Monday, March 7, 2011

How the bubble goes pop!


Small post.

Conversation I had with a friend recently.

She: You know what happened when I told my husband about your GRE score?
Me: *smiling* What what?
She: He said, 'okay'
Me: Er, .. okay
She: I asked him, isn't this amazing? Etc? You know what he replied?
Me: Lol. Nope not at all
She: He said, "Uh, in our university 1560, 1570 were common. So er, 1510 is like, okay!"
Me: LOL. Which university?
She: GIK
Me: You can't expect anything else from them eh? :P
She: Totally!

So like, whoever thinks I had a great score... :D...1570 is a common thingie.

What a nice little ....


Anonymous said...

hmmmm :)

Ahmar said...

which university is that?

Ahmar said...

I mean, is it some university in US or somewhere or are you talking about ghulam ishaq uni..?

majworld said...

thanks god, someone didn't cross the 1600 mark :)

Uni said...

Yes, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Univ. That husband is a GIKI grad, and he was talking about his university only.

Ahmar said...

Ahan.. Well I heard alot of scores while I was there, must have been around 20 or so of differet friends from my batch there and maybe some seniors too. And 1500+ were definitely definitely NOT common. In fact, I knew this one senior who had 1560 and everybody seemed to know about it. Apart from that, I THINK I heard an instance of ~1500 once although I am not sure about that. But 1200s, 1300s and 1400s were common and this was the case for those with all sorts of GPAs... So 1510 is a very very good score masha'Allah and not common in giki at least..

Uni said...

:) Thanks for the encouraging comment. Basically, my friend's husband is a 2001 (or 2000) grad. Hence, maybe there was a different setting at his time.