Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not confused anymore .. :-)


The craziness of the past two weeks (in fact, 23 days + 1 week) has been taking it's toll on me (read: face resembling a zombie's). But the good bits are:

1. I can finally apply for the scholarship (er, yeah. There were loadsa arguments with parents, but now - things are a lil settled!)
2. Mum and Dad ain't mad at me anymore :D. Last night, even Mum berated, and chastised..and...*stops herself*
3. The confusion regarding which department should I choose has nearly ended. One amazing thing? One of the universities of my choice has this cool discipline called "Computational Journalism" - and it's part of their engineering division! And people used to laugh at me when I wrote and analyzed stuff, rather than MAKE (and break :P) stuff!
4. Er, I don't feel a burden on my heart when I glance at the scholarship stuff anymore.
5. My referees are amazing people and cooperating so much. One is in Christchurch, NZ  :(:( And that's where the earthquake came. All post offices and everything is closed. And the scholarship I'm applying to doesn't offer electronic application submission option. Even THEN, he has been amazingly cooperative Masha Allah. May Allah Reward him Amen.

The bad stuff is .. :@. Yesterday, I went to my university to submit the form for issuance of transcripts. Turns out the scholarship committee requires one after all! There, when I finally took the form, filled it, and went to the bank to pay the money, the bank informed me, "Because of salary-giving, all operations are ceased till Thursday! So please come on Friday!"

Whoever heard of all banking operations being ceased because salaries are to be given to all the univ staff? Three more days wasted, and issuing takes another 10 days :( Khair. Wapsi main we were horribly stuck in various traffic jams, and imagine, one side of the road was closed. I drove all the way to the other side (it was a looong road). Found out the other side is closed as well !!

Mum was with me (Oh thank the Lord!! I have serious ''distance learning'' problems!). So I just stopped at that road, and we both stared at each other in confusion. Suddenly, a woman came up to our window, and started pleading us to take her with us (!!!!). Errr. We were dealing with that only, that two men came up to our window. I waited to hear something like "Give us whatever you have!" - but when they started speaking, I realized, they were explaining to us an alternative route. Mum shukar hay understood them - and we turned now to the woman still standing on our window, begging us to let her inside the car and come with us.

:D:D:D... now, mum says to her, "Aap kuch karaingi to nahi??" :D:D:D *lote pote with laughter*...(then, I was silent!). The lady (double DUH) says, "Nahi nahi main kuch  nahi karoongi" ...and we opened the door and let her inside. We had reached Ayesha Manzil, and we circled back and went to Hasan Square and dropped the lady off, then came back home! A 30-min journey, turned into a 2-hour one!

Anyway, Alhamdulillah! The confusions of the past week or so, have cleared up, parents have now acknowledged and accepted that a good score might mean that a scholarship might come our way (and I will only believe it when I see it, but I am hopeful IA)....and that they might have to let me go after all ... Arguments rock :D. Lesson: If you believe you're doing the right thing, be persistent. It pays off !!

So long folks! Check out the monkey.


Tazeen said...

Aap kuch karein gi to nahi! :D No way man! :D

I'm glad you've sorted things out. :)

majworld said...

hey gud to know no confusion anymore :)..u shudnt waste ur talent. nd hopefully u ll get the scholarship. nd dun wry, let my research b successful, all congestion on khi roads will finish..:p

Uni said...

hahaha :D. That was the funniest moment ever. I said to Mom "As if she would tell you before looting you!" :D:D...but desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you have a compassionate heart, then times become even more desperate!

Thanks so much :):)

Me too. Thanks for the encouraging words. I hope your traffic control intelligent system can be implemented here IA !

Thanks both for dropping by.

Tazeen said...

You're right! Phew. Well, I'm glad it was a harmless little lady. :D

*Giggles* My imagination is running wild, thinking what if it were the other case. :D

Uni said...

:D :D :D Allah na karay :D..phir to I wonder if I would have blogged about the 'incident' :) Allah ka boht shukar she was harmless :)