Monday, March 7, 2011

A Day Like Today!


The day was full of interesting events. A lot of guests were expected today and we were all supposed to have tea together. Due to the large number of people around, I didn't have to run around much :D. It was er, unnatural. Me not running, Sis the Priss taking control of the situation so cool-ly. Even with the racking cough she had !! (aur khao french fries, yehee hoga :@).

The bhanja was in his element. He was clearly wondering, why is everybody interested in chattering at top speed, and not paying attention to me! It was soo adorable to see him pottering around, doing AS HE PLEASED while we talked away and were busy in exchanging pleasantries with one another. I learned some valuable lessons from today:

1. There are ALL kinds of people on the planet. Some may be on the extreme end of BAD, and some on GOOD. But essentially, a majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, and you only have to give people a chance, and you'll figure out the underlying simplicity and khuloos, in taqreeban every human being you come across. The key? Give everybody a chance!

2. Parents always (ALWAYS) are concerned about their children. No matter how MUCH they argue, no matter how many yelling matches occur in the house, family is one BASIC unit which is guaranteed to never ever let you down. The key? Practice a lil patience with them, and you'll see a lot more 'ups' than 'downs'.

3. Food, when served - should have all dishes (in which it is to be served)... ready quite a lot of time before it is served! :P...The key is to prepare stuff well in advance!

4. When your tummy feels like a thousand butterflies are doing the tango inside, please do not even LOOK at brownies!

5. One should always assume that one is the stupidest in the crowd. That makes things wayyyy simpler!

6. There still exist  people on this planet, deeply, deeply, deeeeeply connected with the Urdu language....*amazed*. Lesson: One should always keep in touch with the mother tongue, and language is definitely an integral part of every nation's identity.

7. Never judge people. You might be very very surprised by their attitude, some time later in life.

8. There still exist people on the planet who don't really care all that much if you don't know how to ...say, stitch your own clothes! :). Lesson? Don't judge people by your own interests and preferences!

The day was seriously exhausting. But one of the highlights of the day was a beautiful (beyond priceless, actually) gift I received :-). It was in the form of verses and it goes like this:

خلوص، پیار، اور ایثار ہو جو دامن میں
کوئی فضا ہو، چمن میں بہار رہتی ہے 

Life surely has a lot of important lessons in each step. Sigh. So long folks!

Oh yeah, I didn't get to read Hartley and Zisserman today...


Ahmar said...

/me likes this post.. :)
On point 4,my experience is that, when I am really hungry and I go to a grocery store, I end up buying alot of junk food stuff.. When I am very thirsty, I end up buying alot of juices/drinks etc. So these brownies..never look at them when you are hungry, never :P..

Uni said...

Thanks very much! And butterflies in tummy signifies nerves... like, say, before GRE exam.

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

it seems that some urdu poet was ur guest :)..imagining some person eating paan nd hving mirza ghalib jaisi topi :p..nd ur assumption to generalize lessons for all people of planet by just interacting with few is mathematically invalid :p nice lesson :)

Uni said...

One of the guests was a poet, yes. But not at all paan-eating-mirza-galibee type.

Er, the lessons ARE general and apply to all!
Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

1 and 5 are my favourites from this post.

Uni said...

Oh! Thanks very much.