Thursday, March 3, 2011



Cutest moment of the day:
Sis the Priss showed me an SMS which had contents, "May Allah Bless her" :D... this was by TB, and the ''her'' is ''me'' -

Alhamdulillah for such caring BILs... :)

I tried to read 4 research papers in one go in the morning. Obviously failed miserably. My concentration is in shambles!

THEN... drowned myself in one of the cool HP games!! My 'free coins' are not going to last long waisay.

Played a load with bhanju wanju :) - he has taken to calling me "Ai-ai-yyaaaa" "Ai-ai-yyyaaaa'' ...:S. When is he going to say "Uni Khala" ?

Family ups-and-downs are abundant in all families. Ours is no exception. This very young girl (relative of mine) got married last year to another cousin of mine. Sigh. It was such a happy occasion! And :'(.. now, the marriage has been dissolved. ALL due to the fact that it was a perfectly 'adult-agreed-upon' marriage, and possibly (just a conjecture), the two of them didn't click ... That's what's the importance of 'compatibility' is. I am so sad for them.

So long folks!

Just have a poem in mind - have to let it out.

Life may seem strange at times
Things may not really add up
Remember... never easy is any 'climb'
Struggle, and you'll only go 'up' 

Let go of the rungs, you may feel free
But only... temporarily
Sooner or later, you'll crash hard
On the surface...of reality

It's thus important to hold on
However hard it may seem
Have faith in your strength 
And life may soon reveal

Abundant reason and logic in every step
Of the zigzag way you trudge through
The maze may feel amazing, and overwhelming
In actuality? A blessing through and through!

Copyright Uni_Kaafi_Overwhelmedooony_2011


majworld said...

estimating a compatability for marriage is a non casual process in signal processsing :p nice poem..

UncleTom said...

now a days , should never let others make decisions for you ,,,, you should do some work as well .....

Uni said...

You surely mean causal Lol. but yeah, I get what you meant.

Yes, but there are certain types of adults, who just rule over the youngsters. And this isn't even a village setting. Both guy and girl whose story I quoted were based in UK/Middle East.

Thanks both for dropping by!