Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Different Perspective

Watch this video to see Sheikh Imran Hossein talking about the Arab countries' revolution as far back as 2003!! And er, Al-Jazeera may not be having that noble an intention as we all think.


The bad thing is, that we don't know who to trust now.


majworld said...

as poet says..
Dekha jo teer kha k kameen gah ki taraf,
Apnay he doston say mulaqat ho gaye

(when looked at the hidout after hit by an arrow, i got to meet my own friends)
btw such videos nd news are just a source of tension with no advantage..we people never know the real game played at the govt levels..

Moon said...

I've always had this hunch about Al-Jazeera. How focused they are to display the atrocities of the West on the Arabs, but hardly ever do they portray Islam as the only solution. And I am never clear which side they are playing for!
But still, one can not say for sure! Though this definitely makes me think now that I should also tune in to other sources to cross-verify their analysis and reporting!

If the Sheikh's prediction is true .. then I hope the Arabs and the rest of the Ummah could see through the deception and do something about it before it takes over all of us!

Uni said...

Nice shair. The fact is, that these videos aren't to be just swallowed. The content should always be considered for its truthfulness. Hence, I just presented this view, keh yeh view bhe analyze karna chaheyay, whether it makes sense or not.

And yeah, you're right. The ultimate game is only known to Allah.

Thanks for dropping by!

Well, Al-Jazeera may (quite certainly, in fact) be showing the truth. Cuz, if it's showing Gaza atrocities, that's not exactly a lie. But what WE naive people need to understand is their INTENTION behind this live coverage.

The Shaikh's talk (though I'm not 100% sure of the certainty of what he said) made me realize that the purpose is what's most important in any information given to us.. if the purpose is for us to get up in a bloody violence, then we shouldn't 'play into their hands' like that. And yes, I really hope and pray so too that we learn to see the reality of the things that are shown to us.

Ameen. Thanks for dropping by!