Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day Like... today? :'(


Nearly 24 hours ago, I wrote a post with a similar title. How drastically different is the feeling with which I write this one today. I didn't know that in 24 hours, I'll have around 12 trucks parked right on my heart, my eyes would feel sore with the effort of blinking away tears, my throat would feel real lumpy, and my own keyboard would appear blurred to me.

Basically, we were all happy etc.. I visited my maamoo folks today, and we had a nice time, lots of fun then. We came back around evening time. Little did I know what was coming up next... *lump in throat again*...
We had tea, and then I came to the PC ... suddenly, my phone beeped. The phone was in the purse, so I (as usual) didn't pay attention. Then, I heard a bell (missed call wali bell), and got up to check finally. When I saw the message, I couldn't breath for quite a while.

It said that my bestest friend's (the one who is more than 8000 miles away from me) only sister passed away!! *still in an unbelievable state of shock*. I couldn't even think! Blindly, I dialed the friend's number who had informed me. That friend, confirmed the news,  and handed the phone over to Schottkey - herself! She's here. I couldn't speak -- I can't describe the moment. It was beyond beyond believable... poor Schottkey, crying like anything told me the story. Nobody really knows what happened. But the poor girl somehow fell down the balcony - from the 14th floor... nobody knows the what and whys... and the shock and grief is too great for anybody to figure out keh aakhir hua kia.

I had met this lil sister only once. And I remember her to be the sweetest soul MA. So caring, and cheerful! It's a huge huge void, that cannot really be filled. Ever.

I can only make dua'a ... that May Allah ...somehow, grant this family patience, to deal with this terrible terrible loss.

And I can only make dua'a, that we - other people - take a lesson from this story, and learn that we are all hurtling towards our own ends, and that end can come any time... and that we learn to appreciate the bigger things in life, rather than run after and care for superficial surfac-ey things, and that we somehow develop the ability to never ever forget, that this life is temporary - and the real journey begins, only when we go from this world to the next. And what matters the most, is not how much wealth you accumulate in this world, or how many degrees you get - but the deeds you have done, the husn-e-sulook (good behavior) you have exhibited and the worship of Allah SWT you have managed to do in the limited life gifted to you. May Allah Make us realize this, and implement this.


Today, was undoubtedly, one of the worst, lowest, saddest days of my life. My grief knows no end.

[Imagine what the family of that poor girl is going through].

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Ahmar said...

May Allah give patience to the family and Jannah to the girl :/

majworld said...

thats sad..may allah bless her..

Uni said...



Tauqeer said...

May Allah (SWT) help the grieving family and bless the gone soul. (Ameen)

Uni said...


Tazeen said...

Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioun.

*hugs tight*

Uni said...

*needed it* :S Thanks so much!