Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful To the Power Infinity!


The day started at Fajr. I was completely in a zombie mode. Having had a good night's sleep last night (totally unexpected!), I wasn't sleepy, but totally numb. Inside out. It was as if everything was happening in slow motion!

I am going to take this post slowly. Sorry!! I have to take it out of my system!

Sooo, then I tried to gulp down breakfast. Nothing would stay in my stomach. So much for kaajoo and dates.. :S, finally, it was time to leave. My folks looked more nervous than me :D. That was sooo cute. At breakfast table, Dad (who had especially come back home early from his after-Fajr walk) sat and said duaa and what not. Man, was I all choked up or what!

Then I left, mom and dad both at the door, anxiously watching me. I had already told them what to expect and to mom that I am going to give this exam again, because I was pretty sure I won't do well today. Reached the center. Tried not to throw up with nerves. Signed the confidentiality agreement, and tried not to wish there were more gee are eee people there (besides me). I'm not writing the full form, because of the stupid spam comments. Khair, a handful of scared looking students sat around... they were all USMLE Step 1 people.

Was photographed, and entered the place. I cannot tell you the of the condition of my heart at that point in time. :S:S Anyway, entered the testing area. Was given an open cubicle, where I was to give the test on the PC. The analytical writing section began. :S Both topics were tough! Had a bad time deciding which one to write on. I'm not good with boring essays. I can only write (longgg stuff) on stuff that is interesting :(. But this one.. ahhhh. Khair. That painfully completed, clicked on the next section, where you have to critique an argument. :D I had fun in that one. Because I love arguments waisay hee. But...!! Read a few key phrases (which I could tear apart in an argument) :S when 30 seconds were left to the end of the paper. Now, it was useless to do anything. I gave up with a big sigh and moved ahead. :D waisay, the guy in the next cubicle was sighing even more loudly than me:D:D.. After every small interval, there would emerge a BIG thandi aahh from the next cubicle.. I would have found that disturbing, if I hadn't found it so darn funny.  Lol.

That section done, I was given a ten minute break. I leaped up and went outside... had Mars mini chocolate and tried not to panic about the up coming Verbal and Quantitative sections (which are the most scary btw)...

After seven minutes, went back to the PC and the section that was thrown at me was the Quantitative one. Now imagine, just having eaten a Mars, strolling in the room, sitting down... one click! And you're facing a kaafi idiotic question on algebra (I think). God! I stared at it in amazement. Then got the sense to glance at the clock and realize one full minute had gone by (so only 44 minutes left!), and hurried back to the question. Took me another minute! (And the first questions are supposed to be not hard!). :( So as always, I was slow and painfully methodical. I HAVE to multiply numbers on PAPER...and even if I can do it in my head, my heart's never convinced that I have gotten it right. So it was no surprise, that I had done only 12 questions, and 15 minutes were left!!

I had to rush! Gee areee eeeee penalizes you more if you leave questions, rather than if you guess em wrong. So I - vainly trying to somehow get the answer of (21) ^ 1/2 [under-root 21] and failing completely to work out the answer to this question I was badly stuck in, I made painful guesses. I was so depressed while doing this !! Because obviously the clock was ticking!

Khair, that section was somehow, completed. Tried to take a few deep breaths, before 1 minute passed, and the Verbal section was thrown at me. The beginning questions were all cool. I was SO glad of the laborious hours spent on vocab! Alhamdulillah. BUT... the reading comprehension was extremely tough! I find questions like these very tough which ask us to tell (after reading a 4-paragraph essay) the organization of the passage! Man. Us main I took too much time. So that in the 30question-30 minute deal, I was again SADLY short of time. Now imagine this. 7 questions left... and 7 minutes... AND ...the next question I get, is another reading comprehension...!!! Something you have to spend more than a minute on - per question!! However firmly I screeched inwardly that:

I panicked! And badly!! God! I can't tell you, how I furiously read the passage, how idiotically I tried to figure out answers to the really tough two questions, and still spent a lot of time on them - because of their toughness. So now... 3 minutes left and 5 questions. Man! Those were analogy, sentence completion and antonym questions. If I could have recorded those moments, when I was answering them - I would have done so (for myself... :P I mean, this session was being recorded, but not for me!).

Khair. Verbal done. I was again given a minute's break, and I braced myself for the next section which would be either Verbal or quantitative again. See, they have an unscored section (which we don't know in advance)... and this section has to be solved assuming that it is scored... because you can't distinguish between scored and unscored sections. So I was desperately hoping that whichever section comes up, is NOT unscored, so that the previous badly executed attempts would be the unscored one. Ehh :D.. nothing happened which I was expecting. The next section thrown at me, was the Research Section. This is also an unscored section, but the difference is, they TELL you. That it is  an unscored section. So the next 30 minutes of mine, were spent doing a section which would have no effect on my score.

That done too...

And the screen popped up: Would you like to see your scores. My heart nearly stopped!

Man. Am I drawing this out or what !!

I clicked next! And it asked me... are you sure you want to view em? And not cancel the test? Uff. As if I can ever BEAR not to know (however badly I perform) how I did. I thought for quite a while - before clicking yes. You know why? Because I was steeling myself.. preparing myself to see something like 600 in Verbal and 650 in Quantitative. I knew I hadn't done well. And then ... I finally clicked the button.

I have a crazy feeling to write ''To be contd tomorrow" and leave - that's sadistic waisay! So I'll just be out with it. The scores that came up - made me go...

The screen showed me:

Quantitative: 800
Verbal: 710 

I was in a complete daze. Slowly, took the pencil, wrote these two down and added them up (ON PAPER!), and it came out to be 1510!!!


Alhamdulillah :D. The miracle actually HAPPENED. ON GROUND! Alhamdulillah!

It began to sink in! I couldn't stop smiling :D:D.

Uff. I think I grinned for a long while, before I realized that the software is now asking me whether I want to send my scores to universities. Of course NOW I could send. So I happily selected some options, stared in confusion at which department I should send it to, randomly selected one and was over and out!

Trying not to skip out of the place into the car. It was a thrilling ride back home :D. Not even in my wildest imagination could I ever imagine this kind of a score :D with the kind of prep I  had done - lasting 23 days... :S. Have learned some valuable lessons!

1. Follow people's good advices
2. Work hard. It does pay off!
3. Be miserable during exam prep. The results are cool :D
4. If you want to know how much your family loves you, give the gee arrr eeee

Waisay, I'd like to thank all the good people on earth who helped me out :). *feel like I've received an oscar or something* :D

All the advices, help, tips and encouragement is appreciated from the bottom of my heart :D. From the detailed explanation on how to tackle vocab questions, to the recommendations of books from which to prepare, to the pdf documents emailed for math review and the encouraging words 2 days before the test :D:D... I'm a mass of gratefulness. May Allah Reward you good people for helping silly souls in exams :D!

So now I am finally OFF. Sorry for making a small point seem so big :P.. but as I said before, I need to get it out of my system now. Have lots to work on :(... back to reality!

Er, but maybe for today... I can be all...


Ahmar said...

I scrolled to check the score first...
congratulations!!!!! :)
I knew it , very well done masha'Allah (y)
I will read the rest of the post later :P, have to run down now..

Uni said...

Seriously? Man! I'm sorry for rambling on and on here. Couldn't help it.

Thanks :)
Thanks for dropping by!

anas imtiaz said...

Congrats!! :D That's so brilliant :D

I read all of it...but the way you wrote it, it was very obvious that the end would be good :D

PS. Why do I ALWAYS get this word verification as 'fatesslo' :o

Uni said...

Thanks so much :):)
And okay, maybe it was obvious to you, but for me (when I was actually giving the test), it was obvious I hadn't done well! So the scores were a huge surprise!

And I have no idea!

Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Masha Allah! Congratulations... mithai kidher hai?

Uni said...

Thanks very much :)
Woh kal ayyee thee, sub kha gayy :S

Lol. Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

oh wowwww...dats some score really.. :D...many congratsssss...amazing..enjoy ur success and achievement :)

Uni said...

Many thanks!!

And yeah. That enjoyment hasn't lasted very long though!

But I enjoyed while it lasted :P

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

oh, u hve done enough to enjoy for an year now :p..or if some lazy person like me, mein tu sare kaam hi chor deta itna score aanay k baad :)u shud aim the top 2,3 uni's with this wud be running behind u for funding now :p

Tazeen said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo hoo! *dances around* :D

MashaAllah! Mubarak ho! :)

UncleTom said...


Uni said...

..running after me with funding.. haa haa haa. Did you know people around the world get better scores than this? :P

Thanks :d. It was totally unexpected... -me too danced around - that day-

Thanks very much :o}

Thanks all for dropping by~

... N.A. said...

Wow! MashaAllah! Many many congratulations!
Would definitely need your help once i finally take decision to take this exam! :P The ever-confused person that I am! :(

Uni said...

JazakAllah :)

And sure, no problem. And no, I don't think you're a confused person. MA your blog shows a heck lot of clarity than mine, at least.

Thanks for dropping by!

Zohair said...

Truly AMAZING score! MashaAllah! Extraordinary, excellent, brilliant and so downright genius of you :)

Uni said...

JazakAllah :)
And Alhamdulillah, things went well that day. I had not been hopeful of THIS result.. !!

Thanks for dropping by!

MAK said...

Yet again result is the least expected one and still in your favor.

How can you pull this off.....i mean combination of bad test and a good result :) have a break u earned it :)

Uni said...

Well, I don't know, seriously! But in exams, i do know that my flukes sometimes work and give great results, even though I have been thinking the paper went rotten. And in GRE, I think scaled scoring matters. This goes in the favor of the test taker.

Thanks very much :)

Anonymous said...

so today i got time to read your post me and lil one still jet lagged.. Congratulations :) Btw nice post. It was lovely seeing you.

keep in touch

Uni said...

Why anonymous :S!! And thanks for reading the post. :D

Thanks :D. It was beyond amazing seeing you and your lil doll :):)

You too behen!