Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crash back to earth!


Yesterday was a whirlpool of a complete mixture of things. We had a quiz yesterday, for which I had hardly studied. The quiz actually didn't go that badly Alhamdulillah, but there was one hugely contrasting thing that happened yesterday !

My teacher (of that class) asked me
Him: So I heard you gave your --- exam (I'm not writing for fear of spam again!)
Me: Yes Sir
He: Did it go well?
Me: *wide smile* Yes Sir!
Him: And you scored?
Me: Oh I got a 1510
Him: *exclaimed so loudly, it was surprising* WHAT? You got whaaaat? Oh my God!1510 - for real?
Me: *a little flustered now* .. Er, yes sir that's the score
Him *exclaimed again and again and again and again*
Me: *doesn't know what to say at all*...
Him:*finally stopped exclaiming* : So you're applying for this scholarship?
Me: Yes, Sir (I had asked him to be the second referee)
Him: You don't need to apply here! You can directly apply to Stanford, and just say to them that you have this this score, and they'll give you admission at once!!!!
Me: :D:D:D:D [all 32 teeth out]....

Then it was Maghrib salah break and we trudged towards the common room. There was a lady praying next to me. I never realized who she is, till we both walked out - and saw each other! It was my Control Systems teacher in third year undergrad!

Ms: OH it's you!
Me: Hain! Miss is that you?
She: How are you ...
*pleasantries exchanged blah blah*
She: So what are you doing now?
Me: *told her about MS*
She: So you're doing nothing??!?!?!??!?!??!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!? *looked thunderstruck*
Me: Er, er, no Miss not a regular job, no. I tried doing that initially but it got too unmanageable.
She: Unmanageable!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? A student like youu?!?!?!?!?!??!?! Not doing anything?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? *she couldn't get beyond that*
Me: *very negatively flustered now*.. Miss actually my office was located in Saddar and it was very difficult to....
She: *interrupts*... you know where my office was, when I was doing my MS?
Me: *quiet*
She: It was in Clifton!! I used to go there, and then come back here! Imagine that. It is manageable! It's manageable for those who manage to manage it !!
Me: Er, *all bubbles burst*... yes Miss I suppose.
She: *said goodbye* ...then *left shaking her head, and I heard her muttering*...This kind of a student and not being able to manage to do something??!?!?!?!?!?!?
Me: *heaves a huge huge sigh and follows*

The point of the whole story is ... :D That you'll always (in life) manage to impress or satisfy quite a lot of people by what you have done in life. But there is always (always!) that tabqa - that group - which will consider you a complete ... useless mass of protoplasm. Since everything is relative anyway, so you cannot (literally) have no critics! It's not possible. The key is to be satisfied with your choices in life, and bear the critical comments (if you can see they have no basis) with a ... determined heart!

But the crash back to earth was harsh!!


majworld said...

LOL..i find the 2nd type people interesting..always smile on watever they say..nd ms can be done only with job if u r in teaching nd even then, its difficult..nd ya, u cud try applyng top3 nd get a RA or TA ship..nd if nt there, atleast in top 10,u ll easily get.. no need of signing a bond then :p

Tazeen said...

I hope the other teacher didn't ruin things. -_-

As for the first teacher, I grinned wide too when I read that. :D MashaAllah!

And as they say, one can't please everyone. :)

Uni said...

The second type may be interesting, but they're challenging to deal with. Esp if you're the type who cares about what people say, esp teachers. Glad to know you think that it is difficult to manage both things!

and yeah yeah ten, sure. I'm more interested in searching for schools by programs - rather than ranks.

Thanks for the comment!

Uni said...

Yeah, the other teacher was somebody I rather admired in my undergrad:), so it kinda stings, but I understand that we really can't please everyone. Waisay, I could have argued with her more - but I was forced to shut up after her explanations, because she managed to do all that, while being MARRIED, AND having KIDS!

No wonder she was amazed at my 'inabilities' :S

And thanks for dropping by :)

majworld said...

waisay u cant blame the first teacher..mere tu khud mun se yeh score nhi nikal rha ab tk..1400 pe phansa hua hn..increasing one number per day :p

Tauqeer said...

Image bohat funny hai! I wonder how you ever search them ...

Uni said...

Thanks. It was a huge surprise!

Thanks. It was a lucky find!

Dawson said...

WOW @ the score!
And yes, there will always be unhappy people with you in life.
What matters is how you twist those situations the way you like and make them gawk at having been wrong

I LOLed at the image :P

UncleTom said...

i gotta love the conclusion

Uni said...

Thanks :). And yeah, one has to deal with them and forget about making everybody happy. Not possible!

Hahahahah I like your approach :).
Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks :)

Thanks for dropping by!