Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India Wins the Semi Final - Do We Cry?

I can comfort myself (and others) with a thousand and one things - ten of the choicest 'comforters' are:

1. This was just a GAME.

2. Nothing in the world can take away our national pride, integrity and passion for success in every field. No, not even this lil game of cricket.

3. India DID play well.

4. We DID make some pretty bad decisions.

5. The wicket/pitch was 'rigged' (as admitted by Dhoni) .. to make the match go 'their way'

6. Life is not all about cricket!

7. We can choose to smash our televisions, or learn something from this experience, and never build up a hype of such epic proportions ever again.

8. This could have been a fixed match (after all, why would Manmohan Singh invite our PM so pleasingly)

9. We were a team who nobody thought would even qualify for the quarter-finals. At least we came this far.

10. Afridi apologized! (Bechara).

But the sad fact of life is, we're all severely down in the dumps. Every Pakistani I have come a/c up till now seems to have a fixed smile, forced cheerfulness, half-hearted admission about our foolery on the field .. - total depression all around.

What's sadder? Losing the semi-final, or losing it to India? That's a tough one.

And the exam tomorrow, just adds to the misery of today. I had been up since Fajr, trying to somehow, cram in the notes upon notes - willing myself to learn and study, so that at 1:00pm I could close the books and watch the toss, then the national anthems, and then the match.. each and every ball. With such hope.. such high hopes. Such dua'as. Such... *stops herself firmly* - Can't even look at  my books now. I'm hoping for a re-exam (which is held for dunces).

A few things I will always wonder though:

1. How can.. SUCH a great bowler... turn to SUCH a big mess, on SUCH a crucial day?

2. When the most fiery batsman is playing, and he happens to be the captain, and his side desperately requires big runs, WHY would he delay the power play?

3. Why in the world take a particular 'batsman' (I am reluctant to call him that) in the team, who consistently has played badly, played his worst throughout the tournament, and then didn't disappoint the opponents by not only playing stupidly and getting out quickly, but also dropping a very easy catch of a top class batsman of the opposite side????

These will remain, I know ... discussed to death.. but unanswered forever.



Since I am unable to study (man, the jitters!), the only thing to do (besides staring blindly at the lectures) is come online and 'update' oneself. The process of updating produced some interesting results. Check it out! (Excerpts only!)
Apple iPod 'could be charged by the human heart'

Scientists hope that as the nanotechnology used in the chip evolves, it could lead to electronics which don't require batteries or mains power. Hailed as a milestone, it can use tiny movements such as the pinch of a finger to generate power. The team, presenting their findings at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, have used it to power LCD displays and diodes, as well as to transmit a radio signal once its generated power has been stored.
Dr Zhong Lin Wang, of Georgia Institute of Technology said: "This development represents a milestone toward producing portable electronics that can be powered by body movements without the use of batteries or electrical outlets. "Our nanogenerators are poised to change lives in the future. Their potential is only limited by one's imagination."

So like, our mobile phones might one day be charged by... 'blowing into them' or something cool like that? How's that for sci fi turning into reality? :D... Anddd, what if we can induce current (actual!) by pinching somebody (we don't like.. like our interior minister)?
eh eh eh eh
Awwwwww :D..Love the lil kiddos! Masha Allah! Take a look!

Finally, some neauseating bit of news:

Babar Awan Becomes Minister-In charge for IT and Telecom
In a latest development today, Dr. Babar Awan was given the minister-ship of Telecom and It Ministry, told us sources in the IT ministry. Dr. Babar Awan today visited the Ministry to take charge and to get familiar with the heads of Organizations under MoIT and staff, added our sources. In addition to Minister-In charge of Telecom and IT Ministry, Dr. Awan will retain headship of law Ministry.

Yuck. Kew aakhir???
In our country, a person may not even know the spelling of 'telecommunications' and he may still be made the minister of IT/Telecom.
Finally, the match is nearly 3 hours away now. :S. This is intense. And excitingly intense. And it doesn't help when you read stuff like this:

If history is anything to go by, today’s losers will face professional disgrace and social ostracism. They will not be able to return to their homes for fear of physical attack. Some may receive obscene phone calls in the night, as Pakistani skipper Wasim Akram did after his country’s quarter-final defeat to India in 1996. His home was stoned, his effigy burnt in the street, and he required a police escort to go outside.

The winners, by contrast, will bask in national adulation. Indeed, a flavour of the kind of rewards that lie ahead came yesterday with the announcement from Shahbaz Sharif, chief minister of the Punjab, that each member of the Pakistani national side will receive some 25 acres of fertile land as a prize for beating India.

It is impossible to exaggerate how much is at stake for the teams as close to one billion people view the epic World Cup semi-final between these two sub-continental teams in the Mohali stadium in Chandigarh.

Whoever wins, millions of supporters will take to the streets in ecstasy and triumph. But for some, defeat will be too much. The mood is bound to turn sour with disappointment.

Source: The Telegraph

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wild Safari - Brought to you by Herbal Essences

Yes. I've officially lost it. The title of this post is what I am currently playing on Minclip (blow TB, he directed me to the site. I know I'm going to be one miniclip-addict in the days to come) ..:(

Fact is, I'm bored. Bored sick. Bored to the point of no-return. Bored to death. No wait, I'm alive.. I mean bored to tears...bored to intense frustration which makes me wanna pull all my hair out... bored to the point of *stops herself*...

My current subject (the one of which I have a midterm exam exactly 1.5 days from now on... :@), is something out of the 'Guinness World Record for the Most Soporific Subject Ever!' ... I hate it. From the bottom-est core of my heart.

It's so boring, that I have been blindly (yes!) reading through pages and pages, for the past 2 days now. Blindly. Trying in some way or the other, to somehow, plant this junk .. in my brain -- rote learn it or understand it.. (it makes no difference whatsoever)... somehow, be able to vomit it out when the exam paper comes in front of me.

Usually, my tactic (for such subjects) is to 'write stuff down' so my hands remember the fuzool variables, and where they are placed (in the juungglaanaa derivations). But now, even my hands protest at the gross violation of their basic er, hand-yy rights. It's dry/boring/senseless to the extreme!!

And I am heck annoyed at the SMSs I am receiving... Take a look at this!

Text: "What is the answer of xyz question in the midterm?
My text: "Haven't solved! Haven't reached that point!"
Text: When are you going to do it?
Me: I don't know!
Text: Do so!
Me: Fine. Will verify the answers later
Text: Not too late. I won't be looking at the numericals in the end, okay
Me: *bursting point* ... Fine!

Another text: See lec 3, page 3, line 3, equation 4 , ... and lec 4 page 3 line 5 equ 7 ... are these two equations correct?
Me: *goes painstakingly through the lecs and replies* Bilkul Sahe
Text: Check the signs. Are they correct?
Me: *bursting point again* .. JEE bilkul correct...

Text: Thanks very much.. ?? (Ha! In my dreams. Common courtesy is nowhere to be found!)

