Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sequel to the All-Round Depression


Good thing depression doesn't last long! Last night was wayy more productive than it could have been... Alhamdulillah. I am now doing Surah Ikhlas on the Bayyinah dot com podcasts. It's so beautiful keh bus nahi. I mean, Surah Ikhlas!! One of the the shortest Surahs in the Holy Quran!

And the most eloquent... the most precisely descriptive of the attributes of Allah (SWT), and the most loved by many Sahabah (Companions) of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Did you know, the Sahabah used to give names to the Surahs of the Quran. So Surah Ikhlas was called "Surat un Noor" (Surah of Light).. Mazay kee bat yeh that there is already a Surah Noor in the Holy Quran.. but it is Surah Ikhlas which is called ''Light of the Quran" ...
(other examples are: Surah Rahman : Uroos ul Quran - Surah Yaseen: The Heart of Quran)

So in Surah Ikhlas, remember we have learned the standard translation which goes something like this:

"Kaho keh Allah Aik Hay - Allah Beyniyaaaz hai. Na woh kisi ka baap hay, aur na woh kisi ka beta. Aur koi us ka hamsar nahi"
(Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.)

This translation doesn't even begin to capture the essence of this Surah, Masha Allah. It's so remarkable that I was left gaping last night at the small minuscule details that the wordings of this Surah contain and the miracles associated with the way the words have been used.

I'll just mention one point that left me marveling at the amazing Hikmah and Wisdom of Allah SWT at this Surah: 

Check the first Ayah - the word used for ''One" is usually ''Waahid'' - Waahid means ONE.. so why isn't Waahid used here?? Why Ahad??
This answer lies in the subtle difference between Waahid and Ahad.. 

For example: check this statement: There is no one in the room (one = wahid). In Arabic, if you say this sentence, the implication can be: There are more than one people in the room.. :D
But if you use Ahad in the above example - the implication is strictly that there is absolutely absolutely NOBODY in the room! Not more than one... none! No ONE.

Hence, the miracle of using the word ''Ahad'' is clearly to imply that there is absolutely NO God  in the world - besides Allah SWT. 
So since this amazing podcast kept me riveted to the PC till late night, I had another late morning :D.. But I don't mind. Since the sentence-making of GRE is nearly complete (1200 words? :(...)... I can finally go on to other sections kee preparation. I figured that nothing justifies wasting $190...and hence, Im going to give it my best shot. Insha Allah. Motivation or no-motivation. 

Acha, speaking of dollars.. last night a rather nice thing happened. My online job had been extended for a week beyond what I had planned. Since I had the GRE coming up, it was supposed to be a week ago. But I put in another week only due to the client requesting. So anyway, I was supposed to send the weekly invoice yesterday. The week's invoice I sent, and last night, was amazed to see some extra amount of money in my balance sheet thing. I contacted the client at once, that hey, you have mistakenly paid me more than what we agreed with. 

His reply was, "Thank you for your honesty. This is just a bonus for you for helping me out when I needed it."

The happiness was achay say counterbalanced today when I happily went to make sabzi  today in the morning :S:S. 

Basically, the idea was to speed things up by using a veggie cutter helper (I dunno what it is technically called). Since I am a moronic onion cutter, and it can actually amount to punishment ...watching me cut onions, the solution my brilliant brain came up with was to use this cutter. Sis the Priss swore that it works wayyy faster and you cook ultra fast and blaaaa!

SO ... the cutter was bought after much argument with Mum who prefers traditional (but reliable) methods of cooking. I used it today, happily holding the onion, ... swiped it again and again, watching in amazement as perfect ringlets of onion fell neatly on the tray below...

Ahhh.... but then, what should have happened.. :'(

I brought down the onion (which had grown smaller) down hard, not noticing that my thumb is holding the onion too closely to the blade....and SWIPE!

Blood oozed at once from my thumb, my eyes widened in surprise and then I hurried to the sink, washing the thumb and happily going back to work! A couple of seconds later, I realized that the cut was er, deep. And there was a lot of blood. Ufffff. Ran to wash it again, and get a sunny plast (bandage thing)...and wrapped it around the stupid thumb. Not a minute went by, when the Sunny plast was red!

Cursing everything under my breath, I ran to put some tea leaves on the thumb... wrapped two more sunny plasts around it...and began work! Realized a lil late that the circular contraption with the cutter was used to hold the onion and THEN cut it (in order not to use the bare hand directly).

Took twice as long as it would to cut the whole veggies without using the throbbing thumb!!!!!!

Not to mention the achi see scolding I got from Mom, on ''not knowing how to use stuff and using it anyway to speed things up, and taking twice as long to do so!'' ....

Btw. A thumb is a great blessing ... to have. Alhamdullillah. Realized it today when I had to do stuff without using it. I mean, we don't usually miss things till they're gone. But remember, don't try cutting onions on a blade, using just your hands. Use your brain too. 

And get this gadget (which Im thinking of convincing my folks to get me): :D


Tauqeer said...

Masha Allah, information on Surah Ikhlas was worth reading.

And the moment I read about onion cutter, I kinda had that feeling that it might be harmful for inexperienced user, and that's what happened! lol, you should be more careful using 'tools'. (obviously hard thing to do, since you are a girl?!) :P

And congrats on getting bonus money :D

Uni said...

Ahem. And you should go get some lessons in 'tact' - hard thing to grasp maybe... because you're a guy?

Thanks. And thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

haha @ tact :D

majworld said...

i had a cut on thumb too opening a tin yesterday :)gudluck with the 190 dollars test :)..nd job nd bonus pay..congrats..e

Uni said...

Oh.. hope its fine now!

And yeah :(.. you just reminded me of its worth (monetary that is).


And thanks for dropping by.

UncleTom said...

i wanna buy this onion cutter ,,,, it will not only make the cooking easy but my mom will not have to make me cut onions lol

Uni said...

It looks cool doesn't it. And wow.. at cutting onions job assignment by ur mum.

You must be good at it lol!

Thanks for dropping by!