Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not Really A Wedding Season!


This isn't June or July - or December (the prime wedding seasons in our country). But even then :S:S.. it's beginning to feel like one. Lemme elaborate why!

Yesterday, was the nikkah of one of my A Level juniors, and a veryyy good friend of mine. Funnily enough, this girl went on to do her undergrad in the same department as my sister’s and thus, my sister knows her better than I do … and so, yesterday’s invitation was for both of us. Even more funnily enough, the guy she got married to is the brother of my A Level batchmate :D.. so we know the ‘other family’ pretty well! Wondering how on earth did she manage to arrange a nikkah function so quickly (basically, it was all hurried up and the guy’s here from the US on spring break or something, so everything got done in a big rush). Khair, it was one heck of a cool wedding. Main features ..!

1. It was held between Asr and Maghrib. Since summer is nearly here, the time span was pretty plentiful. We reached there pretty early too :) and met her. :D She looked out of this world MA.

2. The event was completely segregated. :)

3. We (namely sis the priss) met lots of people she knew. Or rather… *sourly*. THEY knew her. Basically, my sis the priss is a bit of a … symbol of popularity, where the word ‘mass communication’ or ‘journalism’ or ‘print media’ is involved. So it was kinda like, many many people come up to us, and asking her ‘Oh, you’re aren’t you?’ and sis the priss would joyously get up and talk and talk talk.

4. Bhanju was left up to me – man, did he ‘naapofye’ the lawn or what. With his faithful Khala running after him, and his mum blissfully basking in the glory of …. *stops herself*

5. The bride’s dress had the color black in it (It was red, green and black. Ho to all who argue with me that it’s a superstitious thingie that a dress worn at a wedding shouldn’t have any blacks or grays).

6. When I went up to the bride and asked her whether I could take a picture (actually, I wanted the black in her dress to come on camera, so I could wave it around in Mum’s face and prove a point :P).. so she said, “Yes, but please don’t forward/show it to any male” … :)…  talk about like-mindedness !! (and I had been fretting in the past that there is nobody on this planet who thinks like we do!).

7. The tea (and tea items) were cool. :D It’s a different thing I just stared mournfully at the cake and gulab jamuns. Stomach had rebelled against me actually.

8.  At one time, I was sitting alone with bhanju in my lap, trying not to scowl at sis the priss, talking animatedly with YET another bigwig figure in the ‘media’ community, who had ‘recognized’ sis the priss and had engaged her in conversation…. That this girl comes up to me, and says, “Uni?” and I’m like, ‘Huhhhh?” and she reminds me who she is… and I force myself to remember and lol, turned out that we knew her when we were in school – and her mum and our mum were good friends. So she came over and sat down in sis the priss’s place. And now the smile returned to my face as we had a nice chat and ‘catching up’ etc.

9. Turns out the girl in point number 8 is getting married (see, how much the word ‘wedding’ is in the air – when apparently, the season isn’t here yet!!).. and moving to Dallas. Oh joy. I explained to her my ‘scholarship woes’ and she ‘wished me well and promised to keep in touch’ – so maybe the scholarship (if I get it of course) may prove to be good for me…friends in the US are sprouting up now .. [btw, one of my best friends – a medical  doc – has gotten residency in the US too.. I’m forced to wonder ‘is this a Sign?’]

10. Bhanju wouldn’t leave my ‘gode’ to go to his mum :D:D:D Awwwwww…..*I can just melt at this thing*…. We tried so hard that he would go to Sis the Priss lol… but he actually turned his face away and looked around at the general environment, supremely ignoring his mum :D… awwww. What an absolute cutie! Masha Allah. Woh alag baat that sis the priss doesn’t stop reminding me ‘Oh, when you leave he is going to miss you so much. Oh when you leave.. Oh when you leave…’ – it goes on-… :’(. Sometimes, I wish time would rather stop in 2011 and 2012 wouldn’t come along. But that’s impossible, I know.

11. When we were leaving, we met the groom outside – we wished him lots of congrats (and man, I can tell you he’s a lucky person!! MA)… and as usual, my general question to his younger bro was “He’s not planning to settle in the US right?” and the glad answer came, “No, he’s just finishing MS this year, doing PhD, and returning in about 4 years” … Shukkar. People like him and my friend (his wife) should settle here. We need people like these…here. 

12.  The wedding kind of proved one more thing. See, both the families (bride’s and groom’s) are pretty much well-off. They could have chosen to have a 5-star wedding with amazing decoration, beyond fancy food and what not. They CHOSE to set an example for the rest of society, by keeping the function at day-time and serving a simple but really nice hi tea. The concept all over the wedding yesterday was ‘You can keep it simple, yet beautiful’ .. :)

It goes without saying that yesterday was a very happy day.

