Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tinted with Black

When the heart is full
Full of endless sorrow
Spilling over its confined boundary
Over to the outside
Tinting everything around
With shades of black, hues of gray
Mournful in their own grade
Not surprising then to find
The night, cold and dark
The day, hot and merciless
The trees barren and sad
The flowers drooping and weak
The weather scorching and bleak
The leaves dull and wilted
The moon white and unfeeling
The aura envelopes
Reaches every pore
Down to the core
You're forced to wonder
Is there more?
And dread 'tomorrow'
Even more...

Copyright Uni 2011

Just a sad poem, to mark another sad day. Today was the funeral of my friend's younger sister. I was dreading it. But of course, went. The scenes were heart-wrenching. It's sometimes so hard to imagine certain stuff happening on the planet, and when the calamity actually hits, it's again so hard to imagine how one will actually accept it... and then, how will one deal with it... this isn't a one-off loss, where you're all right within a few days. This is a loss for the rest of the worldly life.

The only thing that can give comfort right at this point is that someday, we're also going to leave the world. And that will not be the end. That will be the beginning of another journey, an everlasting one actually, and then we can hope to meet our loved ones in Jannah IA - and this should serve as an extremely strong motivation to work hard to get there!

May Allah Get us there, Ameen :'(.
The morning was a lil on the productive side, since one of my references is done. Have to get three of them. Allah Khair karay. In this case, the teacher I asked last, did the work first. May Allah Bless him Ameen.
I just wish this phase of my life can somehow, pass in a fulfilling manner. I seem to wake up in the morning... do all sorts of stuff - except academic work - and then the night falls, and that's it. Day's gone. This is my final coursework semester (the one which will determine my overall GPA), two midterms are upon my head, plus one assignment. And I am not even looking at this stuff. Last night, got a nice scolding from Mum, for drowning myself in HP Game Console....

She wasn't 'consoled' when I explained the whole concept of being allowed to play a game only 3 times, and then we gotta purchase it.

Not even the gulaab jamun (favorite sweetmeat) in the fridge can cheer me up. I can't even look at it anymore. I pray and hope, the downward spiral, somehow takes a U-turn - and goes up soon. Ameen. Oh yeah, one lil achievement of the day  ... I finished the 32nd Rukuh today of Surah Baqarah - which means I have to learn 8 more Rukuhs now, in order to learn the whole Surah Insha Allah.



majworld said...

its really sad incident and definitely a big void. such things force us to think about our reality. gudluck with all the tiring stuff of references etc..
wats HP game console?? seems sum interesting games in it. congrats on learning by heart 32 rukus..does ur clock hve 24 hours 2? how u find time for so many things :S

Uni said...

Thanks. And HP Game Console is the huge consortium of games by HP which we can play three times or so, before we need to purchase them. They came with my laptop.

And er, no I don't do much , but thanks for the encouragement all the same!