I normally like text books. They make much more sense than the scribbles in class. But in this case, where the Bibliography shows research papers upon research papers, dated as latest as 1986... even the book is beyond hopeless. I am NOT able to understand what role does a 'Consensus Problem' in Synchronization (I think) plays in my life.. when I have not a single idea of its practical application, or any kind (even superficial would do) implementation. It's all 'in the air' - and my heart refuses to accept it.... and no amount of coaxing by my brain is leading to any consensus b/w my brain and heart. I remain, distracted to the nth degree (knowing this is my last chance to somehow maintain my GPA)... but as I said, no amount of cajoling with myself is leading to ANY interest in ANY Consensus Problem, Interactive Convergence Algorithm or that stupid beyond stupid Master/Slave Clock Synchronizing Algorithm. Sucks!! :@

*scowls very deeply*

Add to that the lovely comment by our ever lovely Interior Minister, just puts the icing on a lovely day... *clenched teeth*.. what a superbly self-immersed ratty dimwit of a moronic .... *stops herself*. If I had a rolling pin right now...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Different Perspective

Watch this video to see Sheikh Imran Hossein talking about the Arab countries' revolution as far back as 2003!! And er, Al-Jazeera may not be having that noble an intention as we all think.


The bad thing is, that we don't know who to trust now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grateful Post!


Since I'm feeling guilty for a lot of things right now, especially of being 'ungrateful', lemme think up some happy thoughts and put them down, as atonement for the blue blog post below this one.

The first thing about which one can be really happy is:

Only today, one lady whom we have not known for long, said something really sweet to my Mum, and Mum's face was so incredulous :D... it made me grin from ear to ear.

Some months back, this another lady (this one happens to be Mums best friend) was talking to me on the phone. After exchanging usual pleasantries, news and views, the conversation went like this:

Me: Oh How is Uncle B?
She: Oh he is fine Allah ka shukar. Uncle is a real fan of yours!
Me: *takes a double-take* [I have talked to Uncle B like, a total of 3 times in my life]. Hain? Wah bhui. Thanks to him :D
She: You know what he very longingly says from time to time?
Me: Jee?
She: He says that "I wish my son wasn't so 'baikaar' ... and I would have gotten Uni Cartoony as....blah blah....
Me: *speechless*... :$

The POINT of this is (not self-boasting or anything. I know for a fact that in three conversations, Uncle B seems to have a real illusion or something)...but the fact is that Allah SWT is the One who Grants Izzat, and He is the One who Gives zillat to humans. And I should remember these small things, in order to not feel completely down in the dumps, when some low moments do come. These small boost-ups are there for everybody. The lesson is: Try to focus on the positives and not on the negatives.

Another smile-inducing thing. A close acquaintance recently said something quite true.

I SO can relate to this.. :). This is exactly what made me actually add the two scores on paper and calculate the total score of my jee are eee! Reminded me of the good luck that happened end of last month.

Another great thing was our victory against the Windies yesterday - by 10 wickets MA :). The not-so-great news is that India won today against Australia. I thought I'd never think this: But I felt so sorry for Ponting and at seeing Brett Lee's bandage above his eye... :S. The exciting semi-final is just one day before my midterm...

That's what's called: TORTURE.

Khair, at least we're in the semis. And indeed, India has to HAVE us there in their country !! No choice. Ho!

There are always some people on this planet, whose mere existence can cause you to smile and thank the Lord for His Wonderful creation. Friends are the best treasures of one's life. And (though I still haven't been able to visit my bffff up till now - and probably won't be meeting her before she leaves - this sucks big time :(... I wish there was some way to slow down time, get out of the influence of influenza..and just meet her once!).... I am still ever so grateful to Allah SWT for the knowledge, that she's here... and not that far either (the physical 8000+ miles aside)..... in the world we live in today, our friends and close acquaintances are totally just a click away. I hope to keep in touch :S.

Lastly, a dua'a for all the people I have come across, who have added lots of color in my life - for their never-ending support, encouragement, in the real world, or the virtual world, through good times and bad, through low moments and the highs, for the patience they show, the cheerfulness they exude, the intellect they exhibit, the good chats they and I have had, (girly or not girly :D), for the apologies they are quick to make, the concern they show, for the sincerity of their acts, and the thoughtfulness that goes in their interaction with me and their other friends... Thanks a load for being you - you guys are totally perfect, just the way you are - and may Allah Keep you all safe from troubles, worries and er, the sadness of seeing India win against Pak in the semi-finals of the World Cup.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In One Picture

If I could describe today in one picture...

If I could describe the politics of this nation in one picture...

If I could describe my upcoming exams in one picture...

If I could describe my interest in studying and preparing for exams at this point in time in one picture...

I tried studying today. Staring at one slide for fifteen minutes was the result. If I could describe how I felt while trying to study in one picture...

The suckiness of today might diminish tomorrow (if Pakistan wins). But my hopes aren't that high, to be honest. My natural pessimism takes over from time to time. Today was no exception. If I could describe my worst quality in one picture...(er, one of my worst qualities)...

If I manage to mess up my GPA in this semester, there would be nobody to blame except me, myself and my brain of course. The brain which refuses to listen to the patiently explaining conscience.

I hope and pray things get better soon Insha Allah. In the meanwhile, I can just wallow in my own well - stew in my own stupidity and indulge in useless self-pity (which Sis the Priss vainly tries to do away with) :). Kind of her, MA.

So here's a picture dedicated to you sis!..

Er, it's not uploading.. :$. Later..IA

So long.

Update: Picture uploaded...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guarding of the Tongue

Extremely useful reminder of 15 minutes ...

May Allah Help us guard our tongues from hurting any other person in the teeniest way. Ameen.

Not Really A Wedding Season!


This isn't June or July - or December (the prime wedding seasons in our country). But even then :S:S.. it's beginning to feel like one. Lemme elaborate why!

Yesterday, was the nikkah of one of my A Level juniors, and a veryyy good friend of mine. Funnily enough, this girl went on to do her undergrad in the same department as my sister’s and thus, my sister knows her better than I do … and so, yesterday’s invitation was for both of us. Even more funnily enough, the guy she got married to is the brother of my A Level batchmate :D.. so we know the ‘other family’ pretty well! Wondering how on earth did she manage to arrange a nikkah function so quickly (basically, it was all hurried up and the guy’s here from the US on spring break or something, so everything got done in a big rush). Khair, it was one heck of a cool wedding. Main features ..!

1. It was held between Asr and Maghrib. Since summer is nearly here, the time span was pretty plentiful. We reached there pretty early too :) and met her. :D She looked out of this world MA.

2. The event was completely segregated. :)

3. We (namely sis the priss) met lots of people she knew. Or rather… *sourly*. THEY knew her. Basically, my sis the priss is a bit of a … symbol of popularity, where the word ‘mass communication’ or ‘journalism’ or ‘print media’ is involved. So it was kinda like, many many people come up to us, and asking her ‘Oh, you’re aren’t you?’ and sis the priss would joyously get up and talk and talk talk.

4. Bhanju was left up to me – man, did he ‘naapofye’ the lawn or what. With his faithful Khala running after him, and his mum blissfully basking in the glory of …. *stops herself*

5. The bride’s dress had the color black in it (It was red, green and black. Ho to all who argue with me that it’s a superstitious thingie that a dress worn at a wedding shouldn’t have any blacks or grays).

6. When I went up to the bride and asked her whether I could take a picture (actually, I wanted the black in her dress to come on camera, so I could wave it around in Mum’s face and prove a point :P).. so she said, “Yes, but please don’t forward/show it to any male” … :)…  talk about like-mindedness !! (and I had been fretting in the past that there is nobody on this planet who thinks like we do!).

