Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Twas the night before...

Sorry for the stupid title :D. Couldn't come up with anything better. I'm in a state of high-er, awareness. Everything seems brighter, sharper, in more HD detail. A dull throbbing is going on in my head, and with each throb, I try desperately not to think of any more words and struggle to come up with their meanings. :S. This phase will never be forgotten by me. The torture of final exams last year lasted 5 torturous days...this was worse! I remember so well, I gave my SATs (what was I thinking?) and spent only three bad days on it. The whole deal! Three days.

Ha! No wonder I got a stupid score.

I can't wait for tomorrow! And I don't care if I have a long(er) face than now tomorrow, but at least!! I can horse around with bhanja and try to forget my GoG (ghum of GRE) in his playfulness! When will tomorrow come? *glances at the clock again, agonized*.

There are a few scenes I would like to remember in times to come ... *grinning*.
Scene 1:

Me: Mumm, I've decided!
Mum: What? What have you decided? Wha?
Me: Mum, I'm going to give it again.
She: Huuuuuh?
Me: The GREEEEE - I'm IA going to give it again ... in September IA. This GRE is not getting me anywhere.
Her: Ufff meray Allah

Scene 2:

Dad: Concentrate on your exam!
Chotpo: Concentrate on your exam!
Mum: Concentrate on your exam okay?
Me: Okay okay!

Dad: Your plans have several pros and cons - and ....
Mum: Yeah, so your pros might indicate...
*blahblahblah discussion continues*

Me: Er, concentrate??
Dad: Oh yeah concentrate on your exam
Mum: Just concentrate on your exam


Scene 3: 

Chotpo sent me a forward message: :D:D:D:D
It goes like this:

Jo hogya woh hogya - Jo hona hoga woh hoga - Aur jo nahi hona hoga, woh nahi hoga - kewkay jo hona hay, woh to hogaa hee hoga - ab daikhna yeh hay keh KIA hoga , aur kia nahi hoga - Honay ko to kuch bhe hoga - yehe sochna hay keh kia hoga? Agar kuch hoga to theek hoga aur nahi hoga to bhee theek hoga - ab aap bataao keh aagey kia hoga ? Kisi aur ko yeh message bhejo to time pass hoga - aur nahi hoga to woh pagal to zaroor hoga. 

*lote pote with laughter*. Bless her for cheering me up. She also got stuff like kaajoo (cashews) and dates! If only they can act as brain stimulants tomorrow, and make me smarter than I am! Ameeen
Scene 4: 

Tonight, when I was praying Isha, I was reciting Surah Rahman. :S:S. This isn't funny. I can't believe my brain came up with THAT. So in the Surah, this Ayah comes: No. 64.

62. And besides these two, there are two other Gardens (i.e. in Paradise).
63. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?
64. Dark green (in colour).
65. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?

So when I came to Ayah 64 - "Mudhaaamm mataaan" (Arabic transliteration), my mind ... jumped to the translation ..."lush, dark green" - and and...  my brain immediately searched its database for the GRE word which has this meaning ....and it wouldn't stop! Till it found that word... and that word is 'verdant' (lush, green) ...

I couldn't believe it! So much for khushu khuzuh :(.

May Allah Guide us in this respect Ameen!!
So long folks.

If anybody remembers, please pray for a miracle tomorrow. Ameen!


John said...
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Ahmar said...

Best of luck for tomorrow :), I pray that you do wonderful insha'Allah..

UncleTom said...

i wish i was in my "college" studies like that ....

Tazeen said...

All the very best! My prayers are with you! :)

P.S.: I thoroughly enjoyed scenes. :D

Noor said...

that ayat part was AWESOME :P I am laughing so hard. sometimes same happens to me. :P Inshallah your test will go goood. Ameen :)

Nikki. said...

I guess the Miracle would have taken place by now ;)

Uni said...

@Comment Deleted
Why? And thanks waisay!

Thanks - and sorry for the delay :S

Waisay, this zeal was only produced in me when I saw how much closed ones cared for a good score. Warna if I know it's not making any difference to my family, to why bother :P

:D I enjoyed them too and thanks so much for the prayers :) they worked!!

Yeah :D:D... the namaz main words yaad ana is beyond distracting :P. But shukar it didn't happen today at Isha :D. Today I was getting questions and answers in my brain... the ones I faced today!

Awww. It did :D;D. Alhamdulillah!

Thanks so much :):)

Thanks all for dropping by :):)