Friday, March 4, 2011

Life and it's scariness!

The morning proved to be productive Alhamdulillah. Went to university and got my transcript form submitted FINALLY. Why oh why didn't I do it earlier? *very frustrated with herself*. Lame excuse: I didn't feel like it.

The bank was open today, but again, there was a shortage of staff. I wonder what in heaven's name is going on there. I was convinced that okay, I won't get my work done even today, but somehow, they let the whole throng of people inside, (after standing for quite a while outside the bank), and let them stand in lines at EMPTY counters. No staff!!

When we complained, the attitude was revolting. Some staff members strolled around, some smoked, and some (women) giggled away merrily. Man! How I wish I could have thrown a 'stink pallet' at them! :@

After a long while, this Uncle felt sorry at our beyond upset faces, and strolled over to do the work. So now, I have to wait for a week - and then, my transcripts are going to be here. Hence, the form which was supposed to get submitted by the first week of March... is now going on happily towards the 3rd week of March.

Life ain't easy!

Anyway, the upside is that thesis work is a lil geared up now :). Thanks to my supervisor, who spurred me on by giving me the Web address of this conference (in Arizona ...*ho ho ho - like I can get anything published there!* .. but yeah, the thing is that she said, "See, if you get a paper published there - it'll be ultra cool. But if you don't... it's still useful, because you will have some nice reviews for future improvements!"

That's the attitude I like~! And hence, I am trying my hand at producing a paper (after doing some innovative WORK) - by the 2nd week of April (!!!deadline!!!).


majworld said...

the references nd getting this transcript things r really frustrating..gudluck for thesis nd google images prepare the work plan for u these days :p..

Uni said...

It sure is. Thanks very much. And noo, this was my own handiwork - MS Paint main!

Not Google Images...

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

i know that its ur own images havent become so advanced to plan things for somebody like that :)

Dawson said...

Good Luck! Good Luck! InshaAllah everything will turn out great!

Uni said...

Ahan. Very true!

InshaAllah. Loads of duas needed!

Thanks for dropping by!