Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India Wins the Semi Final - Do We Cry?

I can comfort myself (and others) with a thousand and one things - ten of the choicest 'comforters' are:

1. This was just a GAME.

2. Nothing in the world can take away our national pride, integrity and passion for success in every field. No, not even this lil game of cricket.

3. India DID play well.

4. We DID make some pretty bad decisions.

5. The wicket/pitch was 'rigged' (as admitted by Dhoni) .. to make the match go 'their way'

6. Life is not all about cricket!

7. We can choose to smash our televisions, or learn something from this experience, and never build up a hype of such epic proportions ever again.

8. This could have been a fixed match (after all, why would Manmohan Singh invite our PM so pleasingly)

9. We were a team who nobody thought would even qualify for the quarter-finals. At least we came this far.

10. Afridi apologized! (Bechara).

But the sad fact of life is, we're all severely down in the dumps. Every Pakistani I have come a/c up till now seems to have a fixed smile, forced cheerfulness, half-hearted admission about our foolery on the field .. - total depression all around.

What's sadder? Losing the semi-final, or losing it to India? That's a tough one.

And the exam tomorrow, just adds to the misery of today. I had been up since Fajr, trying to somehow, cram in the notes upon notes - willing myself to learn and study, so that at 1:00pm I could close the books and watch the toss, then the national anthems, and then the match.. each and every ball. With such hope.. such high hopes. Such dua'as. Such... *stops herself firmly* - Can't even look at  my books now. I'm hoping for a re-exam (which is held for dunces).

A few things I will always wonder though:

1. How can.. SUCH a great bowler... turn to SUCH a big mess, on SUCH a crucial day?

2. When the most fiery batsman is playing, and he happens to be the captain, and his side desperately requires big runs, WHY would he delay the power play?

3. Why in the world take a particular 'batsman' (I am reluctant to call him that) in the team, who consistently has played badly, played his worst throughout the tournament, and then didn't disappoint the opponents by not only playing stupidly and getting out quickly, but also dropping a very easy catch of a top class batsman of the opposite side????

These will remain, I know ... discussed to death.. but unanswered forever.


Leena S said...

Pakistan should have won this two things about that, allthe rest is just to comfort ourselves. the dropped catches were really the difference...if tendulkar wasnt allowed to make those extra 50 runs, we would have won even with this weak batting side. and did u see the indian fielding, they didnt drop catches, didnt give away runs and u can see the result...catches win matches, i dont know wen pakistani team will understand this.
And good luck for ur exam tomorrow...just stop thinking about the match now! :)

Uni said...

@Leena S
Very true about the fielding foolery by Pakistani team. But still, the total wasn't that big, that's for sure. We were so hopeful with the 260 :'(. Khair, the batting lineup and their antics, along with the most bizarre innings played by Misbah - they all add up to ensure that yeah, we were the losers.

Thanks for the wishes. It's tough to stop thinking about this :S.

Thanks for dropping by :)

[Hope you get rid of the dogs IA :D]

Anonymous said...

well it's just an game even though we India won. i would rather say Pakistan just lost.It's hard to believe the tactics of the Pakistan team's batting.

majworld said...

true that its really sad feeling although we can comfort ourselves now..whole of my thu is wasted as i didn't go to office yet and its 3pm and i hve no mood to do anything..anyways liked the ten point still depression wud go only if srilanka wins the cup :p..

Uni said...

Yeah, just a sadly lost game :S ... and I agree. You guys didn't lose it.. we did. We can't believe them too... hence the sadness. Cuz this is rather analogous to saying 'Win the game already - we're going to keep giving you chances to do so till you DO'

Yeah, it was a bad feeling.. and I have a feeling India will win the cup.. It's just something the ICC head (that Lorgat guy) said which has planted doubt in me... He said on 23rd March (!!) that he wants Sachin to play in Mumbai final cuz its his homeground, thats why he won't shift the ground to Kolkatta... even though Kolkatta has more seating capacity.

What losers!

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

ya, that's y sometimes the point8 in the post comes in mind :S..anyways, hope ur feeling of team winning the cup gets wrong :p

Adnan Siddiqi said...

I hate to believe but the performance of few Individuals like Misbah and Yunis was not natural let alone professional. The way both tried their best to blocks from their own bats but by others as well was fishy. The unusual gesture of Yuvraj towards Misbah on his sweet shot and Afridi's helpless face makes the match suspicious. A colleague's witness of a facebook Update way before end about how the score will proceeds sounds astonishing.

But this is not the first time. In past we have thrown away matches for reasons; Sometimes to bring someone down from Captainship while other times for sake of money. After all we, the nation can do ANYTHING for sake of few dollars.

Uni said...

Insha Allah. But I'm not so sure now..

Yes, I agree with you... their performance was beyond belief.. and that's why I find it so hard to believe that they WANTED to win. I dunno about the unusual gesture at Yuvraj's ball (??)..

And dunno about the colleague's witnessing an FB update too...

Thanks all for dropping by

Adnan Siddiqi said...

And dunno about the colleague's witnessing an FB update too...

There are many things which just can't be revealed on public forums :)

Uni said...

Oh. Sure then.

Thanks for the input.