Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bonga-pan and Congrats!

This post is meant for yesterday, but somehow, Blogger wasn't publishing it!


:D I felt like a complete fool today! What happened was that we (me and Mum) attended the Quran class -- *pauses*.. wait. Lemme tell you readers a little about the Quran class. It's going wonderful MA! I am sooo envious of the young girl who teaches us :) MA. So there were very valuable lessons in today's class. Lemme post that as a reminder to myself first and a message for you all.

1. There are always going to be people in the world, having great knowledge about Islam, yet cleverly and very craftily, steering people AWAY from Islam! This is reflected in all 'scholars' who permit things that are clearly forbidden (Riba, and music being prime examples)... it is reflected in all those who preach that Quran is the only source of knowledge and Hadith isn't to be taken seriously etc. So our job is to be aware of these traps, and not trust each and every fatwah (especially if it is a 'convenient' one!) blindly! We should always take 3-4 opinions, read up stuff and then judge for ourselves what the solution should be in any matter.

2. In an Ayah of Surah Baqarah, Allah SWT Mentions 'establish salah, give zakah, and bow down with those who bow down (those who do rukuh). Question!! Why is Allah SWT Mentioning rukuh again, when He already has Mentioned Salah????

Ans: The importance is so HUGE of congregational prayer, that it is mentioned again. Lesson for us: Encourage and support our family members to go to the masjid and attend salah. If there is a genuine excuse, (illness, etc), they can pray at home. But if you have the option, you should always pray with jamaah (compulsory for men)

3. Never think "Oh, how can I ever pass on a message of deen...when I am so much lacking in my own practice!" - because then... you'll never preach :P. And then, you will never practice too :D. It's a cool causal thing, really. If you start spreading the word of Allah, you are reminded of your own words and they come back to haunt you when you're about to commit something wrong. So your Amal automatically gets affected when you preach. And if you practice, then obviously your Amal gets better and hence you can preach too! Spreading the word is really important.

4. 'Birr' in Arabic means - righteousness. The word Birr is derived from the root words 'Baa Raa Raa' and a second word that is derived from these root words is 'Barr' - meaning, vast, dense forest.

What's the connection between Birr and Barr?

Ans: Amazing connection. Barr is defined as a forest, a vast, DENSE forest that encompasses roots, shoots, shrubbery, trees, hedges, small trees, bigger ones,  plants, etc etc.

 Birr is not just good things which everybody can count on their fingers, such as Salah, Zakah, being good to parents etc. It DENSELY encompasses each and every lil teensy weensy thing that comes your way in the split seconds of life, and you momentarily decide what to do with these things. Examples: Thought comes to you to remove a lil thorn on the road, suddenly you feel like changing the channel when something bad comes, even if you're alone... etc. Small things. Anything and EVERYTHING.

I was so inspired by the lessons I got today. May Allah Grant us the ability to implement these in our lives, and to pass it on to others as well. Ameen.


Now come to the bonga-pan. Now, after the Quran class, Mum took me to this really nice and talented friend of hers, who has 5 daughters MA and who is an expert at 'picking up bits and pieces of cloth, buying lace etc, and via a tailor, turning simple clothes into the most exotic looking clothes ever'

The reason why she took me there, was - as Mum explained to that Aunty (in front of her amused beyond amused daughters), how 'utterly clueless her daughter is (daughter being me!) and doesn't know one end of the cloth from the other, and never been to a tailor in her life, bunti to bari turram khan hay and blahhh' ... Uff. I could have sunk into the ground! The daughters brought out their amazing (and really inexpensive!) clothes and showed me various things. I was amazed! People are surely complete geniuses where designing clothes is concerned. HOW can anybody KNOW which 'bail' is best for a cloth? And what combination of bail/ribbon is to be used, and which 'gala' is to be made, and how to mix and match and something called 'kalis' - which I think means pleats, and I don't know much beyond that....

So as I sat like a dunce there, the friend of mum explained a lot of stuff to me and kindly took one suit and eagerly said she would love to shop for the 'bail' for it ...etc etc. Sigh. As that 3 year old said in 'Little Rascals' ..."I gotta learn to reeeeeaaadddd' :P


A very nice friend of mine got committed today :D.. Masha Allah! It's so amazing when you don't know you're actually going to end up with a  person you studied with in undergrad etc etc.... I had such a nice talk with her today (lol, she's abroad so she can't attend her own function!).. but the point is that I wish her alllllll the happiness in the world Ameen!

I normally don't have cheesy images on the blog, but here's just as far as I can get :P... for the happy couple Lol!


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And a virtual gift for them...:D


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And... :D  (Sorry, I just can't help making the joke :D.. she exclaimed when I made it on chat!)... May you be blessed with...


Image source

*gleeful laughter* :D:D:D:D

So long folks!


Tazeen said...

I let out a "hiccupy" laugh at the end of the post. :D

The babies are CUTE. Aaaah. *gobbles them up* Yum. :D

Tauqeer said...

Lol @ triplets.

and Jazak Allah khair for sharing few good words in the beginning :)

majworld said...

nice lesson by ur quran classes..
nd u ll surely save someone's money in future with ur knowledge of clothes matching etc.:p nd waisay, clothing nd fashion depends on own choice nd ease..its nt a absolute thing. nd how come u never visited tailor..un beecharon ka kya kasoor hai :) nd if ur frend somehow got blessed with ur wish, she vl nt leave u :p

Uni said...

They're adorable :):). MA. And yeah.. it's a laughable (and exclaim-able :P) dua !


Alhamdulillah. Hopefully!

And um, we never visited tailors, because we always had this very needy person (lady) who sews our clothes.

Thanks all for dropping by!

Noor said...

salam,I loved th explanation of Surah Baqrah and I am sharing it with my fellow contacts. is that okay with you??

Uni said...

It would be a pleasure to see good messages spread as far and wide as possible :). So of course, its okay!

JazakAllah :)

Noor said...

thank you!! :) and Barakallah!

Noor said...

could you tell me the ayat number??

Uni said...

43. And perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, and Irka' (i.e. bow down or submit yourselves with obedience to Allah) along with Ar-Raki'un.

44. Enjoin you Al-Birr (piety and righteousness and each and every act of obedience to Allah) on the people and you forget (to practise it) yourselves, while you recite the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah)]! Have you then no sense?

This is how Allah SWT is Addressing Bani Israel (Children of Israel), by Reminding them of His Favors and their disobedience etc.

Lesson is for us as well - not just Bani Israel :)

Noor said...

yes, there's lots to learn from bani Israel cuz in some cases we are alike! and Jazakillah for the ayaat!

Uni said...

Very true. BarakAllah :)