for it. You won't find me discouraging you from this.
Me: Oh? Hain? Wow.
She: Yes, it all depends on you. If you can manage the work - house chores, timings and schedule, you can manage it. It's your ball game.
Me: Hmmmmmmmm thanks :) I'll pass on this opinion to Mom.
(shukkar I didn't blurt out this, "You know what? I like you!!).

The 9pm upper-lifter was this very conversation. Not to mention, a neighbor came over because she wanted to study Digital Electronics. Now :D.. I've studied that stuff 5 years ago !! Touched it now! And had fun :D

At the end of our 2-hour rigorous parhai session, she said something which just made my day :D..

"Yeh Digital Electronics itnaa mushkil to nahi hay. How come woh humaray teacher humaain aisay nahi samjhaatay jaisay aap nay samjhaayaa hay" ... (Digital Electronics ain't that difficult. How come our teacher doesn't teach the way you taught right now?)

:D:D. Alhamdulillah!

She advised me :D..."You know, you should go to GIK and teach" :D. I'm like, (laughing like anything), "Swabi? You think mum is going to lemme go to Topi and teach?), and she answers, "Well, go find somebody to get married to in Topi, then" ..

I can just roll about with laughter on this one.

Lastly, my apologies to all the people I have bugged (for advices) these past few days. :(. I had no clue they had exams and all. Just got to my senses today and figured out that er, that the people I bugged were too polite to tell me they're bogged down with academics and tried to solve my problems in life. (Including people who I bugged about singing me a Hilary Duff song - er, I didn't realize you were having mids. I've been an idiot!)


Tauqeer said...

Waisey mera aik dost hai Swabi mai...if you know what I mean ;)

majworld said...

dats great..congrats for the job :)

blue.butterfly said...

Wow digital electronics! I'll have studying that in the next semester I.A! Why don't you come to my uni?!! :)

Uni said...

Lol. No thanks :P

It's not certain :P. As I found out today, the agreement is only to enter my resume in the process :)... then it will be determined whether I can do it or not.. THEN I MIGHT get it lol.

:) I like the subject, but teaching it professionally... that's a completely different ball game :S.

Thanks for the offer though :D

Thanks all for dropping by!!

Tazeen said...


Topi! *laughs out loud* That was good. :D

And I'm sure people didn't mind anything. :D

Just read all the posts that I missed out on! It all cheered me up like always! :D

Uni said...

:D:D I know! Hilarious.

And aww :) I'm so glad some of them didn't :P.. But I ain't sure about others.

And JazakAllah for the nice comment (as always, MA) and for dropping by!

Umer Toor said...

i recall random walk of stocks !

Uni said...


Mohammad Zafar said...

I like the way you write, made me laugh, changed my mood....Lots of Jazakillah for that. I suggest Istiqarah and mashwara (bugging lol :) ) will lead you to some safe place insha allah. you can try Freelancing, its a hot industry now a can explore that too....which u did already...

Keep blogging :)

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar
Thanks for liking the blog. I have tried freelancing but then, it's very competitive and one needs to have lots of free time. With thesis and all, it's kinda tough.

But JazakAllah for the suggestion!