Friday, February 18, 2011

Neural Jumble

My brain feels like somebody has pounded it well, and poured in a mixed jumble of alphabets, all of which are now joining together in strange and amazing new words, which by the way, I don't recall the meanings of. So after ''going through'' nearly 1300 words, and remembering only a handful of them, life seems kinda..... wordy. Believe me, even now, when I go through practice verbal set, at EACH word, my neurons fire up and send this message to the brain "I have seen this word before!!" and ha! The brain smartly replies, "So what's the meaning?" And the neurons remain silent.

What skulduggery.

By the way, I forgot to write a disclaimer to this post: It will be a zany one, so proceed at your own risk.

I often think of Paradise and how it would be like. I know I should work for it more - rather than fantasize about it. But you see, if you have a pile of wordiness and numberliness in front of you and that's the only thing you have got to look forward to for the next 5 days ... (Omg, only 5 days left??!?!), then the mind conjures up the most .... chimerical stuff. Stuff that you can only dream about. For now.

So what's my ideal Jannah going to be like? Here's one version!

My corner of Paradise would be.. uh, having a huge... a HUGE... a veryyy hugeeee rollercoaster. It would have multiple loops. And no loop will have the same round boring shape. It would be in different shapes. The time duration of the rollercoaster ride would be not at all less than 2 minutes. What a rip off.It would be a solid 10-minute ride. And nobody gets dizzy in the end. After each ride, the course of the roller coaster will change to resemble a new shape. So that every ride is different. One of the hallmarks of the ride would be that at the end, the roller coaster runs out of tracks, and free falls... and then goes straight into the water... transforms into a boat, which zooms ahead, spraying water on all the screaming riders (btw, the first seat is reserved for me).  Then the boat will zoom through the water, enter a tunnel like thing (resembling Sindbad's Log Ride?) and shoot out the tunnel and splash in the water.

*lost in the reverie*

 To be contd. :P


anas imtiaz said...

Will that be open for others too? :P

Uni said...

Well. Since we get whatever we want, so yeah. But I would have to SEE... I mean, I don't know the hijab rules there, and if it's still there, then I'd rather have a girls-only space :D


majworld said...

oh 5 days left now..must be tense times then..gudluck...
nd may b with this soul and feelings inside, we cant imagine jannat..

Uni said...

Yes, we can't actually imagine Jannah. It's bound to be better than our imagination. But no harm in imagining it anyway, right. And no, actually three days now. I miscalculated. Kal it was 4 days left, not 5 days.


Thanks for dropping by

Tazeen said...

A real roller coaster ride, huh? :D I've had enough of those in my life, thank you very much, but I'd like a nice little library, if we're getting what we want! :D

Uni said...

You had a lot of that in your life??? -veryyy envious- I mean, MA.

And yeah, libraries stocked with ALL the books you ever want to read plus the quality time to actually read it .. would also be cool :D. If one gets tired of the rollercoaster, that's the next stop ... Sure. :}

Thanks for dropping by