Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wild Safari - Brought to you by Herbal Essences

Yes. I've officially lost it. The title of this post is what I am currently playing on Minclip (blow TB, he directed me to the site. I know I'm going to be one miniclip-addict in the days to come) ..:(

Fact is, I'm bored. Bored sick. Bored to the point of no-return. Bored to death. No wait, I'm alive.. I mean bored to tears...bored to intense frustration which makes me wanna pull all my hair out... bored to the point of *stops herself*...

My current subject (the one of which I have a midterm exam exactly 1.5 days from now on... :@), is something out of the 'Guinness World Record for the Most Soporific Subject Ever!' ... I hate it. From the bottom-est core of my heart.

It's so boring, that I have been blindly (yes!) reading through pages and pages, for the past 2 days now. Blindly. Trying in some way or the other, to somehow, plant this junk .. in my brain -- rote learn it or understand it.. (it makes no difference whatsoever)... somehow, be able to vomit it out when the exam paper comes in front of me.

Usually, my tactic (for such subjects) is to 'write stuff down' so my hands remember the fuzool variables, and where they are placed (in the juungglaanaa derivations). But now, even my hands protest at the gross violation of their basic er, hand-yy rights. It's dry/boring/senseless to the extreme!!

And I am heck annoyed at the SMSs I am receiving... Take a look at this!

Text: "What is the answer of xyz question in the midterm?
My text: "Haven't solved! Haven't reached that point!"
Text: When are you going to do it?
Me: I don't know!
Text: Do so!
Me: Fine. Will verify the answers later
Text: Not too late. I won't be looking at the numericals in the end, okay
Me: *bursting point* ... Fine!

Another text: See lec 3, page 3, line 3, equation 4 , ... and lec 4 page 3 line 5 equ 7 ... are these two equations correct?
Me: *goes painstakingly through the lecs and replies* Bilkul Sahe
Text: Check the signs. Are they correct?
Me: *bursting point again* .. JEE bilkul correct...

Text: Thanks very much.. ?? (Ha! In my dreams. Common courtesy is nowhere to be found!)

I normally like text books. They make much more sense than the scribbles in class. But in this case, where the Bibliography shows research papers upon research papers, dated as latest as 1986... even the book is beyond hopeless. I am NOT able to understand what role does a 'Consensus Problem' in Synchronization (I think) plays in my life.. when I have not a single idea of its practical application, or any kind (even superficial would do) implementation. It's all 'in the air' - and my heart refuses to accept it.... and no amount of coaxing by my brain is leading to any consensus b/w my brain and heart. I remain, distracted to the nth degree (knowing this is my last chance to somehow maintain my GPA)... but as I said, no amount of cajoling with myself is leading to ANY interest in ANY Consensus Problem, Interactive Convergence Algorithm or that stupid beyond stupid Master/Slave Clock Synchronizing Algorithm. Sucks!! :@

*scowls very deeply*

Add to that the lovely comment by our ever lovely Interior Minister, just puts the icing on a lovely day... *clenched teeth*.. what a superbly self-immersed ratty dimwit of a moronic .... *stops herself*. If I had a rolling pin right now...


shaguftaabbas said...

Teeeheehe :D
U have the same condition in biochem and embryology :|

Brrrr, but I do pray for you. So dont completely 'chillax' but as a back up plan, Aaamil Shagufta baba bangali is praying for you ;)

majworld said...

haha..i never played game on minclip..do tel if there is sum gud 1 there..nice pass time :)
guess u ll get more writing notes type question in papers..that really is diff..paper shud b mathematical or reasoning based, else its v hard to prepare i guess :S..its hard in paper times, wen people ask questions :)..gudluck with the midterm..i m sure ur gpa won't go down :p
nd interior minister..its waste of time talking about him..:)

Tazeen said...

Ha! It's about time someone showed him what a rolling pin looks like up close!

Uni said...

You mean YOU have the same condition in Biochem and embryology .. :P. Haa !! Beta tum nay to abhi ...*counts on fingers*... 5 years guzaarnay hain .. :P You should at least be in love with all of medicine :P

But thanks for the prayers. Much muchhh neeeded :(. I'm sure embryology is way more interesting than the stupid algorithms I'm forced to study though :D

LOL... You surely mean Aamila :P.. and don't forget to pray for Pakistannn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miniclip is cool! I played Wild Safari (which basically gives you a scene in which you gotta find stuff in) - I love brainy games like this. And it's timed too! Khair, but it was over only too soon...

My paper has 1-2 numericals (and I seriously love em).. but the theory is what sucks big time.

Oh heck yes. Rolling pin, baseball, a cricket bat.. everything combined...!! *lost in the wonderful fantasy*


Thanks all for dropping by!

shaguftaabbas said...

aahahah woops! Dekh len what has biochem and embryo done to me! You and I ka difference bhi na yaad raha! :P
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 5saal! *gulps*
Na darayn, they'll be good, and they'll get better *comforts herself*

Koi nahi there are like a 49693693 layers which are better than numericals :\

Haana woi woi, aamila zakhmi sherni! (dont know where did that come from) :D

I aint watching the match! Dunn why! :|

Uni said...

Insha Allah they'll be great .. I was just kidding man

*face falls into misery again*

You didn't watch the match :S.. Okay. I won't say good decision ...*stubbornly*...

And what layers???