Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nuggets of useful info!


Since the days are so cra... er, bad, no wonder I was in a completely scowly mood by the time I finally got home by 9.30pm today. We had a quiz too!

And it went well :D Allah ka shukkar. Basically, since my nose is pressed to the GRE books these days, I hadn't found the inclina... er, time to study. So a very hasty read-through was given to the stuff, hoping against hope this teacher wouldn't give ratta stuff. Shukkar Allah ka he is not the type! :)... Gave an open book test! Lovely :D

Brain felt rusty after being used after such a long time :D

Yeah, so we were at the bad mood dilemma. The class was an exhausting one today.. and this shouting-down by other classmates didn't feel that good either (basically I was suggesting to the teacher to have an open-book everything.. tests, midterm, exams everything.. he sort of agreed but the other classfellows thought I had gone crazy).. :'(. Anyway.

So after coming back, since I had to cook rice, and my rice was on the stove .. (lol), I was contemplating on the sadder things in life.. and aeween main, strolled into the drawing room... saw a bag of books there (stuff bought from the Book Expo), reached inside and pulled out a book, intending to read it till the chawal got done. Guess what book came in my hand... this is cool I tell you.

The book was "You Can Be The Happiest Woman In the World" :D... I grinned to myself, and thought hey what the heck, let's open a page at random! And so I opened the book. Fell on page 42.
And what was in page 42?

Lemme quote:

You will be the winner in all situations

You have to seek reward with Allah. If some worry, distress or grief befalls you, remember that it is an expiation for sin. If you lose one of your children, remember that he will intercede for you before Allah. If some disability or sickness befalls you, remember that it brings its own reward from Allah, which is preserved with Him. Hunger, sickness and poverty all bring their own rewards from Allah. Nothing is ever lost with Him. He Keeps it as a trust with Him until He Gives it to its owner in the Hereafter.

"Prayer is guaranteed to bring tranquility and chase away worry."

Eh eh eh. And the coolest thing is that I don't have any big huge troubles like the ones mentioned above. I stupidly worry about small insignificant things.

So... I cheered up! And so should you, if you have any sort of worries: big or small, stupid or intelligent, any worry in the world.

Btw, Shah Mahmood Qureshi admitted that Raymond Davis is not a ''diplomat'' :D.. Kudos to him for saying the truth at last! Even if it cost him his high position. Koi to bara bola :D:D


Tauqeer said...

Great post and Jazak Allah khair for book excerpt. Surely this world is a testing ground for Muslims and we as ordinary human beings start to complain ever for smallest abnormalities in life.

Surely, there is a bigger purpose.

Uni said...

BarakAllah! And yes, small things somehow appear too large and it is only when we are reminded by some great words do we realize how idiotic we were being. There are loads huger problems out there. We should be ever to grateful we're not one of the victims of those!

Thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

the excerpt was nice. thanks for sharing. :) and oh, did he really say that? wowwwwwwww! :D shukar! koi to hai is mulk mein. :P

Uni said...

No problem :)
And yes! he really did say that ! I am soo surprised. But very pleased too!

The skeptic in me insists there is a bigger picture HERE too.. but till it is revealed, I will choose to give him the benefit of doubt, and believe that he did it out of a living and breathing conscience :D

Thanks for dropping by!

pro said...

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