Monday, February 28, 2011



The day was quite exhausting. Sis the priss and the lil bhanju JUST left, and I feel as if I've been wrung like a cloth in the spin dry tub...

---- Nearly 4 hours later, I have now gotten the time to write more of this post -------

Quoting a past blog post: But first:

The background to this is, that many times, we face such choices in life (for me, mostly they have been academic, but I am talking generally)...that things are pretty much clear on face, but when you try tearing apart the really glossy veneer, you may face a lot of confusion, and wonder as to what exactly one should do. I remember soo well, this one time when I had the choice of walking out on the job I really loved, versus the family life which was being affected. Another incident was when I had to choose between two universities :D...and I remember the best teacher of univ A advised me to go to univ B eh eh eh eh. That was fun. But the decision was hard. Suffice it to say, nothing you think and plan will ever go 100% exactly the way you planned. (case in point: I was beyond miserable when I wasn't accepted in the airforce, and placed in a university in my locality) ....But the solid fact is that Allah SWT is Watching and Knowing everything from above, more than 100% in fact. And He in His Wisdom and Mercy, may have a lot of good in the seemingly challenging choices you make in life.

So after the rambling preamble: the long-ago-written poem.

What to do!

When the edge is so near
When nothing seems clear
When the drop instills fear
What do you do?

When the noise is overwhelming
When the silence is deafening
When the people are all opining
What do you do?

When you're quite in the dark
When you don't know what to mark
When there nothing but a spark
What do you do?

When life throws a challenge
When dealing with it, leads to imbalance
When imbalance creates a to-do
What in the world do you do?

You can step back, or forward
Rush from it, or toward
Act normal, or awkward
But what do you do?

The problem may seem impossible
The task too difficult, very probable
The feeling is generally of 'blues'
The question remains; What do you do?

Copyright Uni_Scratches_headoony 2011

Waisay. I would have liked to remember this day as a very happy day - laptop's birthday after all! But it just had to end up with Dad achay say scolding me and *goes on a gee rrr eeee spreeee* ....berating me....and and.... chastising me....and and... castigating me.....and and....subjecting me to a lot of demur.... and and.... a lot of vitriol....and .... being vituperative towards me ...

:D...enough eh?

Sorry for the melodrama.  It's just that... Dad almost never scolds me :'(- that was supposed to be Mum's job!


majworld said...

its an inspirational story..the way u had this dream inspite of many obstacles and then achieved it with determination..lot of lessons for all of u hve a great base to go a long way..gudluck..
lol@copyright name..

Uni said...

Well, the thing is that our dreams change with time, and that I think is crucial to any kind of success. Being flexible in your aims.

Well, thanks very much ! And thanks for dropping by!

Sis the Priss said...

Uni, your problem is that you are just scared and hesitant - even when everything is staring at you in the face. I know it is much easier to take one option and the other is always difficult, regardless of the nature of the decision, however, the more difficult one simply proves more fulfilling in the end. As we all heard a gazillion times yesterday thanks to your lil bhanju wanju: Allah (swt) Knows!

Dad sounded really mad on the phone too. LOL. I tried to stick up for you but that didn't really work. Sorry pal. And believe me, in a similar situation, I also had many fights with him. :D

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
Your problem is that you always side with !Uni (NOT_Uni!)


And yes, our choices aren't easy, but the human brain needs a few days to come up with brilliant solutions to various problems, and you're expecting 'instantaneous' results.

*double scowl*

Thanks for the advice though.

Tauqeer said...

Yeh jabsay GRE funda start hua hai, mushkil say mushkil words hamie bhi perhnay partay hain...

Tazeen said...

Aww! *hugs* I don't know what's going on but I hope it fixes itself up real soon!

Dawson said...

Highly motivating, that poem.
I was just in the right mood to read this.
Good going.
I agree with Tazeen about the GRE words :D mujhe bhi seekhne hain!
Good Luck with everything Hope Allah fixes them for those who deserve soon.

Uni said...

Can't help it :S
Lol. Btw, it's good for you and all readers!

Aww thanks kid ... *sniffles*... koi to hay jiss kee hamdardian meray bhe sath hain...

Wah. I'm glad :)

And I hope the same! Ameen

Thanks all for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Pehley jo thori buht posts samajh ati thien, ab to woh bhi gaye..

Uni said...

Oh? I thought my posts were always simple!

Oh well. GRE words are still useful! And let's see how long I remember them anyway!

Tauqeer said...

Once upon a time, things were simple, life was easy, blog posts were easy to read...