Friday, March 25, 2011

Grateful Post!


Since I'm feeling guilty for a lot of things right now, especially of being 'ungrateful', lemme think up some happy thoughts and put them down, as atonement for the blue blog post below this one.

The first thing about which one can be really happy is:

Only today, one lady whom we have not known for long, said something really sweet to my Mum, and Mum's face was so incredulous :D... it made me grin from ear to ear.

Some months back, this another lady (this one happens to be Mums best friend) was talking to me on the phone. After exchanging usual pleasantries, news and views, the conversation went like this:

Me: Oh How is Uncle B?
She: Oh he is fine Allah ka shukar. Uncle is a real fan of yours!
Me: *takes a double-take* [I have talked to Uncle B like, a total of 3 times in my life]. Hain? Wah bhui. Thanks to him :D
She: You know what he very longingly says from time to time?
Me: Jee?
She: He says that "I wish my son wasn't so 'baikaar' ... and I would have gotten Uni Cartoony as....blah blah....
Me: *speechless*... :$

The POINT of this is (not self-boasting or anything. I know for a fact that in three conversations, Uncle B seems to have a real illusion or something)...but the fact is that Allah SWT is the One who Grants Izzat, and He is the One who Gives zillat to humans. And I should remember these small things, in order to not feel completely down in the dumps, when some low moments do come. These small boost-ups are there for everybody. The lesson is: Try to focus on the positives and not on the negatives.

Another smile-inducing thing. A close acquaintance recently said something quite true.

I SO can relate to this.. :). This is exactly what made me actually add the two scores on paper and calculate the total score of my jee are eee! Reminded me of the good luck that happened end of last month.

Another great thing was our victory against the Windies yesterday - by 10 wickets MA :). The not-so-great news is that India won today against Australia. I thought I'd never think this: But I felt so sorry for Ponting and at seeing Brett Lee's bandage above his eye... :S. The exciting semi-final is just one day before my midterm...

That's what's called: TORTURE.

Khair, at least we're in the semis. And indeed, India has to HAVE us there in their country !! No choice. Ho!

There are always some people on this planet, whose mere existence can cause you to smile and thank the Lord for His Wonderful creation. Friends are the best treasures of one's life. And (though I still haven't been able to visit my bffff up till now - and probably won't be meeting her before she leaves - this sucks big time :(... I wish there was some way to slow down time, get out of the influence of influenza..and just meet her once!).... I am still ever so grateful to Allah SWT for the knowledge, that she's here... and not that far either (the physical 8000+ miles aside)..... in the world we live in today, our friends and close acquaintances are totally just a click away. I hope to keep in touch :S.

Lastly, a dua'a for all the people I have come across, who have added lots of color in my life - for their never-ending support, encouragement, in the real world, or the virtual world, through good times and bad, through low moments and the highs, for the patience they show, the cheerfulness they exude, the intellect they exhibit, the good chats they and I have had, (girly or not girly :D), for the apologies they are quick to make, the concern they show, for the sincerity of their acts, and the thoughtfulness that goes in their interaction with me and their other friends... Thanks a load for being you - you guys are totally perfect, just the way you are - and may Allah Keep you all safe from troubles, worries and er, the sadness of seeing India win against Pak in the semi-finals of the World Cup.



Tazeen said...

Aww... What a lovely little account, Masha'Allah! :)

Something similar to that auntie's incident happened to me a few days back. Baffled, I was. I'm still "underage" you know? =/

May Allah keep you happy. Always. :)

Uni said...

:D:D hahahaahah... @underage. That you surely are :P.

But these things are surely baffling - the lesson here is to be grateful for the nice feeling it brings to find yourself appreciated by some people in your life.

May Allah Keep you happy always too Ameen :)

Thanks for the lovely comment!

majworld said...

ameen for the pakistan match thing..all the buzurg nd peerni type aunties u knw, ask them to pray for team :p..really tense time..get ur mid delayed somehow..its diff to study dat day :)..nd my criteria of sweetness of uncle and aunties used to be who gives me eidee on eid..:p

Uni said...

Lol. Yeah, duas can save our izzat now.
The mid has been delayed from 17th - to 24th - to 31st.. it can not possibly be delayed further .. :(

And lol, yeah that's one good criteria too!

Thanks for dropping by!