Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nature At Play

 An excellent poem :). I love the concise and crafty use of words, to depict the major (and minor) happenings of nature! Amazing Masha Allah!

Written by: SparkaPoet Shocks (Shohima Rahman)

Sun Heats.
Earth warmed.
It Repeats.
Instruction performed.

Moon Glow.
Hard Rock.
Round it Go
Sun it Block. (In eclipse)

Stars Shine
Space Expand.
Absolute Design.
Universe at Grand. (Impressive in Scale).

Earth Core
Upon it store.
Iron & More. (Gold, Copper, Silver, etc)
Mankind it’s For.

Sky Done. (In 7 layers)
Clouds Run.
Sun Gone.
Droplets Form.
Incoming Storm. (Hurricane, Thunder & Lightning)

Rain Fall
River Tall.
Soil Wet.
Tiny Hole.
Seed Met.

Wind Blows.
Plants Grow.
Duration Slow.
Fruits Show.
Man Eat.
He Complete.

In Ocean
Fish Commotion.
Eyes Aware
Jumps in Air.
Cries Heard.
Gobbled Bird.

Deep Beneath
Water Sweet.
Water Salt.
Both Meet.
Barrier. Halt!

Ocean Seabed.
Shaken. (Earthquake)
Wave Ahead. (Tsunami)
Lives Taken.
We Dread.
Water Spread. (Flooding)

Powered Jaw.
Lions Roar.
It’s Paw,
Sharp Claw.
Flesh Tore.
Blood Gore.

Wind Blew,
Upon a Few.
Flies Flew.
Wing's Spread.
Soon Dead!

Slimy Snake.
Near a Lake.
Strikes Venom.
Humans Make
Cure From ‘em.

Sudden Abrupt.
Mounted Vault.
Volcanoes Erupt.
Rocky Basalt.
Stones Pelt.
Ash Smelt.

Mountain High,
Up the Sky.
Your Eyes,
Cannot Lie.

Heart Beat,
Smoothly Neat.
Baby Sleep,
In Tummy Deep.
Pain Felt. (In labour)
Heart Melt. (During Birth)
Love Spelt.

Design Unique
Words Speak. (In Quran).

Allaah’s Command
We Prostrate. (At fixed hours)
Every Land,
Every State.

The Grand Designer
Of Superb Nature.
Allaah They Obey,
Night & Day.
Nature At Play.


Roshni said...

so precise!

Uni said...

It's so cool. I love poems that are SO simple, yet convey so HUGE a message !

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

wish such short poems were there in english courses too, atleast summary writing wud hve been easy :)

Uni said...

Yes, but I don't think the explanation would be easy of this poem. Because it has been inspired from Surah Rahman.