Friday, March 18, 2011

Depressed Whole and Soul

This is a jumble of words - pouring forth, in no real rhythm, pattern. The only aim is to let them out, before I implode ...

O Pakistani Soil

Haven't you witnessed enough
Enough injustice
Enough cruelty
Enough spinelessness

Haven't you gotten repulsed enough
By extreme glibness
Extreme gloatiness
Extreme wordiness

Haven't your pores gotten filled enough
With blood of the innocent
With tears of the repressed
With the sweat of hard working

Didn't you once believe
Believe in the innocence
Believe in the integrity
Believe in the purity
Of the land of the pure?

Didn't you once witness honesty...
As bare hands worked on you
The 1950s and 60s bore upon you
And people studied, sitting on you
Heedless to the scorching sun

Didn't you once find
An honest hardworking man
With dreams so big
For his future generation
Living upon you..?

What happened then, what went wrong?
How did we lose that cheerful song?
What produced 'humans' - so rampant today
That commit heinous crimes, in the light of the day?

How do you bear .. to bear
Such humans upon your chest
O Nation's soil, don't you turn in agony
When you see sub-humans- at their best?

At a certain point, we think - things cannot get worse
O Nation's soil, you witness more 'humans'
Worse than the worst murderers
Worse than the worst torturers
Worse than the worst thieves
Worse than the worst ... animals.

You still bear their footsteps, the stealth of their march
You still hear their guilty tiptoes, the stench of their hearts
You still hear the grinds of the gates they force apart
You feel the screams, the shrieks they impart

You hear the strangled voices, you hear the pleas for help
You hear the merciless beating, the winning of the 'self'
You hear the chink of dollars, the pulsing greed in their eyes
As they push out the inhabitants, of an unfortunate web of lies

You can feel the weight of cutlery, the stuff left behind
You absorb the smells of food, just cooked, never dined
You wait for them to come back - to reclaim what they lost
You wait, and wait - nobody returns - freedom surely has a cost

O Pakistani soil, didn't you suffer, when all of us died
When a widow didn't care to live, forced herself to hide
She knew there is no justice, in a land not so pure
18 years had taught her well - she was so sure

That no amount of pleas, please and thank you will work
No amount of human rights, will, in the shadows, lurk
No amount of integrity or honesty will come into play
No amount of state honor will see the light of the day
No amount of humanity, will win against pure greed
No amount of sovereignty will win against personal need
No amount of assurances will win against blatant lies
No amount of wordiness will sever any ''ties''
No amount of political statements will ever 'pay'
No amount of 'justice' will keep a murderer at bay

O Nation's Soil, aren't you surprised
When each speck of yours is considered meaningless
Thoughtless - Mindless?
Aren't you amazed how gullible we are thought of?
How incredulously malleable?
How seriously, insane?

They thought they'd get away
'Take off' from you, O Pakistani Soil!
Get away with duping the masses
Using words like 'Shariah' - and 'Quran and Sunnah' ?
Taking us all as... mere fools?
Underestimating the properties of silicon - the intelligence of a simple brain

Whoever would believe, if they were to convince
That all they followed, was religion and hence
Came to mighty decisions that let a murderer walk free
Conclusion that led a traitor to believe
There really is a system of injustice
Implemented at its best - in a country that 'just is'
The illegal weaponry possessed by the man
Was conveniently forgiven in the interest of the greater plan
Not only that, they strove so hard
To provide the very best - from food to guard
Chocolates, and wine - not different from a hotel stay
To a 'prisoner' who had murdered - in the light of the day...

Humans all of them - walking on you, O soil!
Praying on you, prostrating on you
Performing tawaf on you, doing Saaii on you
Raising hands in dua, sitting on you
Pretending that piousness begins and ends on them
There is no end to their pretense, to their supposed 'muslim-ness'
There is no limit to their claims, their patriotic-ness
But their hearts know it - and some ''Sharif" hearts are bothered by it
Bothered enough to be treated for it
In another land, of the not so pure

There are no more tears to shed
Haven't we shed all humanity?
Sold out the nation, merrily
Served 'higher interests' - quite happily
The young widow is gone - the two men dead
The accident victim forgotten, who was to wed
In about two months - but he died
A victim of senseless, senseless lies
How was he to know, two months  later
No wedding bells will ring, but a crater
Will be left behind, where conscience was supposed to be
As his murderer flies home - like a bird - free

They talk about money paid for blood
Huh? Said Hilary. 'What're you talking about, dud?"
'We didn't pay nothing. The Pakis would know best'
'Ask them - they're the ones to confess'
Islamic or not, now we can debate
The money that supposedly went to its fate
Originated - not really from the murderer or his folks
But probably our own coffers, or maybe the Saudi blokes

The 'Rajas' of the intelligence may skirt questions if they like
We can protest and burn stuff, as much as we like
The fact remains that there was a serious miscarriage of justice
Planned out in the Ministerial/Federal Office
We can cry, we can scream - the soil may turn in pain
Our sister Aafia, remains in CarsHELL, Texas - trying to stay sane
Our six men remain in Guantanamo - struggling against torture
While our leaders rejoice, in the clincher
Of a case, that threatened to override their personal gains
Their visits to the US, the monetary gifts they attain
Their 'standing' in the world, their arms supply to kill
Their own men, women and obviously children
All these 'gains' are back - safe and sound
As the murderer flies free - back to his town

And people of this land mourn over more loss
As predator drones strike hard, 4 missiles tossed
On a peaceful gathering - no 'militants' in sight
40 people dead - killed without a fight
So what's new, what else do we expect?
When no 'khudi' remains, what else is left?

Copyright Uni_At_Her_Worst_oony 2011


Adnan Siddiqi said...

I am surprised why r u surprised? He had to go one day. Look at brighter side, RD exposed that every institute of Pakistan is a slave of US; be it judiciary or others. The other thing is that it's rather making people to figure out who are their enemies and who are friends. So be optimistic, I am rather glad on these news.

Uni said...

@Adnan Siddiqi
Er, if something is expected, that doesn't mean that one should be HAPPY it happened..

Yes, it certainly exposed all the institutions of Pakistan. That was expected too.

Doesn't stop the depression... or the humiliated feeling.

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

sad :( sum day a point wud reach wen this wud become unbearable and people who r in deep sleep wud rise..hope dat day comes soon..nd if we dun change soon, Allah replaces people who do zulm and dun speak against zulm..may allah bless our country and its people and give them hidayat.ameen

Uni said...

Veryy sad. And yes, you're right. I hope that point is reached pretty soon and this release of the murderer becomes the turning point. Ameen.

Noor said...

ye jo apki beqarari hai na, same was here. I wish we could stand!!

Uni said...

Yeah .. :(. JazakAllah for the comment!

Adnan Siddiqi said...

It did not happen 1st time so yeah I am not depressed. Every thing happens, happen for the reason, you never know the "Khair Factor" Allah has put in His every action. :)

Uni said...

Okay. That's very optimistic of you. But doesn't stop the depression.

And on a separate note, the concept of 'Aam-ul-Huzn' even when the decree of Allah is accepted, DOES exist.

Thanks for the comment. I hope the khair factor does show itself soon, Ameen.