7. The tea (and tea items) were cool. :D It’s a different thing I just stared mournfully at the cake and gulab jamuns. Stomach had rebelled against me actually.

8.  At one time, I was sitting alone with bhanju in my lap, trying not to scowl at sis the priss, talking animatedly with YET another bigwig figure in the ‘media’ community, who had ‘recognized’ sis the priss and had engaged her in conversation…. That this girl comes up to me, and says, “Uni?” and I’m like, ‘Huhhhh?” and she reminds me who she is… and I force myself to remember and lol, turned out that we knew her when we were in school – and her mum and our mum were good friends. So she came over and sat down in sis the priss’s place. And now the smile returned to my face as we had a nice chat and ‘catching up’ etc.

9. Turns out the girl in point number 8 is getting married (see, how much the word ‘wedding’ is in the air – when apparently, the season isn’t here yet!!).. and moving to Dallas. Oh joy. I explained to her my ‘scholarship woes’ and she ‘wished me well and promised to keep in touch’ – so maybe the scholarship (if I get it of course) may prove to be good for me…friends in the US are sprouting up now .. [btw, one of my best friends – a medical  doc – has gotten residency in the US too.. I’m forced to wonder ‘is this a Sign?’]

10. Bhanju wouldn’t leave my ‘gode’ to go to his mum :D:D:D Awwwwww…..*I can just melt at this thing*…. We tried so hard that he would go to Sis the Priss lol… but he actually turned his face away and looked around at the general environment, supremely ignoring his mum :D… awwww. What an absolute cutie! Masha Allah. Woh alag baat that sis the priss doesn’t stop reminding me ‘Oh, when you leave he is going to miss you so much. Oh when you leave.. Oh when you leave…’ – it goes on-… :’(. Sometimes, I wish time would rather stop in 2011 and 2012 wouldn’t come along. But that’s impossible, I know.

11. When we were leaving, we met the groom outside – we wished him lots of congrats (and man, I can tell you he’s a lucky person!! MA)… and as usual, my general question to his younger bro was “He’s not planning to settle in the US right?” and the glad answer came, “No, he’s just finishing MS this year, doing PhD, and returning in about 4 years” … Shukkar. People like him and my friend (his wife) should settle here. We need people like these…here. 

12.  The wedding kind of proved one more thing. See, both the families (bride’s and groom’s) are pretty much well-off. They could have chosen to have a 5-star wedding with amazing decoration, beyond fancy food and what not. They CHOSE to set an example for the rest of society, by keeping the function at day-time and serving a simple but really nice hi tea. The concept all over the wedding yesterday was ‘You can keep it simple, yet beautiful’ .. :)

It goes without saying that yesterday was a very happy day.

[Even though it’s always there at the back of my mind, yesterday, it did not hurt that much to think about my best friend’s younger sister, who passed away so suddenly. I wish I could meet my best friend, but the stupid  halaat, and the stupid flu…every day something or the other seems to be happening, and my plan to go meet her keep falling apart. Worse, she’s leaving soon :’(…]

Today, two very good things happened, Alhamdulillah. One, my scholarship application is finally posted. Finally!!!! It had been quite delayed. But today, all the things, signed, sealed, and stamped… were finally sent off. 

My third referee (teacher in Christchurch, NZ – where a really bad earthquake came 2 weeks ago), posted his reference today :) and his email went like this, “I have posted your reference, and Insha Allah you will get this scholarship” :D.. Aww. I can’t believe some people’s helpfulness, MA. I couldn’t help writing back, “Sir, even if nothing comes out of this application, your gesture will definitely be appreciated always” ..

As I said, people are really nice MA. At least a majority of them. If they don’t happen to be leaders of this country waisay… *scowl*

And the other good thing, is that the dreadful shopping trips (for the upcoming wedding in our close relatives) is finally over! Finally!!! Now, I don’t have to go and look around countless clothes. Man :D. That feels soooo goooood.

Er, it didn’t feel that good, waisay when the shopkeeper of this shop where we gave the order was trying his BEST not to be impatient (read, furious) with me :S:S. Look, how am I supposed to know the difference between… *pauses*…short chiffon, and Korean silk…?? China silk, and … regular chiffon??? So I naturally was lost. And he had a lot of explaining to do. The result of that khwaari is not known now. But whatever it is… I’ve gotten rid of the shopping…!! Yayhoo :D

Random statement of the day: BOTS are tiny entities that have the annoying capability of creeping into systems, and refusing to go away. [I should be a cryptologist…*dreamily*. Nobody can guess the random statement’s meaning. Er, my friend Gul need not comment on this :P]. Gul has been an awesome chat-partner these days. Who knew a PhD lady can be so into… er, real girly stuff? And…and.. I can’t imagine managing to cook 4 things in ONE go.. How can anybody do that?

But that’s Gul for us :S. Way to go :) – somebody I know is one heck of a lucky person!

Since the electricity is gone, I’m just typing aimlessly away. Lemme write an aeween poem… *thinks about what to write a poem on* [Condition: It has to be silly]

A Silly Poem

Once upon a time I thought
Fabrics are all the same
Today, as I was rudely taught
The thought is worthy of shame

No cloth is equal, kinda like humans
The difference lies in the threads
The texture varies, the colors are different
Can’t you see this? You brain-dead!

The worth of a cloth, lies in the work
Stones, antique, or er, Dabka?
Some stuff is such, I am forced to wonder
Yeh kahaan say tapka?

What logic goes in designing this stuff
I seriously am quite intrigued
It has to take a special kinda brain
To do this, without fatigue

It also has to take, a special kinda stamina
To shop for clothes, sometimes for weeks and weeks
I’d rather read, or blog, or sleep
A shopaholic, is just not me!

Copyright Uni_SoapIsAnExceptionToShopping-oony 2011

*stares at these with fascination*

Image source (triple sighhh)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Selective Nature of UN Intervention

March 19, 2011 "The Guardian" -- When Israel bombed Gaza at the end of 2008 in a brutal action which killed 1,300 people and destroyed 20,000 buildings, there was no question of the US allowing the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza to protect its people, 50% of which are children. Those who support the UN security council's authorisation of a no-fly zone over Libya (Britain, France and US line up for air strikes against Gaddafi, 18 March) need to reflect on the selective nature of UN intervention throughout the world and in the Middle East in particular.

The UN will not be intervening in the Libyan revolution to protect civilians from Gaddafi's brutality. It will go in to further the interests of the world's major powers in the region. It will be an imperialist action, not a humanitarian one. After the bloodshed it produced in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the doctrine of "humanitarian military intervention" should be discredited beyond rehabilitation. The west is a major source of the problems of the Middle East and north Africa. It's not part of the solution, even when its troops wear blue helmets.

110 cruise missiles dropped on Libya today

And we wonder who has ''weapons of mass destruction''.