[Even though it’s always there at the back of my mind, yesterday, it did not hurt that much to think about my best friend’s younger sister, who passed away so suddenly. I wish I could meet my best friend, but the stupid  halaat, and the stupid flu…every day something or the other seems to be happening, and my plan to go meet her keep falling apart. Worse, she’s leaving soon :’(…]

Today, two very good things happened, Alhamdulillah. One, my scholarship application is finally posted. Finally!!!! It had been quite delayed. But today, all the things, signed, sealed, and stamped… were finally sent off. 

My third referee (teacher in Christchurch, NZ – where a really bad earthquake came 2 weeks ago), posted his reference today :) and his email went like this, “I have posted your reference, and Insha Allah you will get this scholarship” :D.. Aww. I can’t believe some people’s helpfulness, MA. I couldn’t help writing back, “Sir, even if nothing comes out of this application, your gesture will definitely be appreciated always” ..

As I said, people are really nice MA. At least a majority of them. If they don’t happen to be leaders of this country waisay… *scowl*

And the other good thing, is that the dreadful shopping trips (for the upcoming wedding in our close relatives) is finally over! Finally!!! Now, I don’t have to go and look around countless clothes. Man :D. That feels soooo goooood.

Er, it didn’t feel that good, waisay when the shopkeeper of this shop where we gave the order was trying his BEST not to be impatient (read, furious) with me :S:S. Look, how am I supposed to know the difference between… *pauses*…short chiffon, and Korean silk…?? China silk, and … regular chiffon??? So I naturally was lost. And he had a lot of explaining to do. The result of that khwaari is not known now. But whatever it is… I’ve gotten rid of the shopping…!! Yayhoo :D

Random statement of the day: BOTS are tiny entities that have the annoying capability of creeping into systems, and refusing to go away. [I should be a cryptologist…*dreamily*. Nobody can guess the random statement’s meaning. Er, my friend Gul need not comment on this :P]. Gul has been an awesome chat-partner these days. Who knew a PhD lady can be so into… er, real girly stuff? And…and.. I can’t imagine managing to cook 4 things in ONE go.. How can anybody do that?

But that’s Gul for us :S. Way to go :) – somebody I know is one heck of a lucky person!

Since the electricity is gone, I’m just typing aimlessly away. Lemme write an aeween poem… *thinks about what to write a poem on* [Condition: It has to be silly]

A Silly Poem

Once upon a time I thought
Fabrics are all the same
Today, as I was rudely taught
The thought is worthy of shame

No cloth is equal, kinda like humans
The difference lies in the threads
The texture varies, the colors are different
Can’t you see this? You brain-dead!

The worth of a cloth, lies in the work
Stones, antique, or er, Dabka?
Some stuff is such, I am forced to wonder
Yeh kahaan say tapka?

What logic goes in designing this stuff
I seriously am quite intrigued
It has to take a special kinda brain
To do this, without fatigue

It also has to take, a special kinda stamina
To shop for clothes, sometimes for weeks and weeks
I’d rather read, or blog, or sleep
A shopaholic, is just not me!

Copyright Uni_SoapIsAnExceptionToShopping-oony 2011

*stares at these with fascination*

Image source (triple sighhh)


majworld said...

nice to read a wedding story..i miss the wedding food..:)..
its gud to know ur shopping woes are over..nd wenever i go shopping, i start liking every cloth out there..and its hard to make a choice which one to buy. i mostly end up shopping from the first shop i go.

MAK said...

I like the cakes, poem was good.

I had to ask one question...y can't u wear black in a wedding?? men wear black or is it a girl thing that i don't need to figure out.

One more thing, i liked the dress you posted in last post.

Uni said...

Yeah, some weddings are awesome :). I'm glad too! And same is my case. I usually don't 'dislike' a lot of stuff. And if I were alone, I would shop from the first shop too (if I found that it wasn't looting me!)

Thanks for dropping by!


That was soap!! All three of them!!!

Well I think people can wear black, even brides. But manyyyy people around me don't think so. And their reasons are funny - they say stuff like 'Beta black to kabhi nahi pehna jataa.. it's not considered good' etc etc.


Oh yeah. That one was too cool. But as I said, not many will agree with me there.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Too many things in a single post. Although all seem happy to me, so good going :P

Uni said...

Lol. Thanks.

MAK said...

they looked so delicious :)....seriously those are soaps(things used for washing).

Other day i saw on some blog soaps that look like a delicious ice lolly. world is a weird place to live and ppl have hell lot of creativity.

Uni said...

That's their beauty I think! Yes, seriously. This is all soap.

Ice lolly soaps too? Wow! That sure is creative.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

Ah. Black in a wedding dress sounds pretty, actually. My cousin had a purple, red and green dress on hers. *grins wide*

Plus, wedding's don't seem like wedding when they are set at five star hotels. =/ It's no fun when you don't have a regular hall or "lawn" to run around with cute strangers' babies. :D

Uni said...

Lol at running around halls with strangers' babies. That sounds so much fun :D..

And nice - er, combination. *tries to imagine purple, green and red in one place*

Must be nice :)