Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leetle Relaxations :D

 Top of the ''morning'' to you folks. Random though this may get, I seriously do not feel like doing another practice question. No surprise then, that I'm here typing away lazily. I think one source of my relaxation may be that I finally got a decent score in a quantitative practice test. Woh alag baat that I ran out of time and er, did the 60 questions in 70 minutes (instead of the 60 minutes).

Sigh. Kaplan questions are hard.

Khair. Interesting conversation of the day:

Chotpo: *staring at my novel of sentences containing GRE vocab* : You did this?
Me: Er, yeah. Wrote this, yes.
She: Like, the WHOLE list?
Me: No No... the list had 3500 words. I picked those that were the hardest. So this is a 1200 word-sentences story!
She: Koi pagal hee kar sakta hay yeh khwaari!
Me: *scowl*...: Yeah so the result is that I'm scoring okay in verbal and not at all good in quantitative now. I learned my lesson :(
She: LOL... *still reading the story*... What madness is this?
Me: It's not supposed to be sane ... it's supposed to only remind me of the words. Throw one at me!
She: insurrection
Me: Oh in he went, informed people of resurrection and pretty soon, there was wild rebellion.. The answer is rebellion.
She: Man! I don't believe you. I simply don't.
*I got several of her questions wrong then, so  she was convinced that I haven't managed to put all the 1200 words in my vocab*

Chotpo: You should sell this thing. Nobody would do such a thing! Ever.
Me: Er, you're wrong there pal.
She: Whaaat.?
Me: The idea wasn't mine! I didn't come up with this! It was FA's.
She: Hain???  Oh I'm sure it's not FA's original idea either!
:D:D:D. Good old Chotpo!
Me: Er, ineluctable? I don't rem!!
She: HOW can you remember ALL of them?
Me: That's the thing see. This theory of learning words has one important condition attached - which I overlooked.
Chotpo: What's that?
Me: One has to have a REALLY good memory. And I suck at remembering even day to day stuff, how can I remember a senseless tale of Luna and Lexy hounding a photographer till he gives them a compiler of dictionary? Obviously it's impossible!
Chotpo: Lol!

Khair. The other good thing that happened today was that the kid next door stopped howling after I wrote my blog post in the afternoon :D Should have written the post earlier!

Should go back to my word list then. I'm imagining. The day after tomorrow, if zindagi rahi, to I will be free of this stupid preparation. *lost in the reverie*

I'll leave you with a few of the 12 nice tips for Muslim youths, taken from an article on iloveAllah.com Blog.

Tip # 4 : Talk To People As If You Really Don't Know Them
Don't assume you know someone just by looking at them. You don't know that the Muslim girl in your homeroom who walks through the school's hallways as if they were fashion show catwalks, is not someone you can talk to about Allâh because she looks like a snob. Or that the Muslim guy who you've never seen at Juma at your university is a "bad Muslim". Maybe he was never really taught Islâm and has no idea what importance Friday prayers have in Islâm, especially for Muslim men.

Tip # 9 : Ask Them 4 Fundamental Questions
As your friendship develops, you will notice the topics you discuss may become more serious. You may be discussing, for instance, future goals and plans. We recommends four questions to ask that can steer the topic to Allâh and Islâm:
a. Where am I going in life and what would make me really happy deep down inside?
b. What do I believe?
c. Who should I be grateful to?
d. Did I get to where I am today without the help of anyone?

Tip # 11 : Help Instill Confidence In Adults
Adults, like Bart Simpson's dad Homer, are considered bumbling idiots in the eyes of "teen culture". Your job as a young Muslim is to help turn the tables on this false and un-Islâmic belief. All you have to do is this: when a Muslim adult does something good (i.e. saving someone's life, donating money to a worthy cause, the Imam gives a good speech, taking good care of his/her family) bring it up in the course of your conversations with your friend and praise the adult in question. Doing this regularly may not only change your friend's perspective, but could lead to them seeing their own parents in a more respectful way.

So long !


pro said...

Thanks for your share! I think this information is helpful for everyone. I'm doing practice GRE in masteryourgre.com . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

Tauqeer said...

Tip#11 is certainly commendable. These days people learn to respect and appreciate their elders. It seems like a fashion to be disrespectful.

majworld said...

u r again here..go nd study..u hve test:p so its day after tomorrow..

Uni said...

Uff yeh spam

It surely is. I find this attitude hugely prevalent today, and it's so sad not only to see the kids non-carish about this, but also the adults. The adults just shrugg it off

Thanks for dropping by.

No no. Tomorrow :S

Not day after tomorrow. Yeah... ab study boht hogayee..Duaon ka waqt hay

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

You know, ineluctable was there in the list I prepared some ... I think 4 years ago. And I cannot tell you my pleasure when I verified at dictionary.com that my vague recollection of its meaning was correct!

Wish you all the best for your exam.

Uni said...

:) good to know you remembered it!...i am sure i'll remember encomiastic forever :P

Thanks for dropping by!