We won the match today **manages a smile**. Awesome, Alhamdulillah. I was so hoping we'd win... even though people are generally negative about our team these days.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." - Adolph Hitler

"In war, truth is the first casualty." - Aeschylus

First it was Saddam. Then Gaddafi.
Now there's a vacancy for the West's favourite crackpot tyrant

March 19, 2011 "The Independent" - -So we are going to take "all necessary measures" to protect the civilians of Libya, are we? Pity we didn't think of that 42 years ago. Or 41 years ago. Or... well, you know the rest. And let's not be fooled by what the UN resolution really means. Yet again, it's going to be regime-change. And just as in Iraq – to use one of Tom Friedman's only memorable phrases of the time – when the latest dictator goes, who knows what kind of bats will come flying out of the box?

And after Tunisia, after Egypt, it's got to be Libya, hasn't it? The Arabs of North Africa are demanding freedom, democracy, liberation from oppression. Yes, that's what they have in common. But what these nations also have in common is that it was us, the West, that nurtured their dictatorships decade after decade after decade. The French cuddled up to Ben Ali, the Americans stroked Mubarak, while the Italians groomed Gaddafi until our own glorious leader went to resurrect him from the political dead.

Could this be, I wonder, why we have not heard from Lord Blair of Isfahan recently? Surely he should be up there, clapping his hands with glee at another humanitarian intervention. Perhaps he is just resting between parts. Or maybe, like the dragons in Spenser's Faerie Queen, he is quietly vomiting forth Catholic tracts with all the enthusiasm of a Gaddafi in full flow.


Conversation of the day
Subject: Clothes for a pretty close family wedding coming up
Reaction: No surprise'
Characters: Relatives who will be attending the wedding 

Cousin 1: You have got to see shops 1,2,3,4,...
Cousin 2: You have got to see the kaam in shops 3.5,9.8, ...
Cousins' Mom: You have got to find these color combinations as they are the latest in the market: colors AB, GH, JH, ...
Me: *listening to all this with mouth slightly hanging open wondering, is this info out in newspapers or something?*
Me: *finally finds tongue* - Oh okay. We did visit certain shops. Didn't find what we were looking for..
Mum: Aunt H said that the 'kam' you found in shop KJ was too expensive
Me: *wondering, how does Aunt H know - she didn't see that 'kaam'*
People just know these things I suppose - by er, hearing about them.

Meanwhile, the most idiotic thing I have ever done was to browse through websites of clothes (and yeah! there are websites that give you latest clothes/styles/colors etc etc - I never knew or ventured near them!)... at 3.30 in the morning. [btw, what else can you do at this time *wideeee yaaawwwn*]

But in the senseless wanderings at 3.30, you do stumble upon cool colors like these.. :D (er, not the fact that this is a shararah!!  -- er, but the colors are so cool) - not that anybody is ever wearing something like this color... sigh. People should be allowed to wear what they wanna wear. Even if they want to wear something parrot greeny (eurgh) or gray/black.

So long!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Depressed Whole and Soul

This is a jumble of words - pouring forth, in no real rhythm, pattern. The only aim is to let them out, before I implode ...

O Pakistani Soil

Haven't you witnessed enough
Enough injustice
Enough cruelty
Enough spinelessness

Haven't you gotten repulsed enough
By extreme glibness
Extreme gloatiness
Extreme wordiness

Haven't your pores gotten filled enough
With blood of the innocent
With tears of the repressed
With the sweat of hard working

Didn't you once believe
Believe in the innocence
Believe in the integrity
Believe in the purity
Of the land of the pure?

Didn't you once witness honesty...
As bare hands worked on you
The 1950s and 60s bore upon you
And people studied, sitting on you
Heedless to the scorching sun

Didn't you once find
An honest hardworking man
With dreams so big
For his future generation
Living upon you..?

What happened then, what went wrong?
How did we lose that cheerful song?
What produced 'humans' - so rampant today
That commit heinous crimes, in the light of the day?

How do you bear .. to bear
Such humans upon your chest
O Nation's soil, don't you turn in agony
When you see sub-humans- at their best?

At a certain point, we think - things cannot get worse
O Nation's soil, you witness more 'humans'
Worse than the worst murderers
Worse than the worst torturers
Worse than the worst thieves
Worse than the worst ... animals.

You still bear their footsteps, the stealth of their march
You still hear their guilty tiptoes, the stench of their hearts
You still hear the grinds of the gates they force apart
You feel the screams, the shrieks they impart

You hear the strangled voices, you hear the pleas for help
You hear the merciless beating, the winning of the 'self'
You hear the chink of dollars, the pulsing greed in their eyes
As they push out the inhabitants, of an unfortunate web of lies

You can feel the weight of cutlery, the stuff left behind
You absorb the smells of food, just cooked, never dined
You wait for them to come back - to reclaim what they lost
You wait, and wait - nobody returns - freedom surely has a cost

O Pakistani soil, didn't you suffer, when all of us died
When a widow didn't care to live, forced herself to hide
She knew there is no justice, in a land not so pure
18 years had taught her well - she was so sure

That no amount of pleas, please and thank you will work
No amount of human rights, will, in the shadows, lurk
No amount of integrity or honesty will come into play
No amount of state honor will see the light of the day
No amount of humanity, will win against pure greed
No amount of sovereignty will win against personal need
No amount of assurances will win against blatant lies
No amount of wordiness will sever any ''ties''
No amount of political statements will ever 'pay'
No amount of 'justice' will keep a murderer at bay

O Nation's Soil, aren't you surprised
When each speck of yours is considered meaningless
Thoughtless - Mindless?
Aren't you amazed how gullible we are thought of?
How incredulously malleable?
How seriously, insane?

They thought they'd get away
'Take off' from you, O Pakistani Soil!
Get away with duping the masses
Using words like 'Shariah' - and 'Quran and Sunnah' ?
Taking us all as... mere fools?
Underestimating the properties of silicon - the intelligence of a simple brain

Whoever would believe, if they were to convince
That all they followed, was religion and hence
Came to mighty decisions that let a murderer walk free
Conclusion that led a traitor to believe
There really is a system of injustice
Implemented at its best - in a country that 'just is'
The illegal weaponry possessed by the man
Was conveniently forgiven in the interest of the greater plan
Not only that, they strove so hard
To provide the very best - from food to guard
Chocolates, and wine - not different from a hotel stay
To a 'prisoner' who had murdered - in the light of the day...

Humans all of them - walking on you, O soil!
Praying on you, prostrating on you
Performing tawaf on you, doing Saaii on you
Raising hands in dua, sitting on you
Pretending that piousness begins and ends on them
There is no end to their pretense, to their supposed 'muslim-ness'
There is no limit to their claims, their patriotic-ness
But their hearts know it - and some ''Sharif" hearts are bothered by it
Bothered enough to be treated for it
In another land, of the not so pure

There are no more tears to shed
Haven't we shed all humanity?
Sold out the nation, merrily
Served 'higher interests' - quite happily
The young widow is gone - the two men dead
The accident victim forgotten, who was to wed
In about two months - but he died
A victim of senseless, senseless lies
How was he to know, two months  later
No wedding bells will ring, but a crater
Will be left behind, where conscience was supposed to be
As his murderer flies home - like a bird - free

They talk about money paid for blood
Huh? Said Hilary. 'What're you talking about, dud?"
'We didn't pay nothing. The Pakis would know best'
'Ask them - they're the ones to confess'
Islamic or not, now we can debate
The money that supposedly went to its fate
Originated - not really from the murderer or his folks
But probably our own coffers, or maybe the Saudi blokes

The 'Rajas' of the intelligence may skirt questions if they like
We can protest and burn stuff, as much as we like
The fact remains that there was a serious miscarriage of justice
Planned out in the Ministerial/Federal Office
We can cry, we can scream - the soil may turn in pain
Our sister Aafia, remains in CarsHELL, Texas - trying to stay sane
Our six men remain in Guantanamo - struggling against torture
While our leaders rejoice, in the clincher
Of a case, that threatened to override their personal gains
Their visits to the US, the monetary gifts they attain
Their 'standing' in the world, their arms supply to kill
Their own men, women and obviously children
All these 'gains' are back - safe and sound
As the murderer flies free - back to his town

And people of this land mourn over more loss
As predator drones strike hard, 4 missiles tossed
On a peaceful gathering - no 'militants' in sight
40 people dead - killed without a fight
So what's new, what else do we expect?
When no 'khudi' remains, what else is left?

Copyright Uni_At_Her_Worst_oony 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little High Little Low


The 'low' of today was the devastating video of the tsunami flooding, the flood of flu in which I am still woefully drowned, and the MS class which was held today, because of the upcoming match on Saturday (it was originally scheduled for Saturday). Like we're going to win, but you never know. Dil jalaain to sub saath mil kay jalaain, right.

Anyway, the class today :(. Lemme walk you through it. [why? You may wonder.. simply so ... 'exclaim karain to saath mil kay karain'] :'(

So it had all started off rather innocently. Advanced Parallel Programming? Interesting! I was so excited. Maybe we're finally going to learn programming of real parallel systems. Me and my excited-about-coding thoughts.

None of that happened.

What happened instead was... that we're stuck (for 3 lectures now) on Communication Models and Implementations... which essentially means that if you have a quad-core machine, the four processors nestled inside your motherboard obviously can't stay still. They have got to jabber to each other. And jabber they will - in peculiar patterns. Patterns YOU decide. Jabber they will... at particular times.... times YOU decide. Jabber they will - in peculiar ways... ways YOU come up with.

So let your imagination run wild and come up with horrific ways of having your processors chatter (I mean communicate) with each other. And you'll come up with these kinda imagery.

And if you're ever nerdy enough to think that hey, this looks easy ...two dimensions yay.

So ha! Take a look at this. Your multi-core system might be sustaining processors connected in THIS way:

And the types of communication operations...left us all baffled.

Sir started off with a super simple example of a broadcast - e.g a radio - one sender .. and multiple receivers. Eaassy peaasy.

The easiness peasiness disappears the moment you begin learning about: one to all broadcast - all to one reduction.... all to all broadcast... all to all reduction.... all to all personalized broadcast....all to all personalized reduction......and it goes on and on! All of them are very subtly different from one another. 

My mind was in a circular shift, by the end of the show. I mean, class. Even the teacher looked exhausted. And complained that it's 'lack of interest' that's making our faces 'long' ...

I am fascinated by the challenge. Laikin samajh to ayy!! :@

Oh, yeah. Saw the title of the post and remembered the 'high' - 
Finally got my jee rrr eee account unlocked and saw my percentiles 

:D. 98 in verbal and 94 in quantitative. And a 5.0 in analytical (er, highest is 6 so this could have been improved sure). 

But anyway, Alhamdulillah :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Might of A Tsunami :'(


Although we have been seeing horrifying images on the television (and internet) of the horrors that have descended on Japan - earthquake, tsunami, and then the reactor troubles (Oh Allah, Please Have Mercy and Help them and us all Ameen), the might and power can only be realized when one looks something like the following video.

*still in a state of paralyzed shock at seeing this*. It's a 6-minute video, shot by a resident of a port city (a city!!! NOT a lil village or anything!!) in Japan called Kesennuma - which had around 74k population. It started with a lil wave (like we see in Sea View) and see what it became :'( :'( :'( ...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Du’aa’ to be recited at the time of an Earthquake

Earthquakes are one of the great signs of Allaah in this universe, with which He tests His slaves as a reminder or to instil fear of Him or as a punishment. Man must remember, when the signs occur, his weakness, incapability, humble status before Allaah and his need of Him, so he turns to Allaah, may He be exalted and glorified, in supplication, beseeching and humility, in the hope that Allaah will lift this great distress from the people.

Allaah says (interpretation of meaning):

Verily, We sent (Messengers) to many nations before you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم). And We seized them with extreme poverty (or loss in wealth) and loss in health (with calamities) so that they might humble themselves (believe with humility).

43. When Our Torment reached them, why then did they not humble themselves (believe with humility)? But their hearts became hardened, and Shaytaan (Satan) made fair‑seeming to them that which they used to do.

44. So, when they forgot (the warning) with which they had been reminded, We opened for them the gates of every (pleasant) thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them (in punishment), and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows”

[al-An’aam 6:42-44]

Hence the fuqaha’ (may Allaah have mercy on him) regarded it as mustahabb to offer a great deal of prayers for forgiveness and supplications, to beseech Allaah and to give charity when earthquakes happen, as is also mustahabb when solar and lunar eclipses occur.

The great scholar Zakariya al-Ansaari (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:
It is mustahabb for everyone to beseech Allaah in supplication and so on when earthquakes and similar events, such as thunderbolts and strong winds, happen, and to offer prayers on his own in his house lest he be negligent, because the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) said, when the wind blew strongly: “O Allaah, I ask You for its good and the good of what is in it and the good of what it is sent with, and I seek refuge in You from its evil and the evil of what is in it and the evil of what it is sent with.” Narrated by Muslim. End quote.

Asna al-Mataalib Sharh Rawd al-Taalib (1/288). See also Tuhfat al-Muhtaaj (3/65).
See also the answer to question number 2593.

But there is no evidence in the Sunnah -- as far as we know -- to suggest that there is a particular dhikr or du’aa’ that it is mustahabb to recite when an earthquake occurs. Rather one should offer du’aa’ as inspired by Allaah to ask for mercy and help from Allaah, may He be exalted and glorified, so that He might divert this calamity from the people.

Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:
What must be done at the time of an earthquake or other calamity, or an eclipse, strong wind or flood is to repent to Allaah, may He be glorified, and to beseech Him and ask Him for well-being, and to remember Him a great deal and ask Him for forgiveness, as the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) said at the time of an eclipse: “When you see that, then turn to remembrance of Allaah and call upon Him and ask for His forgiveness.” Agreed upon. It is also mustahabb to show compassion to the poor and needy, and to give charity to them, because the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) said: “Show mercy, you will be shown mercy.” (Narrated by Ahmad) And he said: “Those who show mercy will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Show mercy to those who are on earth and the One Who is in heaven will show mercy to you.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi. And he (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) said: “The one who does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari. It was related from ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azeez (may Allaah have mercy on him) that he used to write to his emirs when earthquakes took place telling them to give charity.

One of the means of being safe and sound from all evils is for those in authority to hasten to restrain the foolish and compel them to adhere to the truth, and to implement the laws of Allaah among them, and to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, as Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

The believers, men and women, are Awliyaa’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another; they enjoin (on the people) Al‑Ma‘roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do), and forbid (people) from Al‑Munkar (i.e. polytheism and disbelief of all kinds, and all that Islam has forbidden); they perform As-Salaah (Iqaamat-as-Salaah), and give the Zakaah, and obey Allaah and His Messenger. Allaah will have His Mercy on them. Surely, Allaah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
[al-Tawbah 9:71]

Verily, Allaah will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allaah is All‑Strong, All‑Mighty.
41. Those (Muslim rulers) who, if We give them power in the land, (they) enjoin Iqamat‑as‑Salaah [i.e. to perform the five compulsory congregational Salaah (prayers) (the males in mosques)], to pay the Zakaah and they enjoin Al‑Ma‘roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do), and forbid Al‑Munkar (i.e. disbelief, polytheism and all that Islam has forbidden) [i.e. they make the Qur’aan as the law of their country in all the spheres of life]. And with Allaah rests the end of (all) matters (of creatures)
[al-Hajj 22:40-41]

And whosoever fears Allaah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty).

3. And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allaah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things”
[al-Talaaq 65:2-3]

And there are many verses with similar meanings. End quote.
Majmoo’ Fataawa Ibn Baaz (9/150-152).
And Allaah knows best.

Source: Blog

Bottled Water :(

I didn't know this stuff! And we drink bottled water like, ALL the time! Man!!

Can anybody think of any alternatives??? Please watch this 5 minute video and learn the harms of 'making a commodity out of the necessities of life!'

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poetic Musings

The finality of some things

The brutality of spring

The pinpoint of hope

The barrier of reality

The wind of change

The fear of unknown

The sands of time may

The starry eyes... can

The hand of fate

The scalar life

Copyright Uni_IdioticPoemIKnow-oony_2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tinted with Black

When the heart is full
Full of endless sorrow
Spilling over its confined boundary
Over to the outside
Tinting everything around
With shades of black, hues of gray
Mournful in their own grade
Not surprising then to find
The night, cold and dark
The day, hot and merciless
The trees barren and sad
The flowers drooping and weak
The weather scorching and bleak
The leaves dull and wilted
The moon white and unfeeling
The aura envelopes
Reaches every pore
Down to the core
You're forced to wonder
Is there more?
And dread 'tomorrow'
Even more...

Copyright Uni 2011

Just a sad poem, to mark another sad day. Today was the funeral of my friend's younger sister. I was dreading it. But of course, went. The scenes were heart-wrenching. It's sometimes so hard to imagine certain stuff happening on the planet, and when the calamity actually hits, it's again so hard to imagine how one will actually accept it... and then, how will one deal with it... this isn't a one-off loss, where you're all right within a few days. This is a loss for the rest of the worldly life.

The only thing that can give comfort right at this point is that someday, we're also going to leave the world. And that will not be the end. That will be the beginning of another journey, an everlasting one actually, and then we can hope to meet our loved ones in Jannah IA - and this should serve as an extremely strong motivation to work hard to get there!

May Allah Get us there, Ameen :'(.
The morning was a lil on the productive side, since one of my references is done. Have to get three of them. Allah Khair karay. In this case, the teacher I asked last, did the work first. May Allah Bless him Ameen.
I just wish this phase of my life can somehow, pass in a fulfilling manner. I seem to wake up in the morning... do all sorts of stuff - except academic work - and then the night falls, and that's it. Day's gone. This is my final coursework semester (the one which will determine my overall GPA), two midterms are upon my head, plus one assignment. And I am not even looking at this stuff. Last night, got a nice scolding from Mum, for drowning myself in HP Game Console....

She wasn't 'consoled' when I explained the whole concept of being allowed to play a game only 3 times, and then we gotta purchase it.

Not even the gulaab jamun (favorite sweetmeat) in the fridge can cheer me up. I can't even look at it anymore. I pray and hope, the downward spiral, somehow takes a U-turn - and goes up soon. Ameen. Oh yeah, one lil achievement of the day  ... I finished the 32nd Rukuh today of Surah Baqarah - which means I have to learn 8 more Rukuhs now, in order to learn the whole Surah Insha Allah.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day Like... today? :'(


Nearly 24 hours ago, I wrote a post with a similar title. How drastically different is the feeling with which I write this one today. I didn't know that in 24 hours, I'll have around 12 trucks parked right on my heart, my eyes would feel sore with the effort of blinking away tears, my throat would feel real lumpy, and my own keyboard would appear blurred to me.

Basically, we were all happy etc.. I visited my maamoo folks today, and we had a nice time, lots of fun then. We came back around evening time. Little did I know what was coming up next... *lump in throat again*...
We had tea, and then I came to the PC ... suddenly, my phone beeped. The phone was in the purse, so I (as usual) didn't pay attention. Then, I heard a bell (missed call wali bell), and got up to check finally. When I saw the message, I couldn't breath for quite a while.

It said that my bestest friend's (the one who is more than 8000 miles away from me) only sister passed away!! *still in an unbelievable state of shock*. I couldn't even think! Blindly, I dialed the friend's number who had informed me. That friend, confirmed the news,  and handed the phone over to Schottkey - herself! She's here. I couldn't speak -- I can't describe the moment. It was beyond beyond believable... poor Schottkey, crying like anything told me the story. Nobody really knows what happened. But the poor girl somehow fell down the balcony - from the 14th floor... nobody knows the what and whys... and the shock and grief is too great for anybody to figure out keh aakhir hua kia.

I had met this lil sister only once. And I remember her to be the sweetest soul MA. So caring, and cheerful! It's a huge huge void, that cannot really be filled. Ever.

I can only make dua'a ... that May Allah ...somehow, grant this family patience, to deal with this terrible terrible loss.

And I can only make dua'a, that we - other people - take a lesson from this story, and learn that we are all hurtling towards our own ends, and that end can come any time... and that we learn to appreciate the bigger things in life, rather than run after and care for superficial surfac-ey things, and that we somehow develop the ability to never ever forget, that this life is temporary - and the real journey begins, only when we go from this world to the next. And what matters the most, is not how much wealth you accumulate in this world, or how many degrees you get - but the deeds you have done, the husn-e-sulook (good behavior) you have exhibited and the worship of Allah SWT you have managed to do in the limited life gifted to you. May Allah Make us realize this, and implement this.


Today, was undoubtedly, one of the worst, lowest, saddest days of my life. My grief knows no end.

[Imagine what the family of that poor girl is going through].

Image source

Monday, March 7, 2011

How the bubble goes pop!


Small post.

Conversation I had with a friend recently.

She: You know what happened when I told my husband about your GRE score?
Me: *smiling* What what?
She: He said, 'okay'
Me: Er, .. okay
She: I asked him, isn't this amazing? Etc? You know what he replied?
Me: Lol. Nope not at all
She: He said, "Uh, in our university 1560, 1570 were common. So er, 1510 is like, okay!"
Me: LOL. Which university?
She: GIK
Me: You can't expect anything else from them eh? :P
She: Totally!

So like, whoever thinks I had a great score... :D...1570 is a common thingie.

What a nice little ....

A Day Like Today!


The day was full of interesting events. A lot of guests were expected today and we were all supposed to have tea together. Due to the large number of people around, I didn't have to run around much :D. It was er, unnatural. Me not running, Sis the Priss taking control of the situation so cool-ly. Even with the racking cough she had !! (aur khao french fries, yehee hoga :@).

The bhanja was in his element. He was clearly wondering, why is everybody interested in chattering at top speed, and not paying attention to me! It was soo adorable to see him pottering around, doing AS HE PLEASED while we talked away and were busy in exchanging pleasantries with one another. I learned some valuable lessons from today:

1. There are ALL kinds of people on the planet. Some may be on the extreme end of BAD, and some on GOOD. But essentially, a majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, and you only have to give people a chance, and you'll figure out the underlying simplicity and khuloos, in taqreeban every human being you come across. The key? Give everybody a chance!

2. Parents always (ALWAYS) are concerned about their children. No matter how MUCH they argue, no matter how many yelling matches occur in the house, family is one BASIC unit which is guaranteed to never ever let you down. The key? Practice a lil patience with them, and you'll see a lot more 'ups' than 'downs'.

3. Food, when served - should have all dishes (in which it is to be served)... ready quite a lot of time before it is served! :P...The key is to prepare stuff well in advance!

4. When your tummy feels like a thousand butterflies are doing the tango inside, please do not even LOOK at brownies!

5. One should always assume that one is the stupidest in the crowd. That makes things wayyyy simpler!

6. There still exist  people on this planet, deeply, deeply, deeeeeply connected with the Urdu language....*amazed*. Lesson: One should always keep in touch with the mother tongue, and language is definitely an integral part of every nation's identity.

7. Never judge people. You might be very very surprised by their attitude, some time later in life.

8. There still exist people on the planet who don't really care all that much if you don't know how to ...say, stitch your own clothes! :). Lesson? Don't judge people by your own interests and preferences!

The day was seriously exhausting. But one of the highlights of the day was a beautiful (beyond priceless, actually) gift I received :-). It was in the form of verses and it goes like this:

خلوص، پیار، اور ایثار ہو جو دامن میں
کوئی فضا ہو، چمن میں بہار رہتی ہے 

Life surely has a lot of important lessons in each step. Sigh. So long folks!

Oh yeah, I didn't get to read Hartley and Zisserman today...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bonga-pan and Congrats!

This post is meant for yesterday, but somehow, Blogger wasn't publishing it!


:D I felt like a complete fool today! What happened was that we (me and Mum) attended the Quran class -- *pauses*.. wait. Lemme tell you readers a little about the Quran class. It's going wonderful MA! I am sooo envious of the young girl who teaches us :) MA. So there were very valuable lessons in today's class. Lemme post that as a reminder to myself first and a message for you all.

1. There are always going to be people in the world, having great knowledge about Islam, yet cleverly and very craftily, steering people AWAY from Islam! This is reflected in all 'scholars' who permit things that are clearly forbidden (Riba, and music being prime examples)... it is reflected in all those who preach that Quran is the only source of knowledge and Hadith isn't to be taken seriously etc. So our job is to be aware of these traps, and not trust each and every fatwah (especially if it is a 'convenient' one!) blindly! We should always take 3-4 opinions, read up stuff and then judge for ourselves what the solution should be in any matter.

2. In an Ayah of Surah Baqarah, Allah SWT Mentions 'establish salah, give zakah, and bow down with those who bow down (those who do rukuh). Question!! Why is Allah SWT Mentioning rukuh again, when He already has Mentioned Salah????

Ans: The importance is so HUGE of congregational prayer, that it is mentioned again. Lesson for us: Encourage and support our family members to go to the masjid and attend salah. If there is a genuine excuse, (illness, etc), they can pray at home. But if you have the option, you should always pray with jamaah (compulsory for men)

3. Never think "Oh, how can I ever pass on a message of deen...when I am so much lacking in my own practice!" - because then... you'll never preach :P. And then, you will never practice too :D. It's a cool causal thing, really. If you start spreading the word of Allah, you are reminded of your own words and they come back to haunt you when you're about to commit something wrong. So your Amal automatically gets affected when you preach. And if you practice, then obviously your Amal gets better and hence you can preach too! Spreading the word is really important.

4. 'Birr' in Arabic means - righteousness. The word Birr is derived from the root words 'Baa Raa Raa' and a second word that is derived from these root words is 'Barr' - meaning, vast, dense forest.

What's the connection between Birr and Barr?

Ans: Amazing connection. Barr is defined as a forest, a vast, DENSE forest that encompasses roots, shoots, shrubbery, trees, hedges, small trees, bigger ones,  plants, etc etc.

 Birr is not just good things which everybody can count on their fingers, such as Salah, Zakah, being good to parents etc. It DENSELY encompasses each and every lil teensy weensy thing that comes your way in the split seconds of life, and you momentarily decide what to do with these things. Examples: Thought comes to you to remove a lil thorn on the road, suddenly you feel like changing the channel when something bad comes, even if you're alone... etc. Small things. Anything and EVERYTHING.

I was so inspired by the lessons I got today. May Allah Grant us the ability to implement these in our lives, and to pass it on to others as well. Ameen.


Now come to the bonga-pan. Now, after the Quran class, Mum took me to this really nice and talented friend of hers, who has 5 daughters MA and who is an expert at 'picking up bits and pieces of cloth, buying lace etc, and via a tailor, turning simple clothes into the most exotic looking clothes ever'

The reason why she took me there, was - as Mum explained to that Aunty (in front of her amused beyond amused daughters), how 'utterly clueless her daughter is (daughter being me!) and doesn't know one end of the cloth from the other, and never been to a tailor in her life, bunti to bari turram khan hay and blahhh' ... Uff. I could have sunk into the ground! The daughters brought out their amazing (and really inexpensive!) clothes and showed me various things. I was amazed! People are surely complete geniuses where designing clothes is concerned. HOW can anybody KNOW which 'bail' is best for a cloth? And what combination of bail/ribbon is to be used, and which 'gala' is to be made, and how to mix and match and something called 'kalis' - which I think means pleats, and I don't know much beyond that....

So as I sat like a dunce there, the friend of mum explained a lot of stuff to me and kindly took one suit and eagerly said she would love to shop for the 'bail' for it ...etc etc. Sigh. As that 3 year old said in 'Little Rascals' ..."I gotta learn to reeeeeaaadddd' :P


A very nice friend of mine got committed today :D.. Masha Allah! It's so amazing when you don't know you're actually going to end up with a  person you studied with in undergrad etc etc.... I had such a nice talk with her today (lol, she's abroad so she can't attend her own function!).. but the point is that I wish her alllllll the happiness in the world Ameen!

I normally don't have cheesy images on the blog, but here's just as far as I can get :P... for the happy couple Lol!


Images source

And a virtual gift for them...:D


Image source

And... :D  (Sorry, I just can't help making the joke :D.. she exclaimed when I made it on chat!)... May you be blessed with...


Image source

*gleeful laughter* :D:D:D:D

So long folks!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nature At Play

 An excellent poem :). I love the concise and crafty use of words, to depict the major (and minor) happenings of nature! Amazing Masha Allah!

Written by: SparkaPoet Shocks (Shohima Rahman)

Sun Heats.
Earth warmed.
It Repeats.
Instruction performed.

Moon Glow.
Hard Rock.
Round it Go
Sun it Block. (In eclipse)

Stars Shine
Space Expand.
Absolute Design.
Universe at Grand. (Impressive in Scale).

Earth Core
Upon it store.
Iron & More. (Gold, Copper, Silver, etc)
Mankind it’s For.

Sky Done. (In 7 layers)
Clouds Run.
Sun Gone.
Droplets Form.
Incoming Storm. (Hurricane, Thunder & Lightning)

Rain Fall
River Tall.
Soil Wet.
Tiny Hole.
Seed Met.

Wind Blows.
Plants Grow.
Duration Slow.
Fruits Show.
Man Eat.
He Complete.

In Ocean
Fish Commotion.
Eyes Aware
Jumps in Air.
Cries Heard.
Gobbled Bird.

Deep Beneath
Water Sweet.
Water Salt.
Both Meet.
Barrier. Halt!

Ocean Seabed.
Shaken. (Earthquake)
Wave Ahead. (Tsunami)
Lives Taken.
We Dread.
Water Spread. (Flooding)

Powered Jaw.
Lions Roar.
It’s Paw,
Sharp Claw.
Flesh Tore.
Blood Gore.

Wind Blew,
Upon a Few.
Flies Flew.
Wing's Spread.
Soon Dead!

Slimy Snake.
Near a Lake.
Strikes Venom.
Humans Make
Cure From ‘em.

Sudden Abrupt.
Mounted Vault.
Volcanoes Erupt.
Rocky Basalt.
Stones Pelt.
Ash Smelt.

Mountain High,
Up the Sky.
Your Eyes,
Cannot Lie.

Heart Beat,
Smoothly Neat.
Baby Sleep,
In Tummy Deep.
Pain Felt. (In labour)
Heart Melt. (During Birth)
Love Spelt.

Design Unique
Words Speak. (In Quran).

Allaah’s Command
We Prostrate. (At fixed hours)
Every Land,
Every State.

The Grand Designer
Of Superb Nature.
Allaah They Obey,
Night & Day.
Nature At Play.

This is it!

This is now confirmed. I've officially LOST my mind!!!!!!!

I'm (discretely) walking into tables and walls, lost in thought. The rice I had to cook  tonight, turned out to be a mush of mashed rice ... *very horrified at herself*... and ..and... I've been playing ''Chocolatier - Decadence by Design'' solidly for the past five hours... (how long has it been since 8.30pm?)

Khudaya!! My folks are highly amused at me. They think my brain has finally been affected now... especially when they saw me furiously churning out amazing chocolate and coffee at factories in Zurich, and Cape Town, and then selling them at bargain prices... for hours and hours.. (lol! Virtually of course!)

I am recalling the pressure-filled days of my previous semester's exams... the bad five days in which all I used to do was sit with Malory Towers, gaze at it longingly (while trying to study), and scour my bookshelf for more story books...

This time, it's the HP Game console!!

I have two midterms coming up, not to mention a conference deadline and a lofty aim of reading Hartley and Zisserman (this book I really want to understand!). Lol. It's funny. While trying to read it today, I had gotten as far as the intro, and was enjoying it immensely, that the phone rang. Bus. That was it. Concentration went...

So long!

So long ... brain. Mind. Concentration. Focus. I bid all of, er, thee - farewell. See you, in maybe a few days. If I'm lucky!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life and it's scariness!

The morning proved to be productive Alhamdulillah. Went to university and got my transcript form submitted FINALLY. Why oh why didn't I do it earlier? *very frustrated with herself*. Lame excuse: I didn't feel like it.

The bank was open today, but again, there was a shortage of staff. I wonder what in heaven's name is going on there. I was convinced that okay, I won't get my work done even today, but somehow, they let the whole throng of people inside, (after standing for quite a while outside the bank), and let them stand in lines at EMPTY counters. No staff!!

When we complained, the attitude was revolting. Some staff members strolled around, some smoked, and some (women) giggled away merrily. Man! How I wish I could have thrown a 'stink pallet' at them! :@

After a long while, this Uncle felt sorry at our beyond upset faces, and strolled over to do the work. So now, I have to wait for a week - and then, my transcripts are going to be here. Hence, the form which was supposed to get submitted by the first week of March... is now going on happily towards the 3rd week of March.

Life ain't easy!

Anyway, the upside is that thesis work is a lil geared up now :). Thanks to my supervisor, who spurred me on by giving me the Web address of this conference (in Arizona ...*ho ho ho - like I can get anything published there!* .. but yeah, the thing is that she said, "See, if you get a paper published there - it'll be ultra cool. But if you don't... it's still useful, because you will have some nice reviews for future improvements!"

That's the attitude I like~! And hence, I am trying my hand at producing a paper (after doing some innovative WORK) - by the 2nd week of April (!!!deadline!!!).

Imaan Renewal!

This video describes the first time the inhabitants of Jannah (Paradise) will meet Allah (swt) and see His Glorious Face. You can read the complete description of Jannah written by Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) from his book: Haadi al-Arwaah ilaa Bilaad il-Afraah, pg. 193

It's heart-moving, this video. The text is adapted from a Hadith - which describes, that a portion of the Jannah dwellers, will finally see Allah SWT... with their own eyes.

Yes, for real. No part of our imagination can capture that particular idea - the idea of how our Lord, appears - or looks.

May Allah Grant us that honor, Ameeen.

A very useful saying I came across today:

Imam Dhahabi (rh) said: "Whosoever seeks knowledge for actions,then his knowledge makes him humble & fearful,& causes him to weep at (the deficiencies in) himself. But whosoever seeks knowledge for the sake of merely teaching, giving verdicts,in order to brag,or to show-off; becomes foolish,arrogant & looks down in contempt at the people,& is destroyed by pride,& the people hate him.." [Siyar A'laamun-Nubulaa-18/192]

Thursday, March 3, 2011



Cutest moment of the day:
Sis the Priss showed me an SMS which had contents, "May Allah Bless her" :D... this was by TB, and the ''her'' is ''me'' -

Alhamdulillah for such caring BILs... :)

I tried to read 4 research papers in one go in the morning. Obviously failed miserably. My concentration is in shambles!

THEN... drowned myself in one of the cool HP games!! My 'free coins' are not going to last long waisay.

Played a load with bhanju wanju :) - he has taken to calling me "Ai-ai-yyaaaa" "Ai-ai-yyyaaaa'' ...:S. When is he going to say "Uni Khala" ?

Family ups-and-downs are abundant in all families. Ours is no exception. This very young girl (relative of mine) got married last year to another cousin of mine. Sigh. It was such a happy occasion! And :'(.. now, the marriage has been dissolved. ALL due to the fact that it was a perfectly 'adult-agreed-upon' marriage, and possibly (just a conjecture), the two of them didn't click ... That's what's the importance of 'compatibility' is. I am so sad for them.

So long folks!

Just have a poem in mind - have to let it out.

Life may seem strange at times
Things may not really add up
Remember... never easy is any 'climb'
Struggle, and you'll only go 'up' 

Let go of the rungs, you may feel free
But only... temporarily
Sooner or later, you'll crash hard
On the surface...of reality

It's thus important to hold on
However hard it may seem
Have faith in your strength 
And life may soon reveal

Abundant reason and logic in every step
Of the zigzag way you trudge through
The maze may feel amazing, and overwhelming
In actuality? A blessing through and through!

Copyright Uni_Kaafi_Overwhelmedooony